General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Unknown
Home World Earth
Age 23
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Water Breathing
Enhanced Swimming
Enhanced Agility
Associated Tarot Five of Wands
First Appearance The Rainbow Connection

Capricorn is a key member of the Zodiac Organization in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Not much is known of Capricorn's history at this point. It is known that she grew up in Egypt near the Nile River, becoming obsessed with swimming at a young age.

At some point, she joined the Zodiac Organization, mainly for the purpose of receiving the DNA hybridization that now allows her to swim with speed and strength even Aquarius and Pisces are unable to match.


Capricorn is a somewhat short, muscular woman. She has brown skin, teal eyes, and ice-blue hair. She wears a pair of dark blue shoes and a light blue crop top and jeans.


Before being fused with alien DNA, Capricorn had no special abilities to speak of, though she was somewhat better at swimming than most.

After the hybridization process, she gained the ability to breathe water and fly through it without any apparent drag. In addition, she can sprout sharp horns from her head that are sharp enough to cut steel, and traverse nearly any terrain.


Capricorn is brash and hard-headed, rushing into combat with glee, especially if swimming is involved. If there is no water nearby, she will opt to strike her opponents in the gut and take the opportunity to suplex them as hard as possible.

Near or in the water, however, she is extremely unpredictable, using every aspect of her surroundings to her advantage. She displays a surprisingly large knowledge of critical thinking, though this tends to be overshadowed by her tendency to pick fights without knowing what her opponent is capable of.



  • Capricorn's Tarot is the Five of Wands, which represents arguments, conflicts, testing circumstances, forging new ideas, and power struggles.

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