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Utanapištim, commonly referred to as Capebolt, is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ancient Spirit.


Capebolt has the appearance of a golden alien with a purple cape and a mustache. He has the Omnitrix symbol above his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Capebolt can manipulate electricity and can fly. He also can turn invisible thanks to his cape. Also, he can fight hand-to-hand, due to his immense strength and durability.

He is immortal, and could live forever if he didn't have to time out.


Capebolt can't turn invisible if not using his cape.

In the case of Evfnye, Capebolt is too powerful to be controlled, as of The Spirit.




Utanapištim is the name of the ancestor of Gilgamešh, a hero in Mesopotamian mythology.


  • Evfnye recognized Capebolt as his strongest transformation yet, but he knows he is dangerous and avoided using him often. In fact, he appeared only five times.
  • The way Capebolt acted like a beacon for the Spirit Leader is similar to how Shock Rock's usage was a beacon for the High Override, in Ben 10 2016. However, Capebolt only needed one use.
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