Cannonman vs. Crushtacean is the third match from Energy Spark Arena. It is Brian's Cannonman vs. Omi's Crushtacean.



In this corner, flight with ease, cannons on please, Cannonman!

In this corner, super strength, a good power length, Crushtacean!

Me: His powers list down, not across.

Announcer: Whatever.

Cannonman: I shoot cannonballs! And I'm gonna win!

Crushtacean: I may be a crab, but I pack a punch!


Cannonman: YEEHAW (shoots cannonball, then flew away)

Crushtacean: (punches the cannonball away, then jumps up and catches Cannonman)

Cannonman: (shoots missiles and breaks free)

Crushtacean: I'LL KILL YOU YOU DON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE (catches Cannonman and throws him on the ground)

Cannonman: AHHHHH (shoots missiles and cannonballs at once. Crushtacean flew backwards. Cannonman flew to the sky, HIGH)

Crushtacean: GRRR.... (pulls out a stone from the ground, then jumps, and throws it at Cannonman)

Cannonman: (dodges) I got super speed, man. (shoots more missiles)

Crushtacean: (catches two missles with his claws and avoids the others) HOW DO YOU LIKE MISSLES IN YOUR FACE, HUH? (throws missles back at him)

Cannonman: (dodges) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, FAIL. (drops cannonballs, a HUGE one on Crushtacean)

Crushtacean: (gets crushed under it) RAHHHHH (pushes myself up, and throws the cannonball flying upwards)

Cannonman: (cannonballs falls back to Crushtacean) FAIL!

Crushtacean: (throws it up again, and it DOES hit Cannonman this time) SHUT THE FUDGE UP

Cannonman: (falls, gets up, and fly again) You did NOT just tell me to shut up! (shoots missiles at Crushtacean until he flew to the sky, then charges at him and super punch him right in the crack. Then goes above him, shoots a bunch of missiles and cannonballs at his crack, again. Crushtacean falls backwards.)

Cannonman won due to forfeit!

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