Cannondrillo is a hypothetical fusion of Armodrillo and Cannonbolt.


Cannondrillo resembles Cannonbolt but with Armodrillo's hands. His body is now more robust, similar to Armodrillo.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to Cannonbolt's body, Cannondrillo is capable of drilling through enemies while protected and is now capable of rolling and drilling at the same time.


Cannondrillo's drills while rolling don't fully protect his body. They also can cause him to lose his balance and fall apart, breaking up his "ball form".


When he is written into an episode.


Cannondrillo is a combination of Cannonbolt and Armadrillo.


  • Shades wrote this while under pressure. It was rushed.
  • Shades also considered Boltdrillo as a name.

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