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Cannonbolt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pelarota from the planet Vulpin.


Cannonbolt is slimmer than the other versions of the same alien, but he still has a heavy body. He is white with gray claws and has yellow shields on the back, on the arms and on the legs. He has grey underpants and the Omnitrix symbol on the stomach.

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Powers and Abilities

Cannonbolt has a strong shield on the outside, which he can use to roll into a sphere form. In this form, Cannonbolt's potential increases, as he can enable a strong, destructive crash.

Despite having no eyes in ball form, he appears to see the direction he is going.


When not in ball form, Cannonbolt is heavy and can easily fall unbalanced.


  • Cannonbolt was unlocked in Season 2.
  • He was first used in Zombie Medicine to fight some zombies.
  • In Man on the Moon, both present and future Cannonbolt broke into the base where the Moon Reactor was.
  • In Spiders Attack!, Cannonbolt defeated some spiders, chasing a car.
  • In Some Practice, Cannonbolt battled Brian Minder and his robot dinosaur, but was defeated.


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  • Cannonbolt shares his homeworld with Wildmutt, as Arburian Pelarotas were cloned on Vulpin.
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