Shawn "Cannon" Maxwell is the eldest son of Janet Maxwell, at age 17. 


After the death of their mother, Janet Maxwell, the two were sent to go live with their eldest sister, Julia Maxwell. The two were left alone by their sister, because of an interview she had scheduled earlier. 

While his younger brother, Buster, went downstairs to play, Shawn was listening to music. Eventually he heard a bump, followed by several messy sounds downstairs. When he went to explore, he found an alien-parasite bonding to his brother.

However, the parasite was actually Deta, a fairly mild-mannered galvanic mechamorph who believed Buster was Drew Maxwell. It turns out that Deta had been hibernating, and that he originally belonged to their grandfather, Drew Maxwell. After a lengthy conversation, Deta offers to train bruster, and tell them both just what happened to their grandfather.


Shawn or Cannon, is much more mature than his younger brother, Buster. Cannon's kind of an introvert, who doesn't really bother others. He prefers to be in the background, listening in to conversations. While he is a little nosy, Cannon means well.

He's very polite, caring, and tries to help others when he can. While Buster's recklessness gets in the way, cannon tries to think up strategic ideas. He takes his time and doesn't rush in.

Powers and Abilities

Cannon at first, had no real abilities. He was more or less, a tag-along to Buster's journey using the Omnimatrix V.

Cannon was transformed when shoved into a Transformational Cell, within Dr. Animo's ship. This gave him the power of a Fusoid, a race which has the main ability to trigger a bombastic force(basically an explosion) from their fingertips. He also gained the short-term abilities of flight, enabling him to maneuver quicker.

Cannon later gained the abilities of nuclear transmutation, enabling him to rearrange the molecular structure of objects.

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