Cannon Arms
[[File:Cannon Arms.png|235px]]
General Information
Species Arburian Pelarota/Tetramand Hybrid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength

Cannon Arms is a Fusion between Cannonbolt and Four Arms. He has Omniverse Cannonbolt's voice


10 Year Old

Cannon Arms resembles Cannonbolt but he has four eyes and four arms. His skin is the color of Four Arms' skin. His bolts are white and there is no black between the ones on his shoulders and the ones on his elbows. The bolts on his elbows are connected to black, fingerless gloves. The bolts on his hips are connected to a pair of black pants. He has Four Arms fingers and legs. His bolts are the color of Four Arms' shirt. The Omnitrix is just below the stripe under his mouth.

16 Year Old

His bolts, eyes and Omnitrix are now green. The bolts on his hips and his omnitrix are now connected to a green belt. His eyes are no longer connected to his shoulders.

Ben 23,000

Ben 23,000's version is named Handy Roll. His skin is the color of Handy Man's skin and his bolts are the color of Handy Man's shirt. His eyes and Omnitrix are light blue and the rim of the Omnitrix is gold.

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