The Canicians are an alien species in Brandon 10. They live on the planet, Ursia.


Canicians are short humanoids in white fur with black claws and slightly big eyes; They also ressemble Earth Polar Bears. Canicians also have small tails.

When evolved, they take the appearance of a much larger, Yeti-like Humanoid who has grey fur that becomes thicker but exposes more skin. They become muscular and gain chest plates as well as sharper and more exposed teeth and stripes.

Powers and Abilities

Canicians have the ability to breath ice and blend in with their environment as a survival instinct. They also use their bear abilities in offense and for tool purposes.

When evolved, however, Canicians become stronger, fiercer and are built more for survival.


Canicians are weakened when exposed to extreme heat. Also due to their short size, they aren't extremely powerful and can be dominated quickly.

When evolved, the short aspect no longer becomes a weakness.

Known Canicians


  • Canician comes from the word, Caniformia, which is a suborder of species which includes the Bear.
  • The species name was revealed in Cold Front.


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