General Information
Species Saccharo
Home World Unknown
DNA source Mr. Farnsworth (Scanned off-screen)
Body Bulky Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Material Melting
Material Absorption
Alien Number 28
Namesake The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Davis Jr The Candy Man with lyrics

Sammy Davis Jr The Candy Man with lyrics

First Appearance Generations of Men: Part 2

Candyman is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Candyman's abilities include:

  • Material Melting
    • This ability allows him to soften and melt any material his hands make contact with. As this ability directly affects a material's molecular bonds, even the toughest materials, such as diamond or Taydenite, are not immune to it. It is shown that he can apply this ability incrementally, being able to soften something to a rubbery consistency without melting it.
  • Material Absorption
    • After melting a material, Candyman can consume it via hidden needles in his fingers that he impales his target with.
  • Sweetness Inducement
    • Candyman has the ability to give any object he touches a sweet flavor and scent.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability


Candyman is a bulky blue humanoid with white and red markings. Six white cubes resembling enlarged sugar crystals line his arms, and he wears a red bowtie on his chest around the StarTrix Requiem symbol. He has three cloudy eyes and an armor-like protrusion in place of his mouth. He has two white fins on his head and three white orbs on the back of each hand.


Candyman's Material Melting requires some concentration to maintain, so if he loses focus, any melted targets will go back to normal.



  • Candyman's melting abilities were inspired by the acid used to make candy sour.
  • Candyman's flesh is similar to hardened taffy, giving him his durability. If one were to somehow take a bite out of him, it would be like eating a chunk of berry-flavored taffy.
  • Theo states in Candyman's debut that he partially named the alien "Candyman" in reference to Mr. Farnsworth, who works as a candy maker.
  • Candyman's ability set being put to good use is the sole reason for If: Part 1 being marked as TV-MA, making it the only alien so far to bump up an age rating.

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