Cancerpei (sing. Cancerpes) are a species from the beach planet Litorna.


Cancerpei look like crabs with four legs and two arms. They have yellow-golden coloration and brown or orange claws and head.

A subspecies of Cancerpes is named Cancerpes Pagurus, which are red in color and seem to have stronger shells.[1]


Cancerpei live in small colonies inside the shores of Litorna, and feed on small mollusk-like species.

Powers and Abilities

Cancerpei are very fast and have powerful claws that an destroy rocks.

They can also breathe both underwater and on ground.


Cancerpei are weak to their natural predator, the Testux, because it has a rocky shell which Cancerpei cannot break.

Notable Cancerpedi


Cancer is the Latin for "crab".



  1. This is a suggestion made by Reddit user depiff.
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