Can't Trust the Weather, Man is the thirty-third episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.



Senator Vetteroy (voice, recording)
It’s this or nothing.
Assistant (voice, recording)
Sir, you can announce you’re running for President. You can announce you’re all hands on deck with climate change. But you can’t announce you’re going to tackle it with an imaginary weather machine.
Senator Vetteroy (recording)
Ah, but it’s not imaginary. The President already promised it to me.
Assistant (recording)
And so the President would still give it to you if you announced you were challenging him?
Senator Vetteroy (recording)
If I announced that he already agreed to it, then he’d have to.
Assistant (recording)
Sir, if you run on this, I will respectfully have to resign. You can go on stage and make your announcement and do it with that weather machine, but just know, I won’t be here afterward.
Senator Vetteroy (recording)
Then so be it.



Senator Vetteroy takes Bellwood by storm, as Ben quarrels with the Plumber who "stole" his promotion.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Plumbers
  • Vance Vetteroy (first re-appearance; confirmed)
  • Vance Vetteroy's Assistant (confirmed by Preview)


  • The episode was tentatively titled Heir.
  • The title originates from Cadillac Sky's song "Can't Trust the Weatherman."
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