Can't Avoid That Bad Luck is a song in Evan Billion. It was sung in Hawaiian Curse, when Evan was trying to prove to Ko'a Ha'ku that the former's life wasn't miserable.


Voice: Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck

A bunch of Indian mongeese ran through Evan, knocking him down.

Voice: Can't avoid that bad luck

Ko'a Ha'ku and Evan are playing frisbee. At one point, Evan accidentally threw the frisbee at an old man. The old man got angry and threw a bomb back at Evan, and it exploded.

Voice: Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck

Evan is throwing a pebble high into the air, then catching it when it lands. He throws it very high into the air, then a boulder comes back down and crushes him.

Voice: Can't avoid that bad luck

Evan is playing with a paddleball. He hits the ball very hard, causing the ball to pull Evan through the air until he crashes into a tree.

Voice: Evasion

A bunch of coconuts fall on Evan's head.

Voice: Dodging

A bomb falls near Evan, and it explodes.

Voice: Getting away from

Evan is running, and he falls into a hole.

Voice: Escaping

Another bomb falls near Evan. Evan runs far away to avoid it, but there is another bomb next to him, and it explodes.

Voice: Leaving

Evan puts a key in a lock to a treasure chest and tries to open it, but the key breaks.

Voice: Preventing

A bomb falls near Evan. Evan picks it up and tries to throw it, but it won't leave his hand. It explodes.

Voice: Stopping

Evan and Ko'a Ha'ku are playing tennis. Ko'a Ha'ku hits the ball very close to Evan. Evan tries to hit it back, but he misses five times.

Voice: Staying away from

A bunch of bombs fall near Evan. Evan turns into Feet Balled and tries to fly away, but the scene flips upside down, and all the bombs fall on Evan and explode.

Voice: Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck

Evan, panting, limps to a palm tree and leans on it. A big tarp falls off the palm tree, revealing it to just be a bunch of bombs shaped like a palm tree. The bombs explode.

Voice: Can't avoid that bad luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

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