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Four Heroes
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date ...
Written by G-Modeon
Directed by G-Modeon
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The school bell rang three times. This event signalled the School Holidays!

“Wait up Ben!” Shouted Ace as he ran towards Ben.

Ben paused, waiting for Ace to catch up with him.

“Hey Ace,” Replied Ben. “Why did you need me?”

“I was just going to ask you a question,” Said Ace. “What are you doing over the holidays?”

“I don’t really know,” Answered Ben. “How about you, you doing anything?”

“Apparently, a road trip of some sort? I’m not that sure. I never asked my parents, I only overheard them talking about it last night.” Replied Ace.

“Nice!” Said Ben.

The two boys were walking to the front gate of the school, then Noah and Kevin tagged along.

“Hey Ben Ben Tennyson” Said Kevin. “Apparently your grandpa Max is taking us four for a road trip.”

“Yeah, I wonder what kind of road trip it is.” Noah added.

“Apparently your cousin Gwen is coming along as well.” Said Kevin.

“Uhhh…” Replied Ben.

The four boys were waiting at the front gate for grandpa Max, they waited and waited. Grandpa Max was as late as always…

“Hey boys, sorry for being late, I was late because I picked up Gwen, she’s ready for the road trip, everyone else, hop in, I’ll take you to your homes, you better be ready!” Said grandpa Max.

Theme song that never existed plays for a certain amount of time.

Grandpa Max drove the Rustbucket to Ben’s house first. Ben was not ready, he forgot all about the road-trip!

“Uhm, sorry guys, I’ll take longer than expected, I forgot to pack!” Said Ben as he left the Rustbucket.

10 minutes passed, but he still wasn’t ready, 11 minutes, 12 minutes, 13 minutes…

“Ben! Come on, we’re losing daylight!” Shouted grandpa Max out the window.”

“Should I get him?” Asked Gwen.

“Yes, please!” Replied Max and the others.

As Gwen was about to step out the Rustbucket’s door, Ben came rushing in like a sandstorm.

“Ben, what took you so long?” Asked Gwen.

Ben didn’t reply but started pointing at the three bags he brought with him.

“Why do you need that much stuff?” Asked Noah.

“Because…” Said Ben.

“Because what?” Asked Kevin.

“Just because.” Replied Ben.

“No time for that chatter!” Said grandpa Max. “Next house is Kevin’s house.”

“Ready as always!” Said Kevin.

Grandpa Max rode the Rustbucket towards Kevin’s house. When they were there, Kevin bolted out the door, inside the house, and grabbed his bags, then walked back to the Rustbucket.

“Well, that was fast. “Said Ace.”

“Of course, I’m Kevin.”

Grandpa Max drove the Rustbucket towards Ace’s house.

“I’ll take longer than wanted, but I’ll probably take shorter than cough Ben cough.” Warned Ace.

As Ace himself said, he did take a long time, but after seven minutes, he came walking back with his bags.

Grandpa drove us to Noah’s house, last but not least. Noah took several minutes grabbing his bags, but eventually he came back.

“It’s road-trip time!” Said grandpa Max.

Indeed, it was road-trip time…

“Where are we going?” Asked Ace.

“We’re going everywhere!” Grandpa Max replied. “But first, we’re going to the woods to do some camping!”

“Yaay, camping” Kevin sarcastically said.

“Nice! Camping is fun!” Said Ace. “Looking at stars, eating some smores, campfire stories, or better yet! Hiking!”

Ben groaned to the thought of ‘hiking’...

Grandpa Max was a bit boring, he told the same old jokes, he said the same old stories. Ben was sleeping, Kevin was looking out the window, Gwen was researching stuff about the forests, Ace was just there, sitting, daydreaming, while Noah just played rock, paper, scissors, with himself…

After an hour or two, the sun set, the moon rose, the stars appeared, it was night time…

Grandpa Max was looking for a place to park, so we could all sleep, he found a place to park…

“Okay kids, time to sleep, stand up so I can set up the bunk beds.” Said grandpa Max sleepily.

Grandpa Max folded the dining table, and pushed the chairs together to make a bed, he pulled down the beds from the sides of the Rustbucket. Okay kids, who’s sleeping at the top of the-

“Me me me me me!” Shouted Ben repetitively.

While everybody else just raised their hands.

“So, the top beds are for Kevin, and Noah. Gwen, you can sleep at the dining table bed, and Ben and Ace, you have to sleep at the bottom beds.

“But, but, but, uhhh…” Groaned Ben.

Ben groaned even more, because they were going to go hiking. They already finished setting their tent, they already ate breakfast, now it was time to have some exercise.

“Kids, watch out for any snakes, any holes on the ground, anything dangerous.” Warned grandpa Max.

“Okay, grandpa.” Said the kids. Basically Ace, Noah, Gwen, Ben, and Kevin said that.

They were hiking through the forest trail, but as Ben accidentally went off track, the others went off track as well, probably because they followed Ben.

“There’s nothing dangerous around here..” Said Ben as he walked backwards.

“Well, not yet…” Replied Gwen. “Ben, lookout!”

“Lookout for what?” Said Ben as he started sliding down a gigantic hole in the ground.

“Woah, what are those..?” Said Kevin as he slid into the hole and found four strange looking necklaces and watches.

Ace went down the hole and picked up one of the necklaces, then all of a sudden, it started floating, the strings on the side of the strange symbol started waving, then it pointed at Ace, it then forcibly wore itself around Ace.

“What the- what is this?” Why is it on me?” Said Ace as he tried getting rid of it. He tried and tried, but it didn’t work.

Then, the other strange objects floated and forcibly wore itself around their new owners. The other necklace wore itself around Noah. While one of the watches went on Ben, and the other watch on Kevin.

Gwen went down the hole to pick up a note she spotted on the floor. 

“Whoa, what’s this?” Said Gwen as she picked it up.

Grandpa Max walked towards Gwen… “I think it says, ‘It is yours now, you cannot take it off, you four now have the responsibility to-‘ I think a part of it got ripped off.” Said grandpa.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Main characters make their debuts.
  • The four kids find the Omnitrixes.
  • It’s the school holidays, signalling the start of an adventure!


  • Ace Major Amadan
  • Noah Ark Gaberial
  • Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
  • Kevin Ethan Levin
  • Gwendolyn Catherine Tennyson
  • Magister Maxwell Tennyson


  • No Villains

Aliens Used

  • No Aliens Used


  • Doesn’t have a theme song yet, but I might make one though...
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