Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 7
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Camp Invasion is the 20th episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


A mountain range is seen is distance with a small town at the base. The time is night and the sky is cloudy. Somewhere, on the mountain range itself, there is a camp site with a parking lot in the front. A dark humanoid figure can be seen walking up to the entrance. Inside the camp site, an overweight man in a small t-shirt and cargo shorts can be seen. He's looking around, with the dark figure following behind him from a distance. The man seems a little shaken and approaches a wooden cabin. He pulls the door open and rushes inside. He then goes to the phone and dials in a number. After a brief moment of the dial tone, the phone is answered.

Voice, over the phone: Camp Office.

Man: Y-Yeah, I need to speak with Jay!

Voice, over the phone: Jay isn't here, man.

Man: Wh-What?! Well, where is he then?!

Figure, pressing against the screen door: Deacon!

The man drops the phone and turns to face the screen door, yelling out.

Man: AAH!

The figure, now in the light coming from inside the cabin, is an adult with blonde hair and a camp uniform consisting of a t-shirt and cargo shorts, like the man inside the cabin.

Figure: Would you knock it off? You're gonna wake up the campers.

Deacon: S-Sorry, Jay... I was just- it's dark and I was looking for you.

Jay: Well, I was doing the rounds by checking out the camping grounds and such. So, what did you want to talk to me about?

Deacon: There were some power outages happening earlier. You think you can check it out before the kids wake up? We've got some new kids coming in tomorrow too and it would suck if the power was messing around when they show up.

Jay: (scoffs) And you can't do it?

Deacon: I'm on camper duty. Plus you're the one with the technical knowledge to understand the power relay circuits, man.

Jay: It's a switch and some knobs...

Deacon: Exactly. You already sound like a pro.

Jay: Fine... I'll fix it. Just make sure none of those campers sneak out again.

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, of course. Totally got it.

Jay nods then turns to walk off. Deacon then looks around the cabin and scratches the back of his head. He then counts some of the beds with his finger. Elsewhere, a shed can be seen resting at the edge of the camp site. Jay approaches the shed, in a walking pace. He has a flashlight in one hand, already on. He passes under a line of small lights set up on some tree branches above him. However, they start flashing. Jay stops and looks up, seeing the lights flicker until they suddenly turn off.

Jay: Huh... Weird.

A soft green glow then appears behind Jay. He slowly turns back and sees a green glow emitting from within the shed he was originally walking to. He then gulps and starts to walk forward. Inside the shed, the door can be seen opening slowly with a creaking noise following its motion. Jay walks inside and looks around; the inside of the shed is dark.

Jay: Hello?

There is no response as Jay walks ahead. He stands in the shed for a moment before a pulsing sound is faintly heard. Jay turns his head and sees a small green light behind him. He walks over to it, looking carefully at the light. He nearly trips, however, but manages to regain his balance. He looks down and sees some kind of long cord however it appears thick and organic with several veins and pores. He looks at it, confused, then looks back up, at the green light. He reaches his hand out and the pulsing sound increases, getting louder as well. He finally touches the green light and the object he had touched reacts to his touch, now visibly pulsing outwards. Jay reels his hand back in surprise as the object starts to glow again, revealing itself to be some kind of organic blob-like object, pulsing like an organ. There are cords like the one Jay tripped one connected to this object that stretch from the machine the blob is wrapped around to all corners of the shed. Jay, absolutely stunned by what he is seeing, takes several steps back. But then open door slams shut behind him, causing him to turn to it in alert. He then, in a panic, rushes over to the door and tries to open it with as much force as he can muster but it simply remains shut. A low growling is then heard from behind him. Jay slowly turns around. He then looks ahead of him in surprise and shutters.

Jay: W-What are you?!

Organic chords like the one he tripped over, however thinner, reach out and wrap around Jay's arms and legs. They then start to reel him forward until he is yanked from the ground and pulled ahead in a harsh force.

Jay: NOOO!

Thunder then strikes and the green glow from the shed, as seen from the outside, fades. The lights hanging above the trees then flash back on.

Theme Song

In the small town at the base of the mountain range, a bus can be seen entering the town from its back end. The bus then drives into a small cul-de-sac and parks at a bus station. Several people soon get off of the bus with Brandon being the last, gripping onto his navy green backpack straps.

Bus Driver: You sure you should be out here on your own, kid?

Brandon, turning back to the bus driver: Well, I'm pretty sure my parents would flip if they knew I was out here by myself but if they found out where I was really heading- they might actually understand.

Bus Driver: Just worried about your safety and all.

Brandon: Trust me, I think I'll be a-okay.

The bus driver shrugs then pulls on the handle to close the bus doors. He soon takes off with Brandon turning back to the station. A smug smile on his face. He then walks ahead and into the station. Inside, a woman in a black waistcoat is seen behind a counter, examining a set of pamphlets.

Woman, counting the pamphlet: (sigh) How come no one reads the pamphlets?

A bell then rings and the woman lifts her head up in surprise.

Bus Station Clerk: Welcome to the Bus Station! How can I- uh-

She looks around, confused, not seeing anyone.

Bus Station Clerk: Hello?

Brandon hops up, poking his head over the counter.

Brandon: Hi!

Bus Station Clerk: Oh. Hello. Welcome to the Bus Station, is there something I can help you with? (to herself) Perhaps a stool?

Brandon: I was just wondering if you have any way of getting to Camp Adventure.

Bus Station Clerk: Oh, are you one of the campers?

Brandon: Not exactly. I was supposed to go but it didn't work out so that's when I was supposed to go on vacation... but that didn't work out either. So, since I have some time to spare, I thought I'd see what they're up to over at camp. Just looking for something to do really.

Bus Station Clerk: Ah, I see. Well, there should be a bus coming in soon that'll take you straight to the camp site. It'll be full of kids heading to Camp Adventure but I'll see if I can find some room on it for you.

Brandon: Hey thanks!

Bus Station Clerk: (giggle) Of course, anything I can do to help. Why don't you make your comfortable and take a seat until the bus arrives.

Brandon: Alright, sure.

Brandon rushes off screen for a moment with the bus clerk reaching for the phone. Brandon then comes back and hops up to poke his head above the counter.

Brandon: Hey, uh- do you mind if I take a pamphlet?

Bus Station Clerk: Uh-uh- n-not at all. Take as many as you want!

Brandon: Really? Thanks again. I don't usually read them but I was told they might end up life-changing and one of them actually was. Can't be too sure, now can you?

Brandon takes a few different pamphlets and goes over to the seats. The bus station clerk smiles a little. Later, the camp bus arrives with a few kids getting on the bus. The Bus Station Clerk stands with Brandon before he gets on the bus himself. Soon enough, the bus leaves the station with the Bus Station Clerk waving Brandon off. Brandon waves back and turns to the side. He scoots over to the other side of his seat and looks around, seeing not too many kids on the bus. His enthusiastic expression soon fades into a questionable one. A kid wearing a red baseball hat with short brown hair and a blue and white jersey shirt, looks out of the window. Brandon then sits next to the kid, catching them by surprise.

Kid, surprised: Hey!

Brandon: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Kid: S-Scare? Me? I'm not one to scare easily. After all, I'm a tough guy.

The kid flexes but does so in an unintentionally funny way. Brandon chuckles. The kid looks a little upset but joins in on the laughter.

Brandon: Say, do you know why there aren't a lot of kids here? I thought Camp Adventure was supposed to be one of the best camps around.

Kid: I heard the same thing. Was really hoping to get into some serious action this summer.

Brandon: Oh, I've seen some action like you wouldn't believe.

Kid: You must be talking about those weird alien attacks.

Brandon: Whoa, you've heard about them?

Kid: Duh! Who hasn't? They're on the news and all the cool guys talk about them. At least, I hear them talking about it... I'm not exactly up to their standards.

Brandon: Why not? You seem pretty cool to me and I just met you.

Kid: Heh, thanks. By the way, what's your name? If we're going to camp together, it'd be cool if we get paired up or something.

Brandon: I'm Brandon.

Kid: People call me Ash.

The two shake hands. The bus is then seen driving up the mountain side, with the camp in the distance. Later, the bus can be seen arriving at the camp's parking lot, parking in front of the entrance. The kids then gets off of the bus and look around, talking amongst themselves. Deacon then rushes over and huffs for breath before turning to the campers before him.

Deacon: Welcome campers to Camp Adventure! We hope you have buckets of fun with our programs, activities and, of course, campfires. It's gonna be great! Now follow me!

Most of the campers seem excited but some, a little intimidated, Brandon included.

Brandon: Something seems different.

Ash: What do you mean?

Brandon: Well, I've been here last year but I dunno- I just can't put my finger on it.

Brandon strokes his chin in thought but Ash looks ahead and bumps him with his elbow.

Ash: Come on, we'd better move on ahead. Before we lose 'em.

Brandon and Ash then run ahead to catch up with the rest of the group. Deacon is already in the middle of explaining something to the group when Brandon and Ash return to the group.

Deacon: Camp Adventure has been around for a long while and had many epic traditions but we some new management coming in, we decided to change things up a bit.

Brandon: Huh?

Deacon: We now have computer activities, scientific courses, chemistry experiments and biological investigations.

Brandon: Wait, but what about the cool adventure stuff like rock climbing and nature walks. Do you still get to learn how to build shelters and cook in the wild?

Deacon: Well, we may have done that before but y'know there's been some changes around so that everyone can have a safer and calmer adventure here at camp.

Brandon: S-Safer?!

Ash: C-Calmer?!

Deacon: You kids just seem to be asking for danger.

Brandon: But that's not how the camp is supposed to be like. Where's your sense of adventure?

Deacon: Wait a minute, don't I know you from somewhere?

Brandon: Well, uh- maybe.

Deacon: I thought so. You're that Brandon kid, aren't you? Look, I know things are different from the last time you were here but it's still Camp Adventure.

Brandon: I guess I can see why some campers stopped coming out here. It just isn't the same camp.

Deacon: Well, you won't know until you try it. I'm pretty sure you used to be enlisted as a camper but something came up... we have the preparations for you since it was a last minute cancellation. If you want, you can try out the camp for a night and see if it's any different.

Brandon: I mean I just came to-

Deacon: Great, I'll talk to the higher-ups to lend you some camping equipment. You'll have to stay in someone's cabin though.

Ash: He can stay in mine!

Deacon squints at Ash for a moment then checks his list.

Deacon, reading the list: Ash Lee Tarrier... Alright, you two can bunk in the Wolf Cabin.

Brandon: Ah yeah! That's the best one.

Deacon: Anyway, you two can head on over there while I give the rest of the group a tour.

Deacon then walks off with the remaining campers following after him. Ash then turns to Brandon and smiles. Shortly later, at the cabin, Brandon can be seen opening the cabin door, looking inside.

Brandon: Ah, just like it was last ye-

Ash, rushing past him: Top bunk!

Ash props up the ladder and claims the top bunk, looking over the edge at Brandon.

Brandon: Seriously? I was in the middle of monologing.

Ash: Hey, you snooze you lose.

Brandon: Fine, I was gonna take the bottom bunk anyways. Heights aren't really my thing.

Ash: I love heights. The thrill you get when you're close to the edge. It's like life is daring me to just jump and crash and get out with a tooth in hand, ready for more!

Brandon: Wow, you're passionate about danger.

Ash: I'm not a danger-seeker, I just like having some fun. It's just some of the things I do- or at least, want to do- are a little rough and sometimes dangerous for someone like me.

Brandon: No, I get it. Us guys just do some crazy stuff. I guess I've just been spending too much time in the lab.

Ash: Lab?

Brandon: Uh- I mean house. I- I guess I still got this science program stuff on my mind.

Ash: Yeah, what's up with that? I thought this was Camp Adventure. Like we get to go on all the fun stuff.

Brandon: Yeah, camp is actually the only time I get to really get out and do some daring stuff and have fun doing it. A safer and calmer experience doesn't really sound like fun to me. Buuuut... I just might have a way of making it even more fun.

Brandon looks at the Omnitrix on his wrist with a smirk. Later in the day, some of the campers are seen climbing up a small rock climbing obstacle, with Ash ahead of everyone else. Brandon waits on a line while the Deacon secures one of the campers in a safety harness for climbing. Brandon then backs into the bushes. Soon a green flash occurs in the bushes and Four Arms steps out. He then leaps up and starts climbing up an actual mountain. In the next instance, Deacon shows campers how to fetch water from a stream. Brandon yawns and backs behind a tree. Another green flash occurs. While the campers are watching Deacon put his bucket into the water a specific way, Aqualad slips into the water and soon manipulates it so that it slopes into all the campers' buckets nicely. He then blends in with the water as Deacon turns back to the campers, with his bucket in hand. The campers turn to their buckets and are happily surprised to find their buckets already filled. Deacon gets surprised as well but also a little disappointed. The montage continues with Deacon showing the campers how to building a sculpture out of arts and craft materials. He winds up making a small little bird house. Some of the campers are impressed at Deacon's bird house. Soon, a blue blur races in through the door. XLR8 quickly assembles something from the plentiful of materials he had gathered in his arms. The Omnitrix then beeps red and flashes, catching the campers' attention- as well as Deacon. They look surprised and at awe which the bird house fortress that Brandon had just put together. Deacon then starts getting a little upset and puts his hands on his hips. The next moment shows Deacon fishing with one of the campers. Ash sits by himself with his fishing rod, bored and tired, until the line moves a bit. Ash then sits up straight and tends to the rod. He quickly reels it in with the other campers rushing over. Ash puts up a fight with the rod, as he pulls back with all of his might. Even Deacon comes over in surprise. The campers chant him on until Angler Fish rises from the water, with the line sticking from his mouth. Some of the campers scream out and run with Deacon falling over, quite faint. Ash just leans in, amazed, as Angler Fish cuts the line and dives back into the water. The final moment of the montage has Deacon trying to teach the campers how to light a camp fire by rubbing two sticks together with some leaves. He finally manages to get the fire started, capturing the attention of most of the campers. However, an even larger fire erupts behind them. The stream of fire rises up from the ground and ignites into the sky like fireworks. The campers and Deacon look up, amazed and surprised. Back on the ground, Heatblast comfortably shoots out fireballs and streams of fire from his hands. Deacon looks down at a pack of marshmallows and crackers and starts to walk off, sad. In the woods, Jay can be seen watching the campers intensely. That night, the cabins are lit up with silhouettes of people inside of them. Inside the Wolf Cabin, Brandon can be seen laying on top of his bed while Ash lays on the top bunk.

Ash: Wow, I can't believe all that cool stuff just happened! I mean it was unbelievable. And you were apart of that too, dude!

Brandon: Heh, well- I'm no newbie when it comes to camping.

Ash, leaning over the edge and looking down at Brandon: What did you do? Come on, there's gotta be a trick or something.

Brandon: You want me to give away my expert camping secrets?

Ash: Well uh- yes.

Brandon: No way. You've gotta earn them through hard work and experience.

Ash: Uh huh... Something tells me that's not really it.

Voice: Would you guys keep it down?

Brandon and Ash look over and sees a lanky, tall kid, sitting on the edge of the bottom bunk, looking over at them. He was blonde hair and a stern look.

Lanky Kid: It's nearly time to sleep.

Ash, hanging upside down: Yeah, nearly. Don't you wanna stay up and talk about the cool things that we did?

Lanky Kid: I'd rather just go to sleep and wait until camp is over. I never even wanted to be here. I could have just stayed at home, skateboarding or something.

Ash: Hey, you skateboard too? Awesome! Maybe we can hang out.

Lanky Kid: I have standards.

Ash, saddened: Oh...

Brandon: Hey, you don't have to treat him like that!

Lanky Kid: I don't but I think I will anyways. Oh well, I guess you two will be better company than him up there.

On the top bunk of the lanky kid's bed, a young boy can be seen wrapped in his blanket, shaking.

Brandon: What's his deal?

Lanky Kid: Beats me. He's been like that since yesterday. Go and talk to him, I'll see you two in the morning.

He turns over and lays on his bed. Brandon glares at him for bit before getting up and going over to his bed. He then climbs up the ladder and looks over at the shaking kid.

Brandon: Uh hey.

Boy: Yah! Who are you?

Brandon: I'm Brandon. That's Ash. (points over to Ash)

Ash: Hiya!

Boy: H-Hello. I'm uh- Simon. Simon Carth.

Brandon: Why do you seem so scared? Is it 'cause you're away from home or something?

Simon: N-No. Not really. I was a little bit but then I started having some fun here doing the new and safer programs.

Ash: Well, at least, someone likes them...

Simon: Everything was nice here but then I saw something last night. Something... weird.

Brandon: Huh, really? Well, what was it?

Simon: Erm- well, you'd never believe me.

Brandon: Heh, try me.

Simon: Well, I s-saw. I saw one of the counselors walking around last night but he seemed a little off. It was really scary.

Lanky Kid, laying with his arms behind his head: Counselors walk around at night. It's what they do. (scoffs) Next he'll be scared that water is wet.

Simon: Y-Yeah. I guess Matt has a point.

Matt: I am Matthew Daniels. Not Matt. You call call me Matthew, nothing else.

Simon: S-Sorry, Matthew... (groans)

Brandon: There has to be something else that made you so scared of this guy.

Simon: It wasn't just him walking around at night... he was doing something weird. He kept checking the new buildings and going into the shed. He just looked so emotionless and cold and there was this green stuff on his uniform. It is really scary and he hasn't even been seen all day!

Matthew: He's obviously seeing things.

Ash: Yeah but what if he wasn't. And what's with that green stuff? Was it like moss or something?

Brandon: I don't know but maybe I should find out.

Brandon climbs down the ladder and Matthew sits up, looking over at him.

Matthew: You want to go out when it's almost time for curfew?

Brandon: I'll be back before you know it. And if I'm not, then I'll just sneak in.

Brandon starts to walk over to the door.

Simon: B-But there could be ticks or snakes or bears or, even worse, deer out there!

Ash: Whoa, those sound cool! Take me with you, Brandon.

Brandon: Sorry but if Deacon notices that too many of us are missing, he might suspect something and have all of the counselors out looking for us. Besides, it could probably be nothing- wouldn't want you to waste your energy.

Brandon pushes the door open and steps outside. He then looks around and sneaks off. A figure watching him from the woods. Brandon continues searching through the woods however stops upon hearing some branches snap. He then looks around but the woods around him are too hard to see.

Brandon: H-Hello?

Brandon then sees a suspiciously large tree behind him and approaches it slowly. He then goes behind the tree and sees a dark figure turn to him.

Brandon: Gah!

A light then turns on, revealing the dark figure to be Ash, holding a flashlight in his hands.

Ash: Relax, dude, it's just me.

Brandon: Don't sneak up on me! What are you even doing here?

Ash: I had the other guys distract Deacon if he stopped by the cabin so I can sneak out with you. No point in you having all the fun to yourself out here. So find anything?

Brandon: Aside from you, not really.

Ash: So really, how'd you pull off those things earlier? There's no way that's just camping experience.

Brandon: I uh- really don't know what else to tell you, Ash.

Ash: Come on, Brandon, we're practically friends- you can tell me.

Brandon: Heh, trust me, I would if I could.

Another branch is then heard snapping. Brandon turns back and sees a dark figure dashing about. He then looks surprised.

Brandon: Hey, did you see that?

Ash: Huh? See what?

Brandon: N-Nothing... I just thought I saw something out there.

Ash: Maybe you're still a little spooked out when I got the drop on you.

Some more branches are then heard breaking, a lot more loudly. A low growling is then heard as a faint glow is seen appearing and vanishing in the woods. It appears to be getting closer to them.

Ash: Okay, not your imagination.

Brandon: We should get out of here...

Brandon and Ash start to run off, with a figure rushing after them- taking cover in the darkness of the woods around them. Ash shines his light in front of him but there are some fallen trees before them.

Ash: Blocked off!

Brandon and Ash turn around when the sound of another branch cracking is heard; this time much closer to them. Behind them, Jay stands there in a state similar to the way Simon had described him; cold, emotionless and a green substance on his uniform that looks like some dried up stain. His fixated and blank eyes shift quickly down to Brandon and Ash as his head cracks downwards to get a better view of them.

Jay: What are you doing out here?

Ash: Uh oh, we're busted.

Brandon: We thought we heard something and went to check it out.

Jay: Return to your cabin. Now.

Ash: Are you alright? You don't look so good.

Brandon looks at Jay with some suspicion and slightly readies himself, raising his arms up a little. With the Omnitrix now only barely in view, Jay's eyes fixate on it as a faint glow comes to him.

Jay: I have seen this power used before. You are too dangerous to let free when our plans are nearly complete.

Ash, a little shaken: Something tells me he doesn't mean kicking you out of camp.

Jay's arm then stretches outwards and grabs onto Brandon's arm.

Brandon: H-Hey!

Jay then starts to reel Brandon in but Ash pulls Brandon back, out of Jay's grip. Jay then steps forwards, reaching for both of them. Brandon kicks his arm back while Ash grabs his leg grabbed. He is then reeled towards the dis-proportionate Jay. Ash quickly reaches for one of the broken tree branches and uses it to swing at Jay, whacking him in the face. Jay's head whips back but soon rotates back to face them, now missing a part of his face; revealing a monstrous green face underneath with a small yellow eye. Ash looks surprised and lets out of a scream. Brandon looks a little taken aback by what he just witnessed but comes to his senses and helps free Ash from the impostor's grip. The phony Jay then hunches back and reaches for its face, ripping away from Human-like skin and tossing it aside, revealing its true form; a hunched over, green and dull yellow organic-like creature with downward tendril arms and pores on the sides of its body. The alien creature screeches out with a low growl.

Ash: Ack! An- An actual alien!

Brandon: Come on, run!

Brandon grabs Ash's hand and the two of them run away from the creature, who soon begins chasing after them. Brandon and Ash dump and maneuver through the woods while the alien creature following after them simply smashes through the trees with his extensive tendril arms. It continues to screech out its low growl as it chases them. Brandon and Ash then slide down a ditch and step into some mud, running down the ditch's bottom floor. The creature jumping down and landing behind them. It looks up, seeing the two of them rushing ahead and stabs its tendrils into the muddy ground. They soon emerge from the sides of the trench, trying to grab hold of the two kids, who successfully manage to evade its attempts. They eventually, make it up a small slope and out of the trench, running out of the woods and back into the camp site. They then stop to catch their breaths.

Ash: What- (huffs) was that?!

Brandon: Like you said... an alien. But what's it doing here?

Ash: You don't seem too surprised to be seeing aliens.

Brandon: It's been a long summer so far... Come on, we shouldn't stick around for too long. We've gotta warn somebody!

Voice: Stay where you are!

Brandon and Ash look back, seeing the alien emerge from the woods. Brandon and Ash turn to run but the alien whips its tendrils at them. They then turn to run in the other direction but the alien does the same maneuver, cracking at Ash's ankle in the process. He lets out a yelp and falls over on the ground. Brandon goes back for him and helps him up. He then looks over at the approaching alien creature and stands before Ash.

Brandon: Stay behind me, no matter what.

Alien: Once I eliminate you two, the plan can commence the way it was meant to be.

Brandon: I won't let you hurt anyone- not in this camp and not on this planet. You hear me?!

Alien: Your words have no weight. You can not defeat me, you only pose as a threat to the plan's integrity- not its entirety.

Brandon: Hmph. Oh yeah? I guess we'll have to see about that then.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix but then looks back, seeing Ash behind him, holding his ankle. He then looks down, hesitating. With that moment of hesitation, the alien cracks his tendril arms at Brandon but he manages to duck. He then looks ahead, his glare fixed on the alien.

Brandon: Alright, that's it!

Brandon smacks down the column on the Omnitrix and a green flash overcomes him. He transforms into Slime Shot, who forms before Ash.

Ash: Whoa...

Slime Shot looks back again at Ash for a brief moment but then turns back to the alien. The alien then cracks its tendril arms at Slime Shot once again, but this time, he wraps around them, extending forwards quickly until he strikes the alien back into a tree- like a spring. The alien then looks up and whips its arms against the ground. Slime Shot reforms. The alien then grunts and rushes forwards, charging at Slime Shot. Slime Shot squints as he stands there, waiting for the alien to approach. At the same time, he stretches out his foot before him. The alien then growls as it rushes forwards. It then steps in a puddle of slime and looks down to acknowledge it. The slime then wraps around the alien's foot, dragging it down the ground. Slime Shot then reels forwards, splattering himself onto the alien's body and wrapping around him. The alien struggles to set itself free but Slime Shot keeps a firm grip on it. The bones within Slime Shot then start to piece together until a energy begins to build up within his slimy body. Ash raises his arm up to cover his eyes, as the energy starts to flare. Soon Slime Shot explodes, causing pieces of his body to scatter across the place- including his bones. The alien creature then falls on the ground, weakened by the sudden explosion. Ash then lowers his arm and looks ahead of him, surprised. The pieces of Slime Shot then start to come back together- with the bones flying through the air and into the center of his reforming slimy body. Soon enough, Slime Shot forms back into his default appearance and stands before Ash.

Ash: B-Brandon?

Slime Shot then looks down at Ash.

Slime Shot: Uh... (groans) Yeah, it's me.

Ash: What- What happened to you?

Slime Shot: It's a long story. Well... not really, but we don't exactly have time to get into it right now. It looks like aliens are planning an attack on the camp. Can you walk?

Ash is a little shaken but still manages to check his ankle.

Ash: Y-Yeah. Yeah, I think I can.

Slime Shot: Alright, get to the cabin and keep an eye out in case there are any more of them. I'll go and warn the counselors.

Slime Shot runs ahead and dives forwards, splashing into a puddle of slime. Now in puddle form, Slime Shot slithers off towards the nearest tree. Soon, he wraps himself up the tree, like a spiral, reeling in the lower half of his body once his upper body reaches the closest tree branch. He then wraps around the tree branch and stretches outwards; leaving a part of his body wrapped to the tree with the other part stretching out into the camp. Slime Shot then sticks to the edge of a cabin rooftop and reels the part of his body that he had left on the tree back towards him as he stretches over to the next cabin surface. Ash watches Slime Shot for a short while before turning to run off, as quick as he can given his ankle. Later, over at one of the larger cabins towards the other end of the camp, Deacon can be seen hesitantly going inside. When he does, two people- a man and woman with dark, short hair- dressed in white and blue uniforms can be seen conversing with one another in the dark room. When the moonlight breaches the darkness, the two of them cease their conversation and turn, seeing Deacon enter the cabin.

Man: What are you doing here, Counselor Deacon?

Deacon: I- I had a complaint to make.

Woman: A complaint... interesting. Do you recall our newly-founded agreement?

Deacon: Well, I-

Man: The agreement that we had consisted of you and the other staff members listening and carrying out our demands... as cited by the higher-ups.

Deacon: I thought you two were the higher-ups.

Woman: The higher... higher-ups. And on that note, if you want to please them then you really must watch what you say- including any complaints you may have about them and their new-found program for the children.

Man: They are closer than you think, Counselor Deacon.

Deacon: Ri-Right, of course. I don't want to mess with the higher-ups or the erm- higher higher-ups. But this is a complaint about one of the campers as well as the behavior of one of my friends- Jay. I haven't seen him lately and whenever I do, he seems to ignore me and go to places he has no business being ever since he went to the power room.

Woman: Counselor Jay is feeling quite... unwell. He isn't quite himself at the moment so we requested he take a long rest for the night. You need not worry about him.

Man: Now, about this camper's behavior.

Deacon: He's acing through activities and programs like a wizard. I know he's been a camper here from last year but I haven't met a camper who has rushed through such activities since... well ever! And not only that- he's spoiling the fun behind it.

Woman: We are not concerned with this concept "fun", Counselor Deacon. However, according to your complaint, you are stating that this camper has an unnatural ability or skill that allows him to surpass our programs?

Deacon: Well, yes. I think so.

Man: Interesting. And where is this camper now?

Soon enough, Slime Shot sploshes through the doorway behind Deacon, and rising from the floor- taking his default form and looking ahead of him. Deacon looks behind him, absolutely hysterical.

Deacon: GAH! Wha-What the-?!

Woman, surprised: Who- What are you?

Slime Shot: There's no time for that! There's an invasion about to happen! You need to warn the other counselors!

Deacon: In-Invasion?!

Man: Oh we know.

Deacon: Wait, you... you know that there's going to be an attack on the camp?

Woman: No. Not an attack. An invasion, just as he put into its own words.

Deacon: How? How did you know?

Man: Because we...

They reach over to their faces and pull their skins off, revealing their true alien forms; similar- if not bigger- than to the first creature.

Alien Man: -are the Invaders!

Alien Woman: Vargon Invaders... to be more precise.

Deacon: Wh-Bu-Uh-Ga...

As he tries to utter his words, he falls faint- soon passing out. Slime Shot looks ahead with wide eyes.

Slime Shot: Wh-What did you do with the counselors?!

Vargon Man: We disposed of them by locking them away in this very cabin. They are not necessary any longer and now- with the fall of Counselor Deacon- there are no more staff members to deal with. No more inconveniences...

Vargon Woman: None... except you. You are a threat to our plans. Plans that we have worked hard to accomplish. About a year of infiltration within this facility, slowly changing the direction to fit our objective.

Vargon Man: With computers, the children have improved the coding within our technology.

Vargon Woman: With labs, the children have helped us discover elements of this planet that we can use as resources.

Vargon Man: With experiments, the children have taught us the vital weaknesses of all lifeforms that exist on this planet.

Vargon Woman: In other words, we have successfully plotted and carried out a plan to not only infiltrate this planet but to take over completely.

Vargon Man: All that is left is to contact the Mother Ship.

Slime Shot, standing ready to fight: Yeah? Well, I'm not just going to stand here and let that happen! This is my planet and there won't be an invasion today.

The Omnitrix then starts to beep and flash red.

Slime Shot, looking down at it: No, no, no!

Vargon Woman: Correction: There are two things left to do. One being to contact the Mother Ship while the other... is to get rid of this inconvenience and threat to our master plan!

The Vargon woman then whips her arms around to try and grab Slime Shot, who stretches and evades her grasps. The Omnitrix continues beeping and flashing, albeit a little faster this time.

Slime Shot, to himself: I've gotta get out of here before- urk!

He then reduces himself into a puddle, as both of the Vargon Invaders reach for him. Their tendrils then get tangled together. They struggle to break free, giving Slime Shot enough time to slip away. He then reforms and reaches for the door. Just as he does, the Vargons release their grip on each other and turn to the door, reaching for Slime Shot. Slime Shot jumps ahead, breaking up into six shots of slime bound together by a thin thread of slime. The slime bodies slip through the cracks in the door- two through each side, one through the top of the door and one through the bottom of it. Essentially, he slips through the cracks of the door- passing over to the other side. The tendrils then reach the door, hitting the side of it. On the other side of the door, Slime Shot comes back together- reforming into his default form. With a final beep and a big red flash, Slime Shot transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon, looking at himself: Phew! That was a close one.

A loud bang is then heard from behind the door.

Brandon, turning around: Gah!

The door then starts to break with each strike receiving a booming sound against the wood. Brandon then turns and runs towards the cabins. The door eventually gives in, breaking down and falling before the Vargons, who see Brandon run off in the distance.

Vargon Man: The child is escaping. Do you suspect that he is the one that Counselor Deacon was referring to?

Vargon Woman: If that is the case then we must not delay. We need to contact the Mother Ship before the child gets the chance to ruin our plans for invasion.

Vargon Man: Agreed. Let us join our forces together.

The vargon woman nods and they both leave the cabin, off to somewhere else. Over at the cabin, Ash tries pushing one of the bunks over to block the door.

Simon: Wh-What are you doing?!

Matthew: You're making a mess of the cabin.

Ash: I already told you guys. There are aliens invading the camp! You want them to get you?

Simon: A-Aliens?

Matthew: And like I told you, there's no such thing as aliens. (scoffs) You really expect me to fall for a stupid prank like that. I've pulled off better ones than this.

Ash: Gah! It's not a prank, guys! This is for real.

Matthew: Hmph. There is nothing you can say or do that can convince me that there are aliens invading the camp.

Just then, there is a banging on the door. Matthew steps back, in shock, while Simon shrieks out in fear.

Matthew: What the-

Simon: AHH! We're doomed! Aliens have taken over the world!

Brandon, from behind the door: Guys, let me in!

Ash: It's Brandon!

Ash opens the door after moving the bunk a little, letting Brandon inside. He huffs, trying to catch his breath after running.

Ash: Brandon, what happened? Did you manage to warn the counselors?

Brandon: No... There's more of them and they've got the counselors. All of the counselors. It turns out they've been planning this invasion for a long time now- about a year.

Matthew: Wh-What?

Brandon: Yeah, they've been using the campers to help them. Updating their programming, teaching them about the Earth- all that's left is calling their Mother Ship and starting the actual invasion.

Simon: We're doomed. We're doomed. We're doomed.

Matthew: I can't believe I'm saying this but he's right. If there really are aliens then- then... it's all over...

Ash: Hey! We are not doomed so shut up with that already. We might just be kids but we are campers. They might have been disguised as our counselors but they did teach us a few tricks and we did learn some things. In fact, we're practically survivalists in training! We can do anything we want if we set our minds to it!

Matthew: I don't think an inspirational speech is going to make us go an fight some alien invaders, Ash.

Simon: S-Sorry, Ash... It's just, well, we're scared.

Ash looks over at Brandon, who looks at him. He then lets out a sigh after closing his eyes and turns back to Matthew and Simon.

Ash: Look, I get that you're scared. I'm... scared too.

Matthew: Heh, you scared? What too much danger for you?

Ash: Actually, the whole danger-seeking thing was kinda just a face I was putting on. A face that even fooled me. You see I only do dangerous and crazy things because, well, everyone I know keeps telling me that I shouldn't... that I can't because of who I am. My teachers, my so-called friends, my family... But when I got the chance to go to Camp Adventure, I thought maybe this once I can be the person that I wanted to be.

Brandon: But why would they treat you like that? You're a cool dude, Ash.

Ash: Except I'm not a dude, Brandon.

Ash takes of his hat and fixes his hair, which now has more curls.

Ash: I'm actually a girl.

Matthew: Wait- what?!

Brandon: But your name...

Ash: Ash, yeah. It's actually short for Ashley.

Brandon: So instead of Ash Lee Tarrier, it would have been Ashley Tarrier. That's actually kinda clever.

Simon: A-A girl? But aren't you-

Ash: Yeah, that's also why I covered it up. They put the girls in a separate camp for some reason so all I would have to talk to are girls who aren't into the whole adventure thing. I figured if I hung out with the boys, I might actually be able to have some fun without being judged for who I am.

Brandon: But you shouldn't be judged for that or hide who you are. Everyone, especially your family, should be okay with you doing something you like to do even if you are a girl. What I learned at camp last year is that everyone might be different but that doesn't mean they all can't seek adventure and having fun doing it.

Ashley gives Brandon a short smile before the cabin suddenly starts to shake slightly. Everyone looks around the cabin.

Simon: Wh-What's happening?

Brandon: Oh no...

Brandon darts outside, with Ash following after him shortly. The two of them look up in surprise. The dark clouds start to swirl above the camp site with green lightning strikes occurring around the vortex. Soon a dark blue/purple/green space ship with a large, green round-ish bulb at the bottom descends slowly from the vortex of clouds. Matthew and Simon rush outside and look upwards as well.

Matthew: Wh-What is that?!

Brandon: It's the Mother Ship. It has to be.

Simon: So, this is it. (gulps)

Ash: So what do you do, Brandon?

Brandon: ...We fight back. This is our camp, our world. And we're not just going to stand by and let some alien invaders take it away from us.

Ash: (nods firmly) Alright, I'm with you.

Matthew: I don't know what to believe anymore... but yeah, if there's a chance to save the world, we should probably do it together. (turning to Simon) No matter who.

Simon: (sigh) I don't know, guys. Aliens? Really?

Brandon: We can do it, Simon. You can do it.

Simon: Well, I only came here because I wanted to find my sense of adventure so I wouldn't be such a coward all the time. B-But if this is it then yes- I'll take that chance!

Matthew: I sure hope you have an actual plan for taking these guys down.

Brandon: I need to get onto that ship but I can't do that with the Vargons using the camp to help fuel their invasion. So you guys have to cut the fuel.

Simon: How do you do that?

Brandon: They said they added new areas to the camp- somehow when the campers use them, it helps their plans. The computer centers, the science labs and the experiment cabin.

Simon: I know all about computers.

Matthew: I know a few things about experiments. Had to mess with some chemicals to pull off some of the explosion stunts I do whenever I skateboard.

Ash: So I guess I'll take the labs. But are you sure you can handle the Mother Ship all by yourself?

Brandon: I won't be alone. I have you guys backing me up and (shows the Omnitrix) about 10 other guys willing to lend me a hand.

Ash doesn't seem to understand at first but then a look of realization comes over her and she nods at Brandon. The four of them then split up into four different directions. Simon comes back to where he started however and goes in another direction, nervously. Brandon is then seen looking around the camp however he stops underneath a set of hanging lights.

Brandon: (sigh) At this rate, I'll never find that beacon.

The light then start to flicker. Brandon turns back and looks up, seeing the lights. He then looks around him, seeing some smaller lights flickering on and off towards a certain direction. He then smirks and runs towards that direction. A moment later, Brandon comes across the shed with an eerie green glow emitting from within. Brandon stands before it for a moment but the ground shakes slightly as the Mother Ship continues its descent. Brandon then hurries over to the shed, throwing open the door and entering into the darkness. Faint green glows appear around him. He then continues walking through the shed, however, the further he goes in- the brighter the glowing gets. Brandon soon starts to notice the thick, organic, pore-covered cords wrapped around pieces of machinery and stretched across the walls, floors and ceilings. Brandon starts pushing through the cords as they start to become more clustered. He continues doing so until he makes it to the other side, now seeing an old-looking elevator.

Brandon: An elevator?

Brandon steps on it and presses the yellow button on the panel. With a loud metallic creak, the elevator starts to lower. Once the elevator reaches the bottom, an underground cavern can be seen, illuminated by more of the organic cords.

Brandon, stepping off the lift and looking around: This shed is getting bigger and bigger.

Brandon then looks ahead of him and notices a chamber, firing a teal beam into an antenna.

Brandon, examining the antenna: That must be what they're using to send the beacon... to call down the Mother Ship.

Vargon Man, unseen: This child is smarter than he appears.

Brandon turns his head to the right, seeing the Vargon Man and Woman- as well as another Vargon with them who appears injured.

Vargon Woman, looking at the injured one: Stronger as well.

Injured Vargon: That is him. The shape changer.

Brandon: Looks like you guys found each other. Maybe you guys can have your little reunion back on whatever planet you come from.

Vargon Man: This planet will soon become ours.

Vargon Woman: You may as well accept that, child.

Brandon: It's not yours yet. There's still time to stop it.

Injured Vargon: And what can I child like you do about it? You may have gotten me by surprise but do not expect to defeat us all. We are skilled and highly-trained Vargon Invaders- you are simply a shape changing Human.

Brandon: I might not be able to take all of you on. But don't think that'll stop me from stopping any of you from taking over this planet. Now you just have to have a way to contact that Mother Ship, don't you?

Vargon Man: Of course we do. The beacon helps summon the Mother Ship but we have a communicator that allows to send messages to our Vargon High Command.

Vargon Woman: We also have a transporter for getting off of this world in case there were to be any... planetary disruptions.

Brandon: Grgh! Well, in that case, I'll just have to send a message telling your High Command to get out of here!

Injured Vargon: Just because we told you about it does not mean we will just let you do as you please. We are Vargon Invaders. You will need plenty of strength to deal with us.

Brandon: Oh I have strength. Let's just see, try and deal with-

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and smacks down the column. Within a green flash, he transforms into a new alien- a plant alien with tentacle legs and one blue eye. The new alien looks at his arms.

Wildvine: Uh... I have no idea who this is.

The Vargons then charge for him. Wildvine looks out at them, surprised. The Vargon Man then strikes him back, knocking him to the floor. The Vargon Woman whips his tendril arms around and throws them upwards, preparing for a downwards strike on Wildvine. Wildvine rolls out of the way, when her tendrils crash down into the ground. Wildvine, standing back up, eyes his opponents carefully.

Wildvine: Ugh. You guys are so lucky you have those vine arms of yours. If I had those, I'd-

Wildvine extends his arms out, causing it to stretch forwards slightly. Wildvine then looks at it in surprise then turns back to the three Vargons with a sinister smirk.

Wildvine: Oh you guys are gonna get it now.

Wildvine stretches his arms out and whacks the three of them to the side of the cavern.

Wildvine, reeling his arms back: Yes! Now to send that message.

Wildvine walks over to the controls and attempts to use them.

Wildvine, trying to send the message: Hello? Anyone there? This is the Vargon Recon Team. This planet is not what we expected. I request that you turn your ship around and return back to uh- home world.

Wildvine is then grabbed from behind by the injured Vargon.

Injured Vargon: You will not defeat me a second time, child!

Wildvine struggles to get free, accidentally rubbing one of his seed pods against the Vargon's grip, causing it to come loose. Once dropped onto the floor, it disperses a smoke around the Vargon, causing it cough and hack, grabbing at its own throat. Wildvine then grabs his back and retrieves a few seed pods.

Wildvine: Interesting...

He turns, seeing the other two Vargons dashing towards him. Wildvine then tosses the seed pods at them. The seed pods then explode, dispersing more gas and causing the other two Vargons to cough as well. One of them falls over on the ground before Wildvine but the other struggles to stand, managing to only knock Wildvine ahead into the controls and toss him aside.

Wildvine: Gah!

With the controls blinking and flashing now, while also sparking up, the chamber activates- opening up. Wildvine falls inside and holds his head. He then stretches his arm out to grab onto something but the door closes on his arm, cutting it off.

Wildvine: GAH! My arm!

Wildvine's arm soon grows back.

Wildvine: Oh... Guess no robot hands for me.

Wildvine stands but a light surrounds him for a brief moment.

Wildvine: Ugh... What was-

The doors of the chamber soon open and Wildvine steps out, onto the Mother Ship interior.

Wildvine: That...

Wildvine looks ahead of him and sees a large, pulsing green blob with tendril arms hanging down from his container- keeping it suspended above the floor.

Wildvine: What- What is that?

Alien Blob: I am the Vargon High Command. You are an intruder on board this ship.

Wildvine: You can talk?!

Vargon High Command: Not only that- I am in control over all functions of this invasion force.

Wildvine: Whoa...

Back in the camp, Simon can be seen entering the computer center and sitting by a computer. He powers it on and it loads up slowly.

Simon: Come on, come on- Fate of the world here! Couldn't these guys invest in faster computers?

Finally the computer loads up, showing a series of coding.

Simon: (gulps) Okay, Simon. You can do this. You are Simon Carth: Not a coward, a hero! The whole world is depending on you. You can do this!

Simon cracks his finger but then rubs his knuckles in pain. He then starts tying on the keyboard frantically. Soon, the lines of code start become rewritten. Elsewhere, at the experiment cabin, a rock can be seen crashing through the window. Matthew then jumps in and looks around, seeing bottles of chemicals and dissection equipment. He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a small diagram, showing how to create a certain kind of chemical- one described with a drawing of an explosion. Matthew then looks around.

Matthew: Alright, first to get a container.

Matthew checks around but does not seem to find anything. He then kicks a shelf in frustration, causing it to fall over. Chemicals then start to leak and mix with each other.

Matthew: (Shrugs) Guess I'm using the cabin as a container then. Now what was step two again?

Over at the science labs, Ash approaches the door, throwing them open. She then steps inside, looking around.

Ash: Science stuff, okay... What do I have to do here?

Ash then comes across platforms with labels such as plastics, metals, soil, plants, etc. She checks the platforms more thoroughly- noticing that there is a shaft within them, leading somewhere. There is also technology there that she does not appear to recognize.

Ash: Alright, I'm guessing this stuff is the alien techno-what's it. Now how to sabotage it?

Ash looks around thinking, glancing over at some a waste barrel for a brief moment. Her gaze soon enough returns to the waste barrel. Her expression then lights up.

Ash: Oh? Oh!

Ash hurries over, grabbing the waste barrel. She then drags it over to the platforms and begins dumping all types of waste content from within the barrel into the hoppers. Back on the Mother Ship, Wildvine faces the Vargon High Command.

Vargon High Command: You are different from the people of this world. Why have you come here?

Wildvine: To stop you from taking over this planet.

Vargon High Command: But why stop? This is what we meant to do. Invade worlds.

Wildvine: And you never thought about what happens when you invade worlds? About the people hurt from your actions? About the buildings you destroy? About the things that come from the life there?

Vargon High Command: Such concepts are irrelevant to us. Strategy, infiltration, maneuvers. We understand those concepts. We understand programs and plans.

Wildvine: Well, that sounds a lot like summer school rather than summer camp.

Vargon High Command: Explain.

Wildvine: Summer schools have plans and programs for kids like me. They have you work and learn during the summer where you're not supposed to. But summer camps- those are supposed to be fun and teach you things that you wouldn't even think you know. It's about making friends, going out and exploring, and most importantly- being yourself. That is what life is like on some worlds. Worlds like mine. And you invading them takes those things away from the people of that world.

Vargon High Command: I have no concern for those people. Only for the continuation of the Vargon Invaders and their life-long mission.

Wildvine: So if you won't change your plans, then I'll have to change them for you. One way or another- this summer is not ending earlier because someone decided to invade the Earth!

Wildvine takes his seed pods and tosses them at the Vargon High Command, who smacks them away with his large tendril arms. Wildvine rushes ahead, stretching his arm out. He grabs onto a ledge and swings upwards. He then takes more of seed pods and tosses them over at the Vargon High Command. The Vargon High Command continues whacking the seeds pods away, creating a cloud of gas to appear in mid-air. Through the cloud, Wildvine emerges- falling ahead towards the High Command. He then clings onto the container- his sharp claws scraping against the metal. Wildvine then looks up, noticing this and shoves his other arm inside the open panel. He then clenches his fist and spikes erupt from his arms, piercing the container, blowing up that section.

Vargon High Command: GAH! Stop that this instance!

Wildvine then swings over, ready to attack again, but is smacked away by the tendril arms of the High Command. Wildvine then looks up, seeing machinery come down to repair the container.

Vargon High Command: Attack me all you want but that will not delay the invasion.

Wildvine: You're right. You guys don't know when to give up. All you know is strategy, infiltration and maneuvers. So let me show you some of mine.

Wildvine stretches his arm outwards, towards the High Command. The High Command is then ready to whack away Wildvine's arms but Wildvine holds his arm, pulling it around. The arm then swirls away from the High Command. Wildvine continues spinning around, still holding his arm which follows the circular motion. He then pushes it down and lets go. The arm then crashes down into some control panels across the room. He then concentrates and spikes protrude from his arm from his shoulder all the way down. Soon the control room starts sparking up.

Vargon High Command: Wh-What are you doing?!

Wildvine: My strategy was to disable your ship's functions. Now you have no way to attack or defend.

Vargon High Command: This can still be repaired! And with our resources gathered from the facility below on Earth, we can do so quickly and efficiently.

Ship Interface: Error! Error! Resources unavaliable.

Holographic screens soon appear- surrounding the High Command- showing the three facilities; the computer lab- where Simon has overwritten the Vargon coding, the chemical cabin- which has exploded with Matthew watching a short distance away, and the science labs- where the resource collectors are filled with waste being poured by Ash, causing a system malfunction.

Wildvine: Step two... infiltration.

Vargon High Command: No! No! No! This can not be happening! We are Vargons! We are Invaders! We are unbeatable, unavoidable, inevitable!

Wildvine, reeling his arm back: And now for my maneuver. You're currently defenseless, unable to attack back, and have no resources to fix your ship. I could destroy your ship right now if I wanted to but I'm going to do something you can't even imagine.

Vargon High Command: And what would that be? Claim us as your own force and have us protect your Earth for you?

Wildvine: No. I'll allow you to retreat. To run away back home and never return.

Vargon High Command: A foolish maneuver. Once we repair our ship and gather more invaders and resources, we will become unbeatable.

Wildvine: What? Just like this time? No matter what you do, no matter when you come. The Earth will always be here and it will always be defended by me and the people of this world because we have something you don't- a sense of adventure, something that'll always bring us together.

The Vargon High Command growls.

Vargon High Command: ...As High Command of the Vargons, I order... our retreat.

Wildvine then smiles. Later, the Mother Ship is seen ascending through the cloud vortex which starts to dissipate into a normal, night sky. Ash, Matthew and Simon cheer together- seeing the ship leave the sky.

Ash: We did it!

Simon: We did? Yeah, yeah I guess we did do it!

Matthew: But where's Brandon? Was he able to hold them off? Will they be coming back?

Brandon: They won't.

The three of them turn around and see Brandon walking towards them.

Brandon: I gave them a pretty hard warning. They won't be coming back unless they want to face me and the campers of Camp Adventure again.

Ash: Hey, you're a camper too. You're one of us.

Brandon: But seriously, I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Simon: Saving the world feels... great! I almost want to do it again!

Ash, Brandon and Matthew: Simon!

Simon: What? I said almost.

They share a laugh together, as the power returns to the camp site. Later, in the morning, plenty of cars are seen parked in front of the camp with a crowd of people standing there. The counselors of the camp stand by the entrance- including Deacon, the real Jay and the real Higher-Ups, as many campers go over to their parents and guardians. Brandon and Ash stand by the side, watching this transpire.

Brandon: I can't believe everyone's going home already.

Ash: Well, we did just get hit by an alien invasion attempt.

Brandon: Good point. But, with an event like that, the whole world must be going crazy like these parents are.

Ash: Well, all the counselors woke up in confusion and decided to just call it a freaky weather phenomenon and decided to send the kids home for their safety. Guess that's what they get for having all those new programs.

Brandon: I dunno. I guess I was being a little hard on the camp back there. Computers and science labs are sorta my thing. I guess I just felt a little attacked because camp is the one time I get to do something other that but still be myself going on normal adventures rather than alien ones. But even though this was still an alien adventure, at least it was an adventure and I had some fun doing it as well.

Ash: Fun is what keeps us from being robots or alien invaders, I guess. Anyways, it looks like summer camp is ending earlier, I'd say we should hang out but chances are we probably aren't going to see each other again, aren't we?

Brandon: Feels that way. I made friends last year but I knew I wouldn't be able to see them when we cancelled. I guess that's another reason why I wanted to come back.

Ash: So hey, maybe we can go on some more alien adventures next year. Anyways, even if we don't meet up, I just gotta say- thanks.

Brandon: For saving the world?

Ash: Well yeah but not what I meant. I wanted to thank you for telling me that I can just be myself and accept who I am. I think if I start believing in myself and standing up for what I like doing, maybe other people and my family would start accepting that that is just who I am rather than trying to force me to be someone else.

Brandon: I hope you get to go on some adventures of your own, Ashley.

Ashley: Thanks. Well, I guess I'll see you around. Ha ha!

Ashley punches him in the shoulder and runs off. Brandon rubs his shoulder and looks over at her with a painful expression. Ashley turns back and waves at him, before merging with the sea of campers. Brandon lets go of his shoulders and waves back with a smile.



  • Brandon
  • Ashley Tarrier (First Appearance)
  • Matthew Daniels (First Appearance)
  • Simon Carth (First Appearance)
  • Counselor Deacon (First Appearance)
  • Counselor Jay (First Appearance)
  • Campers (First Appearance)
  • Camp Adventure Counselors (First Appearance)
  • Camp Adventure Higher-Ups (First Appearance)
  • Bus Station Clerk (First Appearance)
  • Bus Driver (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • Vargon Invaders (First Appearance)
  • Vargon High Command (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Some of the campers and moments in this episode were based on actual people/moments from some of the experiences the writer went through at summer camps.
  • Coco was going to be added into this episode but, to keep the episode close to the original, that didn't happen.
  • Although the original premise had Brandon forced to attend summer camp against his will, the rebooted version of this episode has Brandon visit the camp out of a mix between curiosity and boredom only to get himself roped into attending the camp.
  • Nearly all of the aliens used in this episode are the same as the ones used in the original episode. However, Diamondhead was replaced with Slime Shot. This almost didn't happen however, the use of Diamondhead felt like too many canon aliens were being used and Slime Shot was added in to add some balance.
    • Replacing Diamondhead was a little tedious as Brandon did not unlock any average-sized, strong-based aliens like him at the time.
  • Rather than Deacon, Jay was supposed to be Brandon's counselor. He was going to be strict and aggressive, which was different from his usual behavior; something Brandon would know since he had came to the camp the year before. This would have helped set things in motion but with the montage being used, in both the original and rebooted version of the episode, it didn't leave much opportunity for that to happen the way it was intended so that was cut from the episode.
  • When Simon starts messing with the computer's programming, Brandon was going to give him a flash drive to use to help with the hacking process. The flash drive would have contained Computer's programming- allowing it to appear within the camp's systems and block out the Vargons' systems. However, this scene was cut from the episode.
  • According to the original episode, the Vargons won't ever appear on the show again. The Writer intends to keep this a rule when coming up with future episodes however he also plans to use the loophole in that rule whenever he can.
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