John 10
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date nov.26.2011
Written by ultimate echo echo 330
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field trip disaster
the dark villain


(john walking in the road)john:so boring!!

unknown:don't like boring come here

john:huh don't trick me(gets ready to slap the coolnitrix)

ghostion:then let me hurt you im ghostion,and i eat souls

john:oh no(slaps the coolnitrix)

john(as fire wood):fire wood!! aw man what can this wood do

ghostion:(used his sonic scream)ahh!!

fire wood:augh(then all houses turn black)


fire wood:i better hide what am i going to do(thinks for a moment)aha!(then firewood goes to a tree)

ghostion;you can run but you can't hide

(fire wood camouflage into a tree then hits ghostion)

fire wood:opps i forget that you are a ghost(ghostion hits fire wood)ow

fire wood:ghost are scared of lights then i know what to use(slaps the coolnitrix symbol)

john(as glow man):glow man!! alright time for you to lighten up(glow man shines bright)



glow man:ah i feel tired (reverts back to john)

john:i better sleep


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