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Camorca is the Collectron's DNA sample of a Orcus Killiapidae from the planet Orcinusia.


Camorca has a similar appearance to that of a killer whale.

Camorca has a dark green skin tone, while his underbelly and spots are light green. He has a round and blunt snout with a mouth and a large spot, where each eye is placed in the bottom-left of it. He has a black collar with a yellow band and section resembling a shock collar. He has multiple camo spots on his body. He has two dark green fins, and one large dorsal fin. He also has a whale-like tail.

Camorca wears the Collectron emblem on top of his shock collar.


Camorca's voice is medium-toned.

Powers and Abilities

Camorca can camouflage himself and change his color to fit his surroundings and fool or surprise opponents. It has such effectiveness that he appears to become invisible.

Camorca can levitate off the ground, making sure that opponents cannot hear him maneuvering. He can also detect and see opponents and others who are invisible or camouflaging.

Camorca can breathe underwater and swim quickly by flapping his tail up and down.

Camorca has very strong teeth, which are strong enough to rip apart iron bars without restrain.

Camorca's skin is very durable, withstanding bites from teeth as powerful as Streamlins without showing any forms of pain and taking an electric attack from a Morphian. He is also quite strong, as he can shake Bouncoids off his back.

Camorca can jump very high out of the water. He is also quite agile and faster underwater.

Camorca is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being easily able to defeat sharks underwater, like actual killer whales.

Due to his scarf and very thick skin, Camorca is very resistant to cold temperatures.


Camorca is not invisible; rather, he camouflages with his surroundings, making his shadow visible. Furthermore, opponents with expert senses can sense him before he attacks, such as Storm.

Camorca can be seen by other Orcus Killiapidae and if colored liquids are spilled on him.

Camorca is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Morphian.


Camorca comes from camo, referencing his color, camouflage, referencing his abilities, and orca, referencing his appearance.


  • Camorca's design is based on Killer Sr., Jay’s killer whale plushie
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