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General Information

Hydrocessabit Faveochaeris

Home Planet:




Other Info

Calm Inducement
Soft Fur
Sharp Tooth
Enhanced Swimming


Emotionless Enemies

Calmybara is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hydrocessabit Faveochaeris from the planet Gelidus. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Calmybara takes the appearance of a capybara, and is about twice the size of an actual one. He wears black bands on his legs that have green cuffs, as well as two gren straps on his torso that connect via a white piece of cloth.

Calmybara wears the Omnitrix on his front left leg.


  • Calmybara can calm people down, primarily in way of physical contact. This is helped by his extremely soft fur. He can use this power either to genuinely calm somone down, or to act as a distraction.
  • Calmybara has a singular sharp tooth.
  • Calmybara is an excellent swimmer.


  • Calmybara's powers do nothing against an emotionless opponent.
  • Calmybara is a non-combative alien.


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  • Calmybara's name is a play on "calm" and "capybara."
  • Calmybara's species name is a play on "Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris," the scientific name of the capybara, and the Latin words "cessabit," meaning calm, and "faveo," meaning befriend.
  • Calmybara's species name is Latin for chill.


  • Calmybara's design was made using the head of a capybara from the Ben 10 reboot, and the body of a Pyroxovore.
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