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My mother always told me not to say “goodbye” She hated goodbyes...

–Callie Church, Revelations: Part Two

Callie Church
BBO Callie.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence The Mother of Invention
Age 23
Affiliations Bowman
The Freelancers
Occupation(s) Freelancer (Formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Skilled in Weapon Usage
Equipment Recon Class Assault Armor
Paint Pistols
Battle Rifle
Relatives Allison Church (Mother)
Leonard L. Church (Father)
Alias "Carolina" - Most People
Voice Actor Jen Brown
First Appearance Agent Bowman

Callie Church formerly known as "Agent Carolina" was an Agent for Project Freelancer in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Carolina iwas the first female Agent to join Project Freelancer. She wore turquoise "Recon Class Assault Armor". The visor on her helmet is orange.


Carolina is arrogant. She is very aware of her superiority over the other Agents in Project Freelancer, including Bowman.

Carolina has a very similar personality to Maine, as both are ambitious, strong willed, and rarely break into humor. However, Carolina tries to hide her emotions more so, as she focuses more on her goals. As a result, she avoids becoming attached to others, as she has experienced losing those dear to her multiple times, such as her mother.

Skills and Abilities


Carolina is a very powerful and capable Freelancer, perhaps one of the most proficient in the series. After her spar with York, Maine, and Wyoming, she was shown to have the highest ranking Freelancer of all the Freelancers, which is a testament to her skill. She has displayed the ability to take out multiple foes at once with martial arts alone.

However, Carolina is  57% more likely to neglect her teammates when faced with a competitive scenario.


Carolina has been shown to be skilled with multiple weapons but uses the magnum and grappling hook. The Magnum seems to be her primary weapon, as she uses it in every battle-related appearance of hers. The grappling hook, which looks like a black pistol, she often uses with great skill.


Carolina has also displayed great reflexes.


Carolina is also resourceful, being capable of using her immediate environment to her advantage.

Overall, Carolina displays unquestionable skill in using her environment and situation to keep up and even overcome her enemies. She is also a good leader, being able to keep her team organized and is capable of improvising.




  • Based on Tex's quote "Don't say goodbye... I hate goodbyes." from Revelations: Part One and Carolina's quote "My mother always told me not to say “goodbye” She hated goodbyes..." from Revelations: Part Two we can assume that Allison was Carolina's mother, and thus Carolina is the Director's daughter.
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