Calimari was the Deltatrix's DNA sample of a Chimera Sui Generis from Vilgaxia.


Calimari is a 12 foot tall humanoid with several tendrils coming off their chin and head. They wear a black suit with orange stripe through it, and have two sacs of blue liquid on their cheeks

The Deltatrix symbol is located on their chest.


Calimari has incredible strength, slightly below Tetramands.

Calimari has incredible durability.

Calimari can transform their limbs into separate tentacles (five on each limb for each finger) . Each tentacle is just as strong as the whole arm

Calimari can project two blasts of red energy from their eyes, which can either disintegrate objects or light them on fire.


  • Calimari is a seafood dish of fried squid tentacles.
  • Calimari shares a voice with Gax from the Reboot.
  • Despite taking place in the Classic Continuity, Calimari has the powers of Reboot Chimera's due to just being much more interesting.
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