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Cabelosapiens have all similar body shapes covered in different shapes and forms fur,the fur covers their entire bodies.Even the eyes that's why the spieces eveolved to have X-Ray vision.


Stretch Abilities:Can stretch there fur to any extend.

X-Ray Vision:Who doesn't know what it is.

Enhenced Speed:They are faster than the average Human.Not much tho.

Enhanced Strenght:There fur is so massive it serves as there "Muscles".

Notable Members

  • Furr-y(Alfatrix DNA Sample Of A CabeloSapiens)


  • Cablesapien is derived from: The word Cabelo(Hair in Portuguese) and Sapiens
  • If there fur is burned or falls down they are defenseless as they lose all abilties(Less the X-Ray and Speed ones)
  • Behind all of the fur they are Troll-Like beings with one eye.