Series created by CaTCo. Inc. include:

Tech 10


CaTCo's flagship franchise, Tech 10 follows the adventures of various heroes with the nickname "Tech" as they battle the forces of evil, primarily those influenced by the mysterious Anti-Life Entity. It is the longest-running series on the wiki, having recently celebrated its six year anniversary.

Not Applicable


Not Applicable was CaTCo's second primary series, initially created to replace Tech 10, which had entered a seemingly never-ending hiatus at the time. Eventually, Tech 10 was brought back and Not Applicable was changed into a seven-episode miniseries that tied in with the Tech 10 universe.

Ben 10: Milky Way Race


A somewhat controversial upcoming miniseries, Ben 10: Milky Way Race is planned to be CaTCo's first venture into a series focusing on canon characters. It aims to explain what Ben's Team was doing while the events of Tech 10: Rebooted were taking place and (hopefully) clear up some plot holes left over by Omniverse.



A miniseries originally conceived in late 2014 but then abandoned for almost two years, 13 is a somewhat gothic gangster story focusing on Lucius Raivent and his campaign to take over the Raivent Criminal Empire. A revised version of the pilot was recently released, with new episodes currently in production.

Mack 10


A miniseries built over the remains of the now-defunct original Mack 10, the new Mack 10 series is a parody of various tropes on the wiki, acting as direct satire of various cliches that pop up in a lot of series.

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