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CaT's Feedback Service is run by CaT. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed at him.


Well, I ain't good for much else right now, so screw it.

Welcome, one and all, to CaT's Feedback Service! This wiki has a severe lack of people giving feedback on pages they visit, and I'm here to do something about that.

How it Works

Just leave a link in the comments down below to whatever page you want me to leave feedback on, and I'll (probably) do it. Pretty simple, right?


  1. You can only have one page pending at a time.
  2. I do these in whatever order I want, so first come isn't necessarily first-serve.
  3. If you've requested feedback before and want feedback on another page, please leave the new request in the same comment chain as your first request.
    1. This does not apply if the last reply to the chain is over two weeks old, in which case, you should start a new comment chain.

Pages Replied To


Note that the feedback I give through this service isn't any super special detailed feedback like CaT Reviews! or anything. This is just casual feedback you'd get on any other page. As such, I can't guarantee my feedback to be particularly insightful or helpful, if is at all. You can specially request feedback on certains aspects of your pages if you want, but I make no promises.

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