CZX-1 System Buster



General Information
Type Mecha
Creator The Puppet Master
User(s) The Puppet Master
Status Incinerated
Height 2,722 ft. (829.8 m.)
Length N/A
Propulsion Hypernova Drive Rockets
Weaponry Palm Cannons
Defenses Energy Shielding
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 1

The CZX-1 System Buster was a gigantic mecha created by The Puppet Master.


The CZX-1 System Buster was a massive, humanoid robot standing 150 feet in height. Painted in mostly various shades of white, gray, and black, it had a large, orange 'M' on its chest and a dark blue 'window' on its head.

Its main power source was a Hypernova Drive, with a connection to the Great Sun Armor serving as a backup.

Its defenses consisted of relatively new energy shield technology that was near-impossible to break through as long as it had power. In addition, it had specially-constructed 'energy wells' in its arms that could absorb energy-based attacks and replicate them.

Its offensive systems consisted of dual palm cannons that mainly shot beams of condensed light, like massive lasers. These cannons could also replicate and fire any type of energy attack absorbed by its energy wells.

After being reconstructed by regenerative nanobots in Star Spirit, the machine no longer had access to its energy shielding, but was able to regenerate from almost any damage.


Pre-Series (Rebooted)

The CZX-1 System Buster was evidently in production ever since The Puppet Master's first defeat at the hands of Tech. After a few years of working on it, The Puppet Master released Dethrouge from the Null Void, enlisting his help as both an ally and an extra power source for the machine.

During Series (Rebooted)

In The Measure Of A Man, the CZX-1 System Buster was finally completed, allowing The Puppet Master and Dethrouge to utilize it in an attack against Earth. After a long, grueling battle that ended up killing The Puppet Master, the machine was finally rendered inoperable and dragged to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Pre-Series (Star Spirit)

The CZX-1 System Buster would remain at the bottom of the ocean for the next 25 years or so, slowly rusting away.

During Series (Star Spirit)

In Under the Sea the CZX-1 System Buster was eventually brought back online by restorative nanomachines that had leaked from a nearby undersea lab under unknown circumstances. This allowed The Puppet Master (now deciding to simply go by 'Xenon') to construct a robotic body and take control of the nanomachines, terrorizing the aforementioned laboratory and repairing the mech.

In Nikopol, the CZX-1 System Buster was used to hunt down Tech (now going by 'Isaac') for a rematch. Easily taking down the defenses of the city it had landed in, and even managing to outlast Rockoustic's attacks, Xenon and the mech were attacked by Theodore Logical, who, after an intense battle, managed to destroy the mecha for good by burning it in a fireball equivalent to a miniature sun using Kugelblitz STAR.

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