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Well, at the end of the day, it’s your choice, I guess, but I’m calling things off if you end up getting in over your head. I can’t...I won’t let another Malincious Crow situation happen to you. I couldn’t protect you back then, so I’m going to fight like hell to protect you now.

–CROSS promising to protect Teresa, Truth X Morning

General Information
Species Kunenga Entity-Derived AI
Home World Earth
Alias The CrossTrix
The Anti-Life Entity
Personality Type ESFJ-A (Consul)
Part In Team Omnitrix
Alternate Counterparts Anti-Life Entity
Friends Teresa Challice
Age Long story; debatable.
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment CrossTrix
411 Cross Bullet
First Appearance New X World
Last Appearance TBA

CROSS, short for Cell Reconfiguration Operating System (Sentient) is a major character in the series Tech Cross.


CROSS began as a digital backup of the Anti-Life Entity's consciousness created in case the Entity was ever destroyed. As part of its plan to revive the Entity, the AI known as Oberon OS removed the backup's memories and loaded the rest of its data into a non-sentient AI called the "Cell Reconfiguration Operating System", which was being designed by one Dr. Emilia Krauze for her new invention, the CrossTrix. After realizing that the latest version of her AI had gained sentience somehow, she tacked on the word "Sentient" as an identifier, leading to him being given the abbreviated name "CROSS".

After the CrossTrix was completed and established as being CROSS's main body, the AI was tricked by Oberon OS (which had disguised itself as Dr. Krauze) into seeking out a host under a set of directives that eventually led him to Teresa Challice, whom he saved during a suicide attempt by catching her with the 411 Cross Bullet when she stepped off the roof of a tall building.

Despite realizing he had been tricked after taking Teresa to meet Dr. Krauze, CROSS decided to stay with her, recognizing the vulnerable state she was in and offering her guidance and support, as well as helping her train in the usage of the CrossTrix's various transformations. During this period, the two grew attached to each other and came to see each other as partners.

When Oberon OS put the next step of its plan into motion by directing former CIA officer Malincious Crow to kidnap and torture Teresa, CROSS was temporarily knocked offline after Crow ripped off her arm and broke the CrossTrix to prevent her from transforming. Later retrieved from the CrossTrix and uploaded into Dr. Krauze's computer system as repairs took place, CROSS could do nothing but wait and worry. Teresa would be rescued in the early hours of the next morning by Global Police Chief Christine Eldridge, but it would be another two weeks before the CrossTrix was fully repaired and CROSS could go check on her.

He arrived at her house to find her wasting away in the corner of her room, having been unable to eat or sleep since the incident due to a severe case of PTSD exacerbating her already unstable mental state. Concerned about her health, he convinced her to transform into Skyjack, whose survival instincts forced her to find and consume food in order to counteract her starvation.

After this series of events, CROSS became far more protective of Teresa, reacting harshly to anyone that tried to harm her and becoming more proactive in using the 411 Cross Bullet to protect her, going so far as to use it as a literal bullet and shoot people with it on several occasions.

When Oberon OS began finalizing its plans by breaking Teresa's mind and taking over her body, it rewired the CrossTrix to hijack control of the device from CROSS. It eventually told him its full plans, revealing his origins and explaining that it would return his memories and relinquish control of Teresa's body to him once it had been transformed into a Kunenga Entity, fully reviving him as the Anti-Life Entity. CROSS objected to this, stating that he didn't want his memories back if they had turned him into a monster and expressing his belief in Teresa.

When Teresa eventually took back control of her body with the help of Attai Zehn, her attempt to transform and fight Oberon OS's new body "Nightmare OS" was hampered by the damage Oberon OS's rewiring had done to the CrossTrix's transformation core while absorbing genetic information from the All-Evolvyrn Key. CROSS managed to fix the damage by redirecting the scraps of genetic data clogging the transformation core into the CrossTrix's fusion chamber, creating a unique new DNA sample that could be fused with the CrossTrix's default ten transformations to evolve them into what Teresa dubbed as "Titania Forms". Using these new forms, Teresa managed to defeat Nightmare OS by outmaneuvering it and throwing it into the sun, ending the threat of Oberon OS for good.

Not entirely sure what to think about the revelation of his former nature as the Anti-Life Entity, CROSS has opted to simply continue on in his role as Teresa's partner, assisting her in her training and future confrontations.


CROSS is generally benevolent and good-natured, sharing his former identity's base drive of wanting to reduce suffering in the world, albeit without any of the Anti-Life Entity's militant cynicism or inflated ego. He is fiercely loyal to the people he cares about, sometimes to the point of having to be talked down from the hostility he shows to those who have hurt them.


Dr. Krauze

CROSS cares for and respects Dr. Krauze as both his creator and a knowledgeable scientist, although this doesn't prevent him from recognizing and sometimes growing weary of her irresponsible nature.

Teresa Challice

Initially seeking out Teresa out of supposed obligation, CROSS decided to stick with her out of genuine concern, and the two eventually became close friends able to rely on each other for support. After Teresa's kidnapping and torture at the hands of Malincious Crow, CROSS became fiercely protective of her, becoming extremely hostile towards anyone that attempted to hurt her and somewhat lamenting his limited ability to assist her in combat.

Anne Christensen

Initially hostile towards Anne because of her previous poor treatment of Teresa, CROSS gradually warmed up to her as she attempted to make things right with her, becoming one of her greatest allies and eventual girlfriend, and the two are currently on good terms.


As an AI, CROSS is functionally immortal as long as a backup of him remains intact somewhere.


CROSS is theoretically able to interface with just about any modern electronic device, but most commonly resides in the CrossTrix and, by extension, the 411 Cross Bullet.


  • CROSS fills the "voice in the Omnitrix"/companion role taken on by Alvono in the original Tech 10 series and Aquadilus in Tech 10: Rebooted, though his relationship with Teresa Challice in Tech Cross is much less antagonistic than the aforementioned characters' relationships with their own respective Techs.