In this episode Gwen goes to college and Keving goes to be NASCAR racer.They promise they can be a team when they come back.Gwen drives to her college in her new car The Anodite Rider! Kevin leaves in his car and goes to the NASCAR Racing Center.Ben then drives over to Julie's to find she's fighting some strange creature called Mikloj (Mike-loh-j)! Ben goes Cannonbolt and hits him but it is not enough to stop him!So he goes Ultimate Cannonbolt! Hits him with the Spiked Armor and defeats him!Then the Ultimatrix scans Mikloj and Ben gets Bubbles. Then he and Julie go back to his house after the plumbers pick up Mikloj.

Major Events

  • Gwen goes to College and Kevin becomes a NASCAR Racer.
  • Ben scans Mikloj and gets Bubbles!


  • Ben
  • Julie
  • chip
  • Gwen
  • Kevin
  • Plumbers


  • Mikloj

Aliens Used

  • Cannonbolt
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt


  • Gwen got a Scolarship to Harvard?


Ben as Cannonbolt:Time to go Ultimate!

Ultimatrix:Now scanning new alien life form.

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