BBO Buzzshock
General Information
Species Nosedeenian
Home World Nosedeen Quasar
DNA source Megawhatt
Body Humanoid Battery
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electricity Absorption
Electricity Redirection
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Self Duplication
Electrical Device Inhabitation and Control
Voice Actor Kirk Thornton
First Appearance A Day Just for You

Buzzshock is the Infinity's DNA sample of a Nosedeenian from the planet Nosedeen Quasar in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Buzzshock's appearance is similar to an earth dry cell. He is black, with yellow electricity and yellow eyes.

He has a large, yellow lightning like line from where his neck starts, to where his legs start on his front and back.

He has a yellow spot on his head.

He has little silver bolts on his arms.

He has three fingers on each hand and his feet consist of one "toe".

The Infinity appears in the center of his torso.

Transformation Sequence

The Infinity glows with green light, as yellow electricity swirls around Bryce's arm, shocking it to create small silver bolts on it. The electricity then flows upward, swallowing Bryce's head. It continues until it covers his entire body, then explodes. The electricity comes together and forms Buzzshock, who poses with his lower body still fully electricity as if in flight.


Buzzshock was unlocked in Last Laugh (BBO) when the Infinity was touched by a Megawhatt

In A Day Just for You, Buzzshock defeated a band of Esoterica in a restaurant to protect the civilians, as well as Marissa.

In Friend of My Enemy, Buzzshock defeated a squad of Esoterica alongside Gwen.

Powers and Abilities

Buzzshock can pass through any electrical source with amazing speed and has the ability to manipulate green electricity.

Buzzshock can also control electricity and can inhabit electrical devices, controlling them from the inside in some cases powering them.

Buzzshock can duplicate himself when he is cut in half or has enough power.

Buzzshock can fly.

Unlike other Nosedeenian's, Buzzshock's speech is understandable.

He also has enhanced agility.

He also has enhanced speed.


Fire seems to take away his power, as well as getting trapped in something made of a non-conductive material.

If Nosedeenians run out of energy, they will fall asleep. They can be insulated with rubber-sheeted blankets.

Buzzshock is not very durable.




  • Buzzshock was originally going to be part of the second playlist, but we decided otherwise.
  • Buzzshock speaks with the same voice filter that he had in Ken 10, similar to actual Megawatts in the show.
  • Buzzshock's electricity is yellow.
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