Butterfly Reflect
Butterfly Reflect
General Information
Species: Papilioracli
Home World: Unknown
Body: Large Butterfly
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Reflective Omniscience
Domino Event Manipulation
Temporal Whirlwind
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Butterfly Reflect is an alien created by CaT. It is free for anyone to use.


Butterfly Reflect's abilities include:

  • Reflective Omniscience
    • Butterfly Reflect's eyes emit a strange temporal energy that allows those exposed to it to see seemingly random visions. When Butterfly Reflect cocoons itself using its wings, this energy continually reflects off its metallic body, creating an artificial mirror room that allows Butterfly Reflect to see all of time and space at once.
  • Domino Event Manipulation
    • If Butterfly Reflect is focused on a specific event occurring in the future, it can flap its wings in a manner that creates a domino effect across time and space that will ultimately change said event in a way Butterfly Reflect finds more desirable.
  • Temporal Whirlwind
    • Butterfly Reflect can use its wings to create a whirlwind that sends those caught in it to a new, albeit not terribly far, point in spacetime.
  • Flight
  • Space Survivability


Butterfly Reflect is a large gold and blue alien with a metallic, butterfly-like appearance. Its primary body is 7 feet tall, whereas its wings are about 15 feet tall and 23 feet wide. It has six small simple eyes running along the front of its head, two large eyes with multiple pupils on the sides of its head, two complex eye markings on its modified central legs, and six compound eyes on its wings. The Omnitrix symbol is on its back.

Butterfly Reflect's wings are normally completely still, only moving when it wants to use its abilities.


Butterfly Reflect is not particularly fast, strong, or durable, making it unsuitable for direct combat. In addition, the user of Butterfly Reflect will lose all memory of their experiences while transformed, though this is less of a natural weakness and more of a safety measure to prevent the user's normal brain from receiving incompatible stimuli.


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  • Butterfly Reflect's name and concept were based on the infamous Butterfly Effect.
  • Butterfly Reflect's wings were based on the fleur-de-lis.

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