Jon "Buster" Maxwell is the youngest child of Janet Maxwell, at age 13. He is the current wielder of the Omnimatrix V, containing the mechamorph creature known as 'Deta'.


Buster Maxwell was the younger, more reckless son of Julia. He was a little troublesome and mischevious when he was younger, because he was jealous that his brother Shawn had gotten more attention from their parents.

In Buster's life, his mother, Jane, had passed away in her sleep. Because of this, both he and his brother were sent off to their elder sister, Julia's. While there, Julia leaves Shawn in charge, because of a scheduled interview.

Buster goes downstairs, rooting through his old toys. He finds the Omnimatrix V, and ends up bonding to it. It awakens the Galvanic Mechamorph with it: DETA.

After bonding with Buster, Deta confuses him for Drew, and tries to tell Buster about how "he" is coming back. After a lengthy conversation(and Shawn trying to get Deta off of him), Deta offers to train Buster, believing that with the trix, he could do something good for the world.


Buster comes off as a somewhat mischevious kid, who can't be trusted. While he's smart, he doesn't apply his intelligence to anything other than pranks or jokes.

Buster is a little sarcastic, and can kind of come off as a blunt or dismissive.

As much as this is, Buster tries hard to do good by people. He feels empathy for others, and is very brave.

Buster's biggest issue is his recklessness. He isn't going to stop just because of what someone else has said, and often times when he's trying to help the situation..he makes the situation worse. 


Buster wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a white '10' on the right side, reversed into a '01'. Buster wears blue cargo shorts, with black shoes and white stripes. He is african american, but somewhat lighter skinned. 

Buster's eyes are a brown color, and his hair is in a bald fade, with one line cutting through it. The Omnimatrix V is a gauntlet-like omnitrix, on his right arm. 



  • Buster was originally a transformers character.
  • Buster Maxwell was envisioned as 10, hes been moved up to 13. His brother on the other hand is 16.
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