Bushwacker, is an alien in Agent Ten.


Bushwacker appears to be a tall wooden humanoid covered in moss and vines.


Bushwacker can manipulate plant life and can telepathically communicate with plants. He can create wooden constructs out of his hands and nearby trees. He has enhanced strength able to lift/press 3000 pounds for long periods of time. He is amphibious. He doesn't have a mouth and uses telepathy to talk to people he can also read the surface thoughts of others. Bushwacker also has the ability to turn invisible if he is within 5 feet of a tree or other form of plant life. He can regenerate small wounds on himself and others.


FIRE! Bushwacker's main weakness is fire he can burn up and die if he is on fire for too long. In hot dry environments (such as a dessert) he will begin to wither due to the lack of water in the ground and the air. He can't control fungi. Plantkiller is EXTREMELY toxic to him and a drop of it will put him in a coma a quart or so of the stuff will kill him.



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