General Information
Species Chelonanassa
Home World Fragaria
Body Large turtle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Various fruit-based projectiles
Bushella is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chelonanassa from the planet Fragaria.


Bushella takes the appearance of a giant turtle-like creature, with skin bearing a similar texture and coloration to something like strawberries, adorned with several seed-like objects on the surface. It also has a large shell on its back, which has a texture similar to the outer part of a pineapple.

Powers and Abilities

Bushella has the ability to pull the seeds off its body and use them as projectiles for a variety of situations; blinding oponents temporarily with a fruit-based smoke, using them as miniature explosives, and throwing them at the ground to summon vines that latch onto anyone unfortunate enough to stand near them.

It can also reach into its shell for hard, fruit-shaped objects, which can be used as hard-hitting projectiles, containing a sticky juice-like substance that covers foes upon impact.

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