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General Information
Species: TBA
Home World: TBA
Body: Metal-Plated Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Sound Manipulation
Armor Plating
Classification: Automata
Motif: Boombox
Cassette Tapes
Frank the Robot (Titania Form)
First Appearance: Trial X Fire

Burstbox is an alien from the series Tech Cross.


Bustbox has the ability to control sound; however, instead of just making really loud noises like most sound aliens, Burstbox can manipulate the medium of sound itself, allowing her to do things like raise and lower ambient noise in the area, silence herself completely for stealth purposes, or recreate any sound she's heard before.

On top of this, her species has a much more complex auditory system than humans, allowing them to process a large number of sounds at once and detect them from a further distance.

Aside from her sound-related abilities, Burstbox's armored plating makes her extremely durable.


Burstbox's dense body makes her somewhat slow and clunky.


Burstbox Titania.png

In Burstbox's Titania form, her ability to output sound is greatly strengthened, to the point where even an intentionally weak burst of sound can blast a 1.5 ton machine over 15 miles away. Her already powerful auditory processing capabilities are also enhanced, allowing her to hear and identify sounds from up to 50 miles away.



  • Burstbox's name is a combination of the words "burst" and "boombox".


Burstbox's general appearance and powerset are based on boomboxes and DJs, while the "sound manipulators" at the ends of her arms are based on the felt pads of a cassette tape.

The orbs on Burstbox Titania's design are a reference to Frank the Robot, which appeared on the album cover for Queen's "News of the World".


  • Burstbox's icy color scheme was inspired by the Kohrak-Kal from Bionicle, another mechanical being with the ability to control sound.

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