General Information
Species Signis
Home World Earthmortal
Body Spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Web Creation
Web Generation
Net Creation
Rope Manipulation
Fire Manipulation
Fire Absorption
Fire Aura
Fire Breath
Flame Solidification
Enhanced Accuracy
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Leap
Enhanced Reflexes
Powerful Bite

Burnzca is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Signis from the planet Earthmortal.


Burnzca is a large black spider that is at least the size of a Vulpimancer. He has a red line on his torso that resembles the letter Y, his back is red, he has four black legs on each side of his body with red lines on each leg that end on the end of the metatarsus and before the tarsus. The tarsus is red while the nails are black, he has red bracelets on each tarsus, his head has 6 green eyes and is also black, he has flame-like fangs and the symbol of the Omnitrix is on his front left leg.

Powers and Abilities

Burnzca can create webs made of fire that when they trap someone, they start to burn. Also, he can create nets made of fire webs that also burns whoever gets trap by it and they won't burn when are used to catch people falling.

He's able to create rope made of fire webs to catch things or people and different from the webs and net, the ropes won't burn.

Burnzca can manipulate fire in various ways, like shooting a beam of fire from his mouth or shoot fireballs.

He can absorb fire to himself by opening his mouth and sucking the fire.

He can create an aura made of fire that burns anything that touches it.

Besides shooting a beam of fire from his mouth, his breath is made of fire and can burn anything just by him breathing close to it.

He can solidify his fire for powerful attacks, such as igniting his legs with solidify fire for powerful kicks or punches.

He has enhanced accuracy, meaning he can shoot his fireballs even from far distances.

He's pretty agile, has great balance, he's very durable, can jump very high and has great reflexes.

His fangs are pretty powerful and can burn when he bites something.


Because his webs, ropes and nets are made of fire, water can easily extinguish them. Also the webs, rope and nets won't work against fire beings or beings who can't be hurt by fire.

Similar with the webs, his fire can also be extinguished by water or any liquid.

His fire can be absorb by a Pyronite.

His solidify fire is temporarily and only work for some time.

He can't hit opponents that have enhanced reflexes or are really fast with his fireballs and sometimes he can miss the targets.

He can get stuck in sticky objects.


His name combines burn with zca from Nazca.


  • His appearance was inspired by Earthbound Immortal Uru from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS.
  • This alien was made for the Spooktober 2020.
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