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Burning the Ashes and Brightening Spirits
General Information
Original broadcast December 14, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 18
Overall episode number 18
Written by Ebomnitrix
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Previous episode Uprising (E-10)

Burning the Ashes and Brightening Spirits is the eighteenth episode of E-10: The Series.


Ethan and co. must work together to rescue Maggie from Pyrexia's hands. What kind of power will be unleashed from this episode?


[We cut back to Maggie screaming in pain, as she is still wrapped around the golden wires as Pyrexia’s machine continues to absorb her.]

Maggie: AGH… Er…

Madam Pyrexia: Shh-shh-shh! No use to struggle, pity that none of your friends will arrive in time to save you. But just think of it like this, soon I’ll be the most powerful being on the planet.

Maggie: Not if Ethan gets to you first…

Madam Pyrexia: Keep joking, child. It'll make my victory all the sweeter…

[Suddenly they heard something shaking and the stoned wall to the entrance to the top was broken. Ethan, the Agent, Sif and Cloud stood over with their bodies in position to fight. Pyrexia was shocked, Maggie began to smirk.]

Maggie: Told you...

[Pyrexia glared at her, and the wires sealed her mouth shut. Meanwhile, Cloud raised his arm down and took a look at his gloves.]

Cloud: Damn, if I set the frequency any higher, I could’ve blown the castle right down on top of us.

Sif (Sonic Boom): Wow that makes me feel better…

Ethan: It’s over Madam Punkass! [Agent eyed him.] What? I’m still working on my insults!

Madam Pyrexia: I cannot allow anymore distractions! Guards, off with their heads!

[The henchman started running up the stairs and began to surround the group in a circle. Ethan taking a look around, he glared right at Pyrexia.]

[Noticing they were surrounded, the Agent looked around. He eyed at Cloud and Sif, and they nodded back. Sif raised his arms up and started firing at the knights. Both Cloud and the Agent aimed their arms out with the Agent holding the sonic in his hand, they created a double sonic-combo attack, blowing the knights into the wall. The group heard more running coming from downstairs and the Agent turned to Ethan.]

Agent: We’ll handle the knights! Stop Madam Redundant Fever before she takes away Maggie's powers.

[Ethan ran out of the fight and as he took a look at Maggie and the generator, Pyrexia threw a fireball at him. Ethan noticing the blast, he swiftly took a dodge roll and missed the attack.]

Madam Pyrexia: Do not interfere with this process! If you do, the damage could be critical.

[Ethan looked over at the wires to learn what material it was made out of. He then turned to the Omnitrix and popped up the Omnitrix core.]

Ethan: Please give me the right alien! Please give me the right alien!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed in a flash. He then took a look at himself to see if he got the right alien.]

Ripjaws: Yes! [Raising his arms]

[Ripjaws jumped over and started to crunch off the wires surrounding Maggie. He attempted to chew them off as fast as he could. Slowly they started to regenerate. Ripjaws was surprised and Pyrexia started to laugh.]

Madam Pyrexia: Hahaha, you fool! My wires can regenerate swiftly before you can bite through them! Now how do you plan to stop me?

Ripjaws: If I… [exhale] can’t break Maggie free. [exhale] I’ll just… [exhale] break your generator!

[Ripjaws began to bite chunks off the generator and used his claws to tear the metal open. He continued biting.]

Madam Pyrexia: No! Stop! You’ll destroy us all!

[The generator started to glow.]

Ripjaws: That’s the idea…

[From outside the windows started glowing, then an energy burst unleashed itself and a large chunk of the wall bursted from the tower. Smoke began surrounding the whole room and Pyrexia and Maggie found themselves on the ground. Everybody slowly started to get up. Ripjaws walking toward Maggie and powered himself back to normal, helping her up. Pyrexia then began starting to laugh in the background. The team turned over to notice and Pyrexia turned over to them with her eyes glowing gold, laughing deviously.]

Madam Pyrexia: You fools!

[Pyrexia began floating in the air with gold energy surrounding her body through her fingertips.]

Madam Pyrexia: You thought you would stop the inevitable, but instead you just gave it to me faster than I initially thought. Let me thank you for that…

[She raised her arm over to them and the group began to block themselves for cover. Eventually nothing happened and Pyrexia took a look over at her fingertips.]

Madam Pyrexia: I said… Let me thank you for that!

[Eventually the floor started to shake, and part of the floor began to collapse on itself, leaving the knights to follow down stories below. Pyrexia then took a look at her hands.]

Madam Pyrexia: It seems I have yet to master this new power, but no matter. As they say, practice makes perfect, right? And I have just the plan to do that, by killing everyone in this village, starting with your family...

[Pyrexia gave Maggie an evil smile and Maggie glared at her enraged. Pyrexia then flew out of the broken hole of the wall and flew outside to the battle. The group ran to the hole and saw her blasting everything in sight.]

Sif (Sonic Boom): Don’t worry, I’ll go after her!

Maggie: But the people…

[She saw villagers fighting from below.]

Ethan: Sif, Agent and Cloud. You handle the fight downstairs while Maggie and I go after the “Madam.”

Sif (Sonic Boom): But I actually have flight.

Ethan: Sorry Sif, but I doubt shrieking her to death alone is the best idea, not without us.

Agent: He’s right, your current armor alone doesn’t stand a chance. When you can, try to see if you can switch out into another a more powerful one back in the TARDIS.

Sif (Sonic Boom): Alright…

Ethan: Good, now get moving.

[Sif, the Agent and Cloud ran and started going down the stairs. Ethan then attempted to start dialing up an alien, but the Omnitrix was still red.]

Ethan: Come on…

Maggie: Ethan, I don’t think she stole all my powers.

Ethan: What do you mean?

Maggie: I can still feel my personalities somewhere inside me.

Ethan: What! Can you use them?

Maggie: I…. I don’t think so, no.

Ethan: Ugh…

[The Omnitrix core popped up and he started selecting an alien.]

Ethan: Well in the meantime, let’s see if we can track where she flew off to!

[Ethan selected Big Chill’s icon and slammed down in a flash. The green light faded and he realized he transformed into Wildmutt by mistake. Wildmutt began moaning and then laid his back out. Maggie climbed on top and Wildmutt jumped out of the window and began sliding through the walls from one hop to another. Wildmutt then took a jump and slided down into the dirt, continuing forward. Meanwhile in the background, the Agent started blasting the knights with his sonic and they flew back. A knight attempted to stab Cloud and he blocks it with his left hand. The glove starts to spaz out and electricity starts sparking from its circuits. Cloud tried to grab his arm to take it off but the glove continues to spazz out and begins to move in ways it shouldn’t. Cloud began screaming to get it to stop. Sif flew over noticing his arm freaking out.]

Sif (Sonic Boom): What’s wrong?

Cloud: My arm!

Sif (Sonic Boom): On 3! 1, 2, 3!

[Both Cloud and Sif push it off and Cloud nearly falls to the ground, holding his arm as he stopped to take a few breathers.]

Cloud: My arm… it’s broken…

Agent: [Thrown back] We’ll have to patch you back at the TARDIS. We need to group back with the team, move!

[The Agent threw the knights back with a sonic blast. The Agent, Sif and Cloud started to run away from the fight. Meanwhile Wildmutt began sniffing out Pyrexia’s scent and barking to talk.]

Maggie: Did you manage to find her?

[Wildmutt nodded no.]

Maggie: [Sigh] Good boy, at least you tried…

[Wildmutt pouted and the two continued walking.]

Maggie: Let’s move back to the others, maybe we can…

[The second they turned they spotted Pyrexia throwing fireballs at houses, manically laughing.]

Maggie: You…

Wildmutt: Grrrr…

Madam Pyrexia: Ah, there you are..

Wildmutt: RUFFF!!!

[Wildmutt charged at her with full speed. He jumped in the air ready to pounce at her and she threw another fireball, blasting Wildmutt back to the ground. Wildmutt shook his head and started to snout. Wildmutt continued charging as Pyrexia continued to shoot fireballs, Wildmutt ran to the side to dodge the attack. As soon as he got close, he raised his paw and started to throw her off with a scratch and it threw her to the ground. Before Wildmutt could make his next attack, Pyrexia grabbed his tail and began to swing him.]

Madam Pyrexia: I’LL SHOW YOU MUTT!

[She slammed him into the ground and blasted fire from the ground, pushing Wildmutt back into a house. Wildmutt’s body was in pain and started to moan, the Omnitrix on his chest started flashing red and he transformed back to normal.]

Ethan: Agh… dude…

[Maggie ran over to help him up.]

Ethan: You could’ve burned Wildmutt’s coat off!

Madam Pyrexia: I don’t care.

[She snapped her fingers and the knights ran over, holding their swords and shields. They began to surround the two and they tried looking over for an escape route, but realized there was no way out. The two were shocked and thought that this might be the end of the line.]

[Ethan looked around, the only thought he could come up with was to transform into someone else. He raised his arm to him and started turning the Omnitrix in an attempt to transform into somebody. The Omnitrix was flashing red, starting its recharge cycle.]

Ethan: Ugh, come on.

Madam Pyrexia: This is the end for you two. I’ll use my new found powers to kill you both right where you stand. First maybe I’ll kill Maggie and suffocate her through a burning wall while I use the air to suck the wind out from your pipes, and then for the boy I’ll trap you in a balloon made of water so you have can suffocate along with her!

Ethan: Wow, you’re really into sucking things aren’t you?

Madam Pyrexia: I’m done talking to you.

[A firewall began to circulate around Maggie, throwing Ethan a few feet away from her. Maggie started to fall to the ground and began to suffocate. As we zoom into Pyrexia smiling at the fate of her demise, Maggie took deep breaths until…. Woosh. Like a candle being blown out, the fire blew away immediately as it is revealed it came from Sif, with his arms sticking out. The Agent and Cloud appeared right next to them.]

Madam Pyrexia: How dare you…

[The Agent tapped a button on the sonic and Ethan’s Omnitrix went from red to green.]

Ethan: Yes! Wait a minute, you’ve been able to do this all this time!?

Agent: Just hit somebody will ya?

[Ethan slammed down and an alien in a blue cloak began to spiral into the air, he opened his wings, revealing his face.]

Big Chill: BIG… CHILL!

Sif (Sonic Boom): Let me take a crack at her first.

Big Chill: Alright, be my guest!

[Big Chill flew back and Sif flew into the air and started blasting sound waves at Pyrexia. She began to scream and her body glew gold, floating her into the air.]

Madam Pyrexia: You irritating little pest!

[Sif pushed his sonic waves harder and Pyrexia continued screaming. She then clashed at the sound waves with her fire, and pushed harder.]

Agent: Dammit Sif, what did I just say about switching your armors.

Cloud: I got him.

[Cloud raised up his other arm and helped Sif with the sonic blast from below. Madam Pyrexia noticed the blast and flew upward to dodge and then striked a large fire blast in the shape of 大 and Sif was blown backwards into the ground, with the metal melting on his right leg. Sif began screaming in pain.]

Sif (Sonic Boom): AGH! MY LEG! AAAAHHHH! You… bitch….

[Big Chill flew over to Sif and started cooling off his leg with some mist. The Agent grabbed the sonic and flipped the switch, forcefully removing Sif’s armor. Maggie dragged him out with Sif panting.]

Sif (Sonic Boom): Kill this bitch Ethan.

[Big Chill soared into the skies and started firing his frostbreath attacks from left to right. Pyrexia threw fireballs from her palms, not affecting Big Chill as he phased right through them.]

Big Chill: Sorry but your flames don’t phase through me.

Madam Pyrexia: What!?

[Big Chill then struck at her and with his intangibility, he spiraled around her body in an attempt to freeze her from the inside. Eventually as she began to turn into a frozen statue. Big Chill flew to the ground back in his cloak, preparing for her next attack. Suddenly the ice began melting and she bursted out of the statue with her eyes covered in flames.]

Madam Pyrexia: You really think that’s the best you can do to me?

Big Chill: Well this isn’t the first time I’ve fought a fire villain.

Madam Pyrexia: I see.

[Big Chill sprung his wings up and flew back into the air and Pyrexia and Big Chill began striking each other with blasts. Big Chill exhaled and unleashed a larger frost breath attack. Pyrexia launched a flamethrower through her palms and as the ice melted into water, it splattered all over Pyrexia, who was irritated that her clothes were wet. She then unleashed a mighty flame and created a giant fireball and threw it at Ethan. Noticing the blast was about to fire at his friends, Big Chill unleashed ice as fast as he could. The Agent then turned to the others.]

Agent: Get out of the way!

[Maggie dragged Sif as Cloud and the Agent began to run a few blocks back. Big Chill noticing the flee, he turned intangible and stopped firing his ice, allowing the fireball to hit the ground, creating a massive impact on the ground. Big Chill then turned tangible and took a few breathes. By surprise, Pyrexia striked at him and Big Chill flew into the ground, and Pyrexia grabbed by the neck.]

Madam Pyrexia: Would you like to know how I stole Maggie’s power?

Big Chill: Not… really…

Madam Pyrexia: Too bad.

[Pyrexia’s mouth and eyes began to glow gold, eventually it started sucking Big Chill’s energy out from his body. Big Chill began to be absorbed out of pain. The Omnitrix symbol started flashing green and it unleashed an energy burst, throwing Pyrexia back and transforming Ethan back. Ethan stood up from exhaustion, looking at himself.]

Ethan: What did you…

Madam Pyrexia: It appears I cannot absorb your forms completely. Pity… But I don’t need their power to destroy this land, I shall finish you myself!

[Her palms were started to be covered in flames, preparing to unleash another fireball.]

Ethan: Agent!

[The Agent jumped over, grabbing his device and began blasting his sonic attack. In the background we could see an explosion as a mysterious figure covered in blue drapes and white hair managed to climb out of the forest to notice the fighting that was going on. The screen zoomed up, revealing to be V.V. Argost.]

V.V. Argost: Well… a pity I’d show up late to the party. Ah well… at least I still have my chance to get what I want. Munya if you would be so kind?

[Munya sat down the luggage and opened up a briefcase. They began tracking an energy source coming from the tower.]

V.V. Argost: Interesting… Although, we’ll have to crawl our way through all that… mess… to get to our objective.

Munya: Hmm…

[Argost noticed Munya was looking to his left, and turned over.]

V.V. Argost: Step into the light. Fear not, we don’t threaten to hurt you.

[A female stepped out, hiding from one of the cabins. It was revealed to be Maggie’s Mother.]

V.V. Argost: Ah, what a fine young lady you are. Dear me for asking, but you see, we’re trying to get to the top of that tower. There’s something of mine that belongs to me. We could really appreciate it if you lend us your help.

Maggie’s Mother: Fine, but only if you promise to stop that [with accent]: bitch.

V.V. Argost: You got yourself a deal. [Glaring]

[As they snuck inside with people fighting in the background. They quickly climbed up the stairs. One of the knights attempted to attack Argost. Flesh-eating black flies spawned from his jacket and began to kill the knight slowly as he screamed in pain. Maggie’s Mother let it pass her, and the three made it up to the top where damage was everywhere, including dead knight bodies. They walked through it.]

V.V. Argost: Grab all the equipment and move, we don’t have much time.

[Munya was grabbing the equipment from the back.]

Maggie’s Mother: For what?

V.V. Argost: For the fun to begin…

[Back to the Agent, he continued fighting her with the sonic. The two lashing at each other, Ethan hollers in the background.]

Ethan: Agent, I can really use one of those pick me ups by now!

Agent: Kinda preoccupied right now.

[The Agent is almost thrown off balance, and then punches her in the face, and uses the sonic to unleash a blast to her stomach, throwing her back. She groaned and stood up. Ethan continued turning the dial.]

Maggie: Ethan, I don’t think the Agent can hold out for much longer.

Ethan: I know, neither can we…

[Ethan looked at the two.]

Cloud: I’ll be fine, I can still use my other hand.

Sif: Agh… we really need to get to a hospital when this is all over…

[Maggie sighed and turned over to Ethan as she spoke.]

Maggie: Why did you guys come back for me? I told you it wasn’t safe.

Ethan: We told you a million times we’re not letting you do this alone.

Maggie: And look where it’s got us!

Ethan: Yeah, you’re still alive! For god sakes Maggie, I thought you would understand by now that this is something we have to do together.

Maggie: No we don’t, I told you this is my mess not yours.

Ethan: Well without us, Pyrexia could’ve stolen all your powers!

Maggie: You only delayed the inevitable, once she kills the Agent, kills you, kills them… it’s over… Nothing will stand in her way from getting both the personalities and ruling this world.

Ethan: Maybe, but Maggie, you’re our friend. Even if you told us not to do something, we’re not just going to sit around and let you do this by yourself. No matter what you say or do, we’ll always come after you. No matter what happened in the past and no matter what’s going to happen in the future, we’re your friends and nothing is ever going to change that.

Sif: Eh….

Ethan: Point is, stop acting like you’re alone in this, because we’re all here for you and we’re going to stop Pyrexia. Agent will even travel back in time to prevent whatever outcome she might bring, alright. We’re going to win, as a team.

[Maggie made a small smile.]

Maggie: You know your sappy bull shit is starting to get to me you know that?

Ethan: Yeah… that’s just how I do things.

Maggie: By the way, who the hell is this? [Eyeing Cloud.]

Cloud: Cloud, the new guy, nice to meet ya.

Maggie: [Smiled] It’s Maggie.

[The two shook hands. As we zoom out, the Agent is thrown back, covered in scrapes and blood. He takes heavily breathes and Pyrexia starts floating to him.]

Madam Pyrexia: Really Maggie? Is that the best you have to offer me? I guess I shall dispose of you now along with the rest of your teammates. You five have been nothing but a pest in my quest for power, and now I shall finally.

[A scream was heard from the background.]

Scream: PYREXIA!

[She turned to the voice and it was revealed to V.V. Argost standing below her.]

Madam Pyrexia: Argost… you dare show your face after your betrayal, and defeat?

V.V. Argost: Why, I haven’t been defeated yet. MUNYA!

[Munya jumped into the air and delivered a punch at her. He turned around with the group surprised in the background. Munya spat webs from his mouth and it started to surround Pyrexia’s entire body. She bursted through them and dashed at Munya with great speed. Before she could land an attack, she paused for a moment and took a deep breath. The group gasped, and it was revealed she was stabbed by Argost with a knife from behind. Then Munya stabbed her from her chest with his spider-arm. They pulled there’s out and Pyrexia fell to the ground, spitting out blood.]

Madam Pyrexia: How dare you stab me… you… [cough]

V.V. Argost: [Begins laughing.] Did you really think I didn’t have a plan to come back and kill you? Fool, killing you was more simpler than watching these kids beat you for the last 25 minutes.

[The group glared at him. V.V. Argost whispered in her ear.]

V.V. Argost: Your first mistake was not striking the both of us when you had the chance. [Stands back up] And the second was underestimating me.

[Pyrexia attempted to crawl herself away from him.]

V.V. Argost: RUDE!

[He swung a knife over and it spiraled its way to Pyrexia, landing on the top of her head. She fell to the ground, bleeding.]

V.V. Argost: We only have a good 15 minutes before your body and Fireheart’s leave this world. Munya, help me set up the equipment!

[From afar they saw Maggie’s Mother in shock with her hands around her mouth.]

Maggie: MOM!?

V.V. Argost: Oh this is your mother hmm?

Maggie: Argost, don’t you dare take Fireheart away from me or I’ll…

[Munya grabbed his spider arm and surrounded it over Maggie’s mother’s neck. She was frightened. Argost continued setting up the equipment.]

V.V. Argost: Don’t come any closer or I’ll let Munya slit her neck, so you can watch her die...

[The Agent and Ethan started holding onto their devices.]

V.V. Argost: Oh and if you jump into your time box, or so much as hit that watch or use your sonic… whatever it is. I will send her way to kingdom come myself! Now if you may excuse me…

[With the energy chamber repaired, he sat it down with the golden wires attached to metallic rails, putting them in place.]

Ethan: We can’t just sit here and do nothing.

Maggie: Why not? I mean… she has my mother… I can’t risk losing her again.

[With everything sat up and the golden wires surrounded and attached to Pyrexia’s body, including her head, Argost was prepared to absorb the power, until suddenly he realized something.]

V.V. Argost: Oh wait, I almost forgotten something…

[He grabbed something from his pocket and held out a stone mask. The Agent’s eyes widened.]

Agent: Uh oh…

Ethan: What, what is it?

Agent: Don’t you realize what that is? That’s a stone mask… the stone mask.

Sif: I don’t get it?

[As the Agent explains, Argost grabs some of Pyrexia’s blood and places it onto the mask. It started to open and trigger spikes unleashing from the sides of a mask.]

Agent: You fuckweasels, in a parallel world, those things can use people’s blood to transform whoever they wish or themselves into vampires.

Ethan: Wait vampires are real?

Agent: Yes.

Cloud: Cool!

Agent: From your prospective I can see why. I don’t know how Argost managed to get his hands on one of these things, but if anyone is ever in possession of these things can lead to great danger… Shitty attempt at being ominous is shitty.

[Argost has revealed to remove his original mask, revealing his true face.]

V.V. Argost: Which is where I come in!

Ethan: Ew! That’s his face..

V.V. Argost: Yes it is! Yours doesn’t look any better! Munya, activate the energy absorber now!

[Munya pressed on the switch and Argost put on the stone mask, unleashing purple energy from his face. As he placed his hands on the metallic rails, golden energy start coming from Pyrexia’s body to Argost’s, turning the purple energy to gold. Unleash a large wave of light. Everything began shaking.]


Sif: Come on! We have to stop them!

Agent, Maggie: We can’t….

[Ethan tried turning the dial.]

Ethan: Come on… Upgrade, Grey Matter! Somebody!

[The shaking increased to the point where a white flashed blinded everybody and unleash a wave full of energy. Everything went black and soon the smoke faded, with V.V. Argost standing into a full fleshed 60 foot mutated vampire. Fur was covered all over his body, with his hair in flames. He had vampire fangs and his blue cloak fell to the ground. He also had golden wires shaped as chains surrounding his arms, chest and legs. His eyes opened up and they flashed gold, and he roared and began to laugh maniacally. The group slowly started to get up and looked, gasping in surprise.]

Argost Monster: This form… this power… it’s unlike anything I could ever imagine. I shall call this new powerful form… CHAINSMOKER!!!!

Ethan: We need to stop him, now!

[Chainsmoker turned over, noticing Ethan’s words and his eyes began to glow.]

Chainsmoker: No…

[He fired a heat laser from his eyes and it created a explosion from the ground. With Ethan, the Agent, Maggie, Sif and Cloud nowhere to be found, Chainsmoker began to smile.]

[In the background, Chainsmoker began attacking everything in the background with golden, energy made fire blasts, with his laughter playing in the background. We zoom down a few cabins back, where the sound of switch was being made. The Agent removed his fingertips from the sonic and the cloaking field was down, revealing he, Maggie and Cloud were now visible. ChamAlien uncamouflaged himself, holding Sif and sitting him down.]

ChamAlien: Is everyone okay?

Sif: Well aside from the horrible burning leg and Cloud’s broken arm, I say we’re fine!

ChamAlien: You didn’t have to be such a dick about it.

Agent: I can patch Cloud up once we get back to the TARDIS, you [eyeing Sif] on the other hand… man, that’s gonna be one fun trip to the hospital.

[ChamAlien turned to the side, looking at Chainsmoker attacking the village. He attempted to come up with a plan.]

ChamAlien: Okay, what we gotta do here is…

Maggie: Just forget it.

[ChamAlien turned back as Maggie continued.]

Maggie: There’s no point in saving this entire village. We should just grab all the civilians we can and get out of here. No more, no less.

[ChamAlien tapped the Omnitrix symbol and changed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Come on Maggie, it’s just Argost we’re dealing with.

Maggie: Who now has the powers of Pyrexia, a vampire, and my third personality!

Ethan: Right… but we can still stop him!

[Maggie sighed and turned away]

Agent: I mean he’s right, I’ve tackled worse than this.

Ethan: You really like to rub that in, don’t you?

Agent: Yep.

[Maggie had her arms over her shoulders.]

Maggie: Look… it’s just… it’s my fault this happened. I should’ve never came here alone to save my village.

Sif: Duh, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you.

Maggie: Not only that, but for letting Pyrexia drain my powers, for letting her take Fireheart away from me when I was little, for letting Argost now turn into this… beast. I should’ve listened to you guys... Why didn’t I do that?

Agent: Because you’re a stubborn piece of shit that we’ve had to deal with moping and bitching for the last two weeks for only you to now come to your senses, when all it took was realizing your mistake right near at the end of it.

Maggie: Wow, way to put it into context Agent.

Agent: Well you’re not the first person who’s done this to me. At least unlike most others, including Ethan...

Ethan: Hey!

Agent: ...You realized how badly you’ve fucked up and now you want to do what’s right.

Maggie: That’s right.

Agent: Look Maggie, it’s not your fault this all happened. It was Pyrexia’s, you were just caught in the middle of her quest for the ultimate orgasm. She stole a big piece of you which managed to scar you for life which is why, right now, in this very situation, you’re with four guys to where 3 of them have small dicks while I carry the big one. And just recently, you wanted to come back for seconds, but she almost got the upperhand, and when she almost let that moan out, we intervened and let Argost take the fall for her, meaning she got heavily raped in the asshole, and now Argost got the ultimate orgasm. Now it’s our turn to stop him from raping all the people in village, and give him the biggest turn off of his life.

[There was a long, awkward silence.]

Maggie: ...I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Agent: [Sigh] Does Ms. Period want to stop Argost or not?

Maggie: Yeah…

[She flipped the Agent over to the ground and started bending his arm backwards.]

Maggie: And if you call me Ms. Period again, I will force a regeneration up your ass.

Agent: That… wouldn’t be the first time…

[Maggie stood back up, and then the Agent did the same, wiping the dust off his jacket.]

Maggie: My only problem is, how do we stop Argost? With Sif, Cloud and I out of commission, we can’t do anything.

Cloud: And I don’t think the Agent will be able to take on a fight against that thing.

Agent: Says you.

Sif: [Sigh] I’m gonna have to rebuild Sonic Boom anyway, I might as well operate the armor through my gauntlet while you guys think of something.

Agent: I don’t think that would be necessary, Sif, because we still have one option.

[The Agent looked at Ethan, there was an awkward silence with everybody looking at him.]

Maggie: What? Why is everybody suddenly staring at him?

Ethan: I guess it was about time I had to use this form.

Sif: Of course, Ethan has a Biosovortian unlocked! That might actually work.

Ethan: Guys, I don’t know if I stand a chance against that thing. The new alien is made of metal, and Argost well…

Agent: I know Ethan, but we don’t have a choice at this point. You’re the only one who can put a stop to all this. The other three aren’t gonna do shit against him. It’s a now or never, Ethan.

Maggie: [Turns to Cloud] Do you have any idea what they’re talking about?

Cloud: Nope.

Ethan: Alright, I guess have no choice, a powerful alien against a powerful foe, doesn’t sound too bad does it?

[Ethan activated the Omnitrix and popped up the core. The Omnitrix symbol turned into a diamond, and he started changing icons from Upgrade to Big Chill to Diamondhead to Wildmutt to Lodestar.]

Ethan: Okay…. [Raising his arm up] Time to change it up!

[Ethan slammed down on the Omnitrix and a green flash surrounded the entire area and started to blind the group. The flash began to fade and Maggie’s expression turned from confused to surprised. We zoom up from golden legs to the top of his body, revealing Ethan had finally transformed into the new alien once again.]

Lodestar: LODESTAR!!!!

[Meanwhile Chainsmoker continued to attack the tribe and began tearing down the castle by hitting it with his fiery fists. Knights began falling down, and as their screams were heard, Chainsmoker began to laugh at them.]

Chainsmoker: Screaming in the face of your doom! I haven’t heard those sounds in ages!

[Lodestar then ran nearby to the castle and started looking around.]

Lodestar: Come on, think Ethan, think! There’s gotta be something around here I can use to stop this thing! [He paused] Wait a minute…

[Lodestar noticed there was metal parts surrounding the entire village.]

Lodestar: Of course, there’s metal everywhere around me! I know what I have to do!

[Lodestar raised his arms out and started slowly floating in the air. Meanwhile metal parts that were scattered around the area started making their way towards Lodestar. From bits of helmets and pots to swords and decorations, they all flew up to him, surrounding Lodestar’s entire body. Meanwhile a knight was fighting one of the villagers.]

Knight: Hah! You don’t have a chance commoner! Surrender yourself or you’ll suffer a merciless death!

[The knight started to float in the air and the armor removed itself from the knight, leaving him completely naked and dropping himself to the ground.]

Knight: Um… please don’t hurt me?

[The knight was punched in the face. Meanwhile armor began shifting around Lodestar, surrounding him in colors of brown, gold and silver, filled with similar patterns to his. Lodestar’s head was surrounded by a similar helmet looking feature and Lodestar’s giant arms grew muscles and its hands formed into similar features. Lodestar floated safely to the ground, revealing to be 60 foot tall. He called out to Chainsmoker, using his true name.]

Lodestar: HEY! ARGOST!

[Chainsmoker turned to him.]

Lodestar: EN GARDE! [He formed a sword on his arm.]

Chainsmoker: It’s pronounced, Chainsmoker!

[The two then began clashing at each other. Argost created a blade made of fire and the swords clashed at each other every hit they make. Lodestar’s sword began to melt and Chainsmoker made a dirty move and landed a surprise punch at Lodestar, throwing him a few feet back into the ground.]

Chainsmoker: Did you really think wrapping yourself in metal would stop me? I melt through it easily!

[Lodestar stood back up as he started regenerating himself with his magnets. Chainsmoker was gasped in shock. Lodestar then commented.]

Lodestar: The thing you don’t know is my magnets can regenerate. Let’s see how far you can go against my magnetic personality!

[Lodestar manifested more blades and began piercing through Chainsmoker’s chest. Chainsmoker wooshed out a flamethrower, throwing Lodestar back. He then jumped and body slammed him. This caused Chainsmoker’s flamethrower almost began to burn through what remained of Chainsmoker’s his fur and skin.]

Chainsmoker: Gah!!!

Lodestar: Guess you’re not as heat resistant as you thought!

Chainsmoker: I will end you, boy!

[The two continued clashing as the Sonic Boom armor floated next to Chainsmoker’s ears. It blasted a sonic wave and knocked off Chainsmoker’s balance and defense, leaving Lodestar the advantage of making a hit. Chainsmoker was blown back into the tower’s walls. He moved his arm up and created a flamethrower. Lodestar stepped back to dodge the attack but made a direct hit on Sif’s armor, creating an explosion.]

Lodestar: So much for backup…

Chainsmoker: And you’re gonna need it when I’m through with you!

[Chainsmoker jumped in the air and grabbed Lodestar’s helmet, shoving it into the ground. With smoke and dust creating a big burst into the ground. Meanwhile, back with the rest of the group, Sif slammed his arm down.]

Sif: That’s it! I’m out! and since I can’t summon any armors to this area, we’re screwed!

Maggie: [Talking to herself] Come on… Come on…

[Maggie raising her arms, she tried to concentrate with her eyes shield shut.]

Cloud: Uh, Maggie what are you doing?

Maggie: Trying to concentrate! Hush!

Sif: Uh Maggie, I highly doubt you’ll be able to summon your personalities before…

[Maggie then opened up her eyes with a blue light coming out of it.]

Maggie (Silver Stream): I got it!

[She ran off to their surprise.]

Agent: Never underestimate her… Okay, sometimes underestimate her. Sometimes it’s okay.

[Maggie then created a tidal wave, surfing her way towards Chainsmoker and Lodestar. Chainsmoker continued attempting to melt through Lodestar’s head.]

Lodestar: It burns!

Chainsmoker: When I’m through with you, there will be nobody left to stop me!

Maggie (Silver Stream): Wrong!

[She unleashed the tidal wave at the two and it washed away Chainsmoker’s fire, which then washed up Lodestar’s burn.]

Lodestar: Yes!

[He then smacked Chainsmoker, and he fell back a few feet. Maggie flew onto Lodestar’s shoulder.]

Maggie (Silver Stream): Keep him distracted.

Lodestar: Yes ma’am! [Chainsmokers clashed at him.] Just do what you have to do!

[Maggie switched into Kotchya and began fly away. She shut her eyes in an attempt to telepathically speak inside Argost’s mind.]

Maggie: Fireheart, can you hear me in there.

[She heard angry screams.]

Maggie: I know you can hear me, it’s me, Maggie. I know you’re lost in there, trust me, I know what you’re going through. But right now, you need to reach out and stop Argost from gaining full control.

Fireheart (voice): I… can’t. He’s too powerful, I couldn’t even hold Pyrexia against me.

Maggie: You can do it Fireheart, just concentrate. I promise you, we’ll be together again.

Fireheart (voice): I trust you...

[As Lodestar slided back from Chainsmoker’s recent attack, Chainsmoker raised his fist. He went to slam down on Lodestar, but suddenly, his arm stopped moving.]

Chainsmoker: What… what magic is this…

[His eyes glew and Chainsmoker’s body just stood there, motionless.]

Chainsmoker (Fireheart): Maggie, hurry, I can only resist Argost’s control for so long. Hurry, take me home.

Maggie (Kotchya): Okay… together!

[Maggie’s body began to glow and she fused into both Kotchya and Silver Stream. Chainsmoker’s body started unleashing his golden chains and they began to surround Maggie, a golden energy started unleashing from his body and began transferring to Maggie’s. The two screamed. Lodestar paused and stood there watching. Chainsmoker’s body started changing, and Argost’s screams were heard from the inside. Inside his body, Argost and Fireheart’s personalities started clashing with each other.]

Chainsmoker (Argost): What are you doing? Stop this at once!

Chainsmoker (Fireheart): No! I’ve been trapped for too long, it’s time I came home!

Chainsmoker (Argost): Never! Your service belongs to me!

Chainsmoker (Fireheart): Not anymore.

Chainsmoker (Argost): I WILL END… AAAAAAAAAAGH!

[Chainsmoker’s body started to deform and Argost’s body began shrinking, as the fire and the golden wires from Pyrexia’s machine started to leave his body. Both Maggie and Argost unleashed a bright yellow flash, blinding the area for a moment. Lodestar blocked for cover and then gasped as he saw Maggie’s unconscious body falling toward the ground, Lodestar detached himself from his body armor and flew toward Maggie. He grabbed her just in the nick of time and sat her down gently as she slowly began to wake up. The Omnitrix started beeping.]

Maggie: E-Ethan…?

[A red flash occurred, transforming Lodestar back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Glad you’re safe Maggie.

Maggie: Heh…

[The song ended. She turned to the side to get some rest and soon a less monstrous looking Argost started to stand up.]

V.V. Argost: I may have lost some of my new power, but I still have… my immortality.

Agent: Nope.

[The Agent fired the sonic into the red sky. The red clouds started to disperse, unleashing sunlight on the village. Argost’s body started getting exposed to the light.]

V.V. Argost: NO!!!!

[Argost tried to cover himself from the light and his body started chipping away. Argost’s screams for help were the last anybody heard as his whole body turned to ash. A gust of wind blew the ash away, with Munya noticing his death, he was engulfed with rage unleashing a mighty roar, with everybody noticing. Munya turned to the resting Maggie and he ran over to try and strike at her. until…]

Munya: Ah…

[Suddenly, Munya was stabbed from behind and fell to the ground, with one of the villagers holding a sword.]


[All of the villagers started to cheer, and Maggie woke up, beginning to smile. Soon the Agent grabbed a piece of tech from his TARDIS, turned off the forcefield. The villagers were seen in the background cleaning up the place as the group watched Maggie talk to her mother.]

Maggie’s Mother: The local authorities and the swat team should be here soon.

Maggie: What will you do?

Maggie’s Mother: Well for starters, clean up the place! We have a tribe to rebuild, but for now, most of us plan to relocate to other places either here in Mexico or move upward toward the US. Who knows?

Maggie: Then I’ll stay too. I can help clean up after the place, make sure everybody finds new homes.

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie…

Maggie: It’ll just be like at home before everything happened. It’ll be fine you’ll see!

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie, you are a wonderful and amazing person, I’m so glad to have raised an honest, well and caring daughter, which is why I can’t let you stay here.

Maggie: But mom, I’m here. After all these years I’m finally home! I can finally make up for lost time! We can finally have our normal lives again.

Maggie’s Mother: I know, but Maggie, after everything you’ve been through, can you honestly tell me you really want to go back to living the way as you were?

Maggie: Well sure there’ll be some changes… I am 16 after all. Sure I’ll have to catch up on my education, go to an honors school or something...

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie... you’re almost an adult. I think you’re old enough to live out on your own now. You’ve spent almost your whole life trying to focus on saving your family, and stopping Pyrexia. Now you can finally be free of all that. Don’t you want to go out there and see what the world is really made of?

Maggie: I do…

Maggie’s Mother: Then you have every right to live the way you should, I can’t let you hold yourself back anymore, it’s almost a burden to carry. Maggie, you have wonderful and amazing friends who love and support you just as much as we do. You should go with them and see what’s out there. Do it for me, please.

Maggie: I… I’m going to miss you, mom.

[She gave her a hug and started to sob on her chest.]

Maggie’s Mother: I know honey, I know… You can always drop in and visit and tell me how you’re doing.

Maggie: [She let’s go smiling] Goodbye mom.

Maggie’s Mother: Goodbye.

[Maggie then started turning to the group.]

Ethan: So, are you ready to leave?

Maggie: Yeah… but there’s just a favor I’d like to ask from all of you.

[The Agent, Sif and Cloud groaned in the background.]

Ethan: What is it?

Maggie: About what my mother said, I would like to leave the team for a while.

Sif, Cloud: What!

Ethan: Why!?

Agent: After everything you’ve put us through?

Maggie: Yes. My mom’s right, it’s time I went out there and explored the world. Now that I can finally be free, I don’t have to pretend I’m somebody I’m not. Which is why I want to use this time to go and find myself. After all, I spent years away from my third personality, it’s time I go figure out who she is, and figure out who I am, you guys understand right?

Cloud: Yeah. To be honest I haven’t known you for very long, but I hope the best of you.

Sif: To be honest Maggie, having you without the team won’t be the same.

Agent: What he said. After all it’d be nothing but a sausage fest, holy shit, don’t leave me with these dudes!

[The group laughed at the Agent, and then Ethan stopped, looking down.]

Ethan: I just wish you didn’t have to leave… After everything we’ve been through, and even those moments we shared.

Maggie: I know… But I’ll come back soon, once I figure out who I am, I’ll come back straight to you I promise.

Ethan: You better.

[Maggie gave him a kiss on the cheek.]

Maggie: See ya.

[Ethan smiled as the group stared him. They looked at each other and nodded. The Agent counted down on his fingers from three.]

Sif, Cloud, Agent: Awwwwwww!

Ethan: Oh shut up! Come on let’s go home…

[The group turned away and started leaving toward the forest.]

[The scene had changed to the group hiking toward the TARDIS. Sif struggled to walk with his crutches and Cloud helped him out, the two laughed. Ethan was looking down as the Agent noticed his expression, he turned to him.]

Agent: I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what’s up?

Ethan: Just a thought. Despite what happened with Maggie, we didn’t ask ourselves this question. Who was the one that knocked us out in the TARDIS? Not to mention suddenly there was a note saying it was fixed. That doesn’t add up.

Agent: Yeah, strange… Normally no normal person would be able to go inside the TARDIS without my knowledge.

Ethan: Unless some other Time Lord managed to fix it, but why would he or she, knock us out?

Agent: I don’t know, but… This is worth investigating. I’m going to check back in the TARDIS once we head home.

Ethan: Do you think it’s the person I think it is?

Agent: If it’s the same person we’re both thinking, maybe… I don’t know… But I believe we’re about to find out soon for ourselves.

[At the door, Cloud and Sif we’re popping out of the Porta-John, trying to get their attention.]

Cloud: Hey, you two ready yet!

Sif: Come on, I wanna get my woon treated before it gets infected or something! Let’s go, we don’t have all day.

[Both Ethan and the Agent smiled and walked over.]

Ethan: Alright we’re coming!

Agent: Hold your horses man, can’t a time lord enjoy a nice walk out in the forest.

Sif: Yeah like you’re one to talk Mr. I’ve seen everything to the point where I think everything is stale.

Agent: Oh christ on a bike! Would you shut the fuck up and get in already!

Sif: Alright geez.

Agent: Good boy.

[Everything zoomed up into the sky and Maggie, laying out in the field, wearing a new outfit and a pair of shades, she sat on the bench at a bus station as she looked up into the sky, reaching her arm out and finger banging the sun. Eventually the bus arrived at the other side of the street and Maggie looked over. She stood up and took a deep breath as everything went black.]

Maggie: Alright… I’m ready...


E-10 ED02 - Episode 18.png

Major Events

  • Pyrexia is defeated by V.V. Argost.
  • Argost takes the third personality.
  • Maggie defeats Argost and takes back the third personality.
  • Maggie is given freedom with what to do with her life.
  • Maggie officially leaves the team for a while.
  • The Agent begins investigating on how the TARDIS was prepared.



Aliens Used

Armors Used

  • Sonic Boom


  • The same symbol Pyrexia used to shoot a fire blast, is the exact same symbol Pokemon uses for the move Fire Blast
  • There are many references to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Argost uses the exact same Stone Mask to transform him into a vampire.
    • When Argost transforms into his new monstrous form, he gives himself the name based off a band made from the current year of the series. The Chainsmokers


  • Despite ZeVikingSif and Alanomaly not being credited in the episode, they did come up with ways how to break Sif and Cloud’s joints, which was originally Ebomnitrix’s idea.
    • Alanomaly came up with the knight striking at Cloud’s left hand, to spiral out of control and move it in unnatural ways.
    • ZeVikingSif came up with Pyrexia striking Sif when least expected and boiling the armor onto Sif’s right leg.
  • This is the last episode to use Past My Shades as the ending song.
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