Burnerfly is an alien that will appear in Shade 10: Evolutions.


He can blast out bolts of fire and huge flames at an enemy hence his name, Burnerfly. His two hands hold a powerfist which can easily be made use of hand-to-hand combat if necessary. His flight and pyrokinesis replaced Big Chill and Swampfire. Another secret ability is create fiery illusions call Psychic Waves. With acid or oil, his flame powers are extend to maximum capabilities.


His aggressive behaviour always make him rash and irresponsible. Other than that, his weakness is water and ice.


Papilio Mulciber

These creatures might look cute but they will eat a tourist per day on their fresh and tempting planet. The creatures can shoot bolts of flames from its hands. The advanced Papilio Mulciber can create whips out of fire and even have thermal manipulation. Their enemies are Papilionem Gelu, a species of Papilio capable of controlling ice.


Molydbia or Zazrak

Both planets are full of wonders. Molydbia is a metalworking planet where their state of law is theocracy, it is ruled by an entity which can see everything in the planet. It has three set of rings and has 32 moons only one moon, Oblivion shines on the planet. In Zazrak, everyone is under the rule of plutocracy, where the rich rules all. The planet is never in a state of poverty. Papilio Mulcibers and Papilionem Gelu are always in war in their country.


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