The Burger Hut is a food establishment in the series, Brandon 10.


The Burger Hut resembles an ordinary food building except with its own personality. The roof of the business is red and the sidings are brown. Their sign is placed on a pole; the sign is red and the letters "Burger Hut" are in bright neon yellow. There is also a parking lot around the side of the establishment.


  • Burger(s)
    • Regular Burger
    • Double Burger
    • Veggie Burger
    • Burger Max
  • Soda
    • Orange Original
    • Purple Punch
    • Blueberry Blackout
  • Side Orders
    • Chicken Strips
    • Chicken Nuggets
    • Mac n' Cheese
    • Mash Potatoes
    • Corn
    • Cheese Sticks


  1. Get a Large Burger with a Large Drink and a Side Order
  2. Get a Small Burger with a Small Drink and a Side Order
  3. Get 4 Burgers and Get 1 Burger for Half Off


  • Burger Hut Guy

Known Customers


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  • Brandon, Coco and Sarah tend to hang around Burger Hut as well as the Juice Shack.
  • Brandon and his team can't seem to eat their burgers without an addition of Milkshakes (which have to be brought from the Juice Shack) as seen in Mystery Man. Sometimes they eat their burgers with soda drinks as seen in A Familiar Face.
  • The Writer used to mistake the name for Burger Shack instead of Burger Hut sometimes.
  • Similar to the Juice Shack, products have been mentioned over time but the actual establishment first appeared on A Familiar Face.
  • As seen in Blast to the Past, Burger Hut has been around since the 1970's.
  • In Seeking the Truth, David Anderson enjoys Burger Hut's Cheese Sticks referring to them as "Out of this World"
  • As Brandon claims in Princess Problems, The Burger Hut has the worst side order menu.
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