Bumble Boom
Bumble Boom.png
General Information
Species Explothophila
Home World Thoraxis
Body Bee
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fast Flight
Bomb Stinger
Sharp Tooth
Sharp Stinger
Electric Sense


He is a big bumble bee with a green, and round body, with a black vertican stripe. On the black stripe is a timer that's default setting is 1 minute for count down (but he can change it). He has two antennae which he uses to sense things the antennae are black lines and the top circles are green. he has wings which help him fly fast.

Powers and Abilities

Bumble Boom can fly very fast, he can control explosions (when his time goes off he creates an explosion coming from him that surrounds him, but he is unscathed), He has a sharp tooth, if his stinger is removed then it immediately starts ticking then explodes, he has a sharp stinger, he has an electric sense which he uses when he senses things with his antennae.


He cannot fly if his wings are wet.


  • Bumble Boom was created and named by one of my classmates.
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