Bullhead is an alien created by H20guy and appears in the series Ben 10: Legend of Ken.

General Information
Species Manstitor
Home World Thorus
Body Humanoid Bull
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength

Thick Skull

Large Horns

Spiked Tail

Durable Body/Rough Skin

Above Average Speed when Charging

First Appearance TBA


Bullhead is a large(roughly 14 foot in height), muscular alien. His skin is orange colored, and he has a bull shaped head, with white spiral horns on each side of it that point forward. His eyes are thin and colored green. His chest and stomach are very defined, featuring pecs and a six pack. His arms muscular, and he has 4 fingers with beige fingernails. His legs are comparable to Humungosaur's, except with flat beige nails(unlike Humungosaur's, which point outwards) and a change in color to match his skin. He has a thick tail that is a foot long and has 4 spikes at the end of it. The omnitrix symbol is located on his chest between his pecs.


Bullhead's main selling point is his super strength, being able to lift, hold, or throw anything up to three times his weight(he weighs over 300 lbs), and is durable enough to take most hits from anything that size as well. His horns are thick and powerful, able to puncture solid objects and his skull is thick enough to make it through something that would shatter a human's, with little to no brain damage. His tail and it's spikes are also plausible weapons he has, as he can swing it around. His skin is rough and takes a lot to be bruised. Fianlly, when ramming, he has an above average speed.


While Bullhead is both strong and durable, he is slow unless ramming, and even then is only slightly faster than the average human. His weight is also a disadvantage in some scenarios. Sometimes he doesn't even realize his own strength. Last of all, Bullhead has a short attention span and is easily enraged compared to other aliens forms.

Ben 10: Legend of Ken


  • TBA
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