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Buglizard is a Buglizard from the planet Lepidopterra on Earth-68. It is the predatory species of Lepidopterrans.

Buglizard (Earth-68)
230px-Buglizard Render.png
General Information
Species Buglizard (Species)
Home World Unknown
Body Lizard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Strong Tail
Enhanced Smelling
Wall Climbing
First Appearance Dactyl and the Hunter
Predator/Prey Stinkfly (Earth-68)


It has a black, red and white color scheme. It wears a red collar with spikes on it. The Nemetrix is on its collar. It has four eyes, two on each side of its head. It has sharp teeth and a row of spikes running down its back. It has four legs and black feet.

Powers and Abilities

Buglizard has enhanced reflexes and agility suited to keep up with theLepidopterran.

Buglizard is capable of spraying a yellow fog, simultaneously eliminating a Lepidopterran's enhanced vision and mucus traps.

Buglizard has enhanced strength that is sufficient to throw someone with ease.

Buglizard's sense of smell is powerful enough to track a target.

Buglizard has a prehensile tail.

Buglizard's claws are strong enough to cling to the bottom of a space ship.

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10) appearances

In John Smith 10, the Nemetrix is used by Khyber's Pet.

John Smith 10: Distant Worlds


Dimension 2 (Ryder 10)

In Ryder 10, the Nemetrix is used by Khyber's Panuncian.


 Cybeast Buglizard (John 23: Megaman)

Cybeast Buglizard is the Dimension 23 version of Buglizard, used by the cyborg beast Treble. It has purple metal armor on its back and top of head going over its eyes, as well as along its legs.


 Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)

Buglizard appears as a predator in the Nemetrix.

By Skurd

Dimension 763 (Omnimania)

Buglizard is an alien available to whoever uses the Nemetrix.

By Nails

 Dimension 0

This version of Buglizard is used by Redman.