Bugbrain is a Brosectian from the planet Brosectia.


He is a purple/pink insect alien. His long body has 6 legs, 4 short antenna, 2 on his head and 2 on his back, and with 2 big antenna where his big wings spread out. He also has lime green pattern going down his back, with a black under body, with green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


  • Intelligence, he as smart as Grey Matter.
  • Flight, with his fast Stinkfly like wings that emerge from his middle set of antenna allow him to fly.
  • Bio Silk, can shoot out bio silk that can conduct electricity, merge with technology, and piece it together.
  • Self-Duplication, similar to Echo Echo, can create many clones with one sentient mind.


  • Size, he is only 10 inches tall.

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