One More Alien
General Information
Species Selachipoda
Home World Dorsaflo
Body Entomical Fish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Enhanced Bite
Electric Sense
First Appearance The Omnidevice is Found, Part 1
Bugbite is a Selachipoda from the planet Dorsaflo in Nayvin 10.


Bugbite's body is similar to a shark. He has a large dorsal fin coming from his head, and several small ones on his back. He has gills and insect wings. Like all insects, he has a head, thorax, and abdomen. He has 6 insect legs.

Powers and Abilities

Bugbite can fly or swim, due to his physiologies of insects and sharks. He has very sharp teeth, granting him a strong bite. Like sharks, he has a sixth sense that allows him to sense electric pulses in other creatures.

Bugbite has a retractable stinger that contains poison, and can produce more stingers if he stings someone with one. Bugbite can stick to walls and jump high, and is also very agile. He can suck his wings into his body whenever he swims.


Under Bugbite's shark skin, he has a frail body.

If Bugbite's wings get wet, he will be unable to fly.


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