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General Information
Species Dipterath
Home World Moosteeq
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
First Appearance Dial Z for Zombified

Bugbite is the Hidden Universe's DNA sample of a Dipterath form Moosteeq.

Ben 10: Alien Universe

  • Bugbite's DNA sample was acquired in Clancy Strikes Back!, but never used (after selecting Bugbite, Ben accidentally transforms into Swampfire instead).

Back in Action: Alien Universe


Back in Action: Alien Universe

Possible Future

See: Future Ben

Future Bugbite

Bugbite has yet to appear used by Ben's most likely future, Future Ben.

According to the Future Bugbite picture released by Stripes, Bugbite's yellow skin turns orange. The green of his shirt turns white, much like one of two original concepts for Bugbite. A section on the center of his shirt appears that is black. His shoulder plate reaches further down his arm and now features a white "10" which translates from Ben's old jacket. The Omnitrix moves from the upper right of his chest to the uppermost section of the shoulder plate.


  • Bugbite has yet to appear under normal circumstances (ie. not being used by an alternate or altered form of Ben).
  • It was revealed in Why Am I Here? that originally Bugbite had strongly resembled Clancy. According to Stripes, sometime offscreen, Bugbite's DNA was reset to a random sample as opposed to Clancy's.
  • The status of Bugbite's offspring from Why Am I Here? is unknown.
  • Bugbite's full set of powers/abilities have yet to be showcased.
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