Bug Bite
Bug Bite.png
General Information
Species Lepidopterran
Home World Lepidopterra
Body Winged Insectoid
Ultimate Form Ultimate Bug Bite
Powers and Abilities
Abilities 360° Vision
Slime Projection
Poison Gas
Toxic Saliva
Sharp Tail
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Bug Bite is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a Lepidopterran from the planet Lepidopterra in Trent 10.


Bug Bite has a bug/insect body and four insect-like flat legs with two arms, whose hands are human-style ones with a black coloration, similar to fingerless gloves, and has three clawed fingers. He has four stalked eyes that are pretty small and yellowish-orange in color. These eyes are linked directly to the sides of his huge black head. His wings are very fragile with lines on them. His limbs are a brown-greenish color and his wings are light green.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Bug Bite possesses four insectoid wings that allow quick and agile flying, and can change directions at exceptional paces.

Bug Bite can excrete high pressured streams of liquid from the pollen ducts located inside of his eye stalks and mouth. These liquids can be both a flammable toxin or an immobilizing adhesive, enough for him to swing from it by his mouth.

Bug Bite's black tail is extremely sharp with a stinger like end that can tear and rend through steel near effortlessly.

His exoskeletal body is also fairly strong.

Bug Bite has great strength in proportion to his body, able to carry heavy loads while maintaining steady flight.

Bug Bite has 360 degree vision.


Bug Bite is extremely weak to any kind of chemical, poison, or gas.

Although his exoskeleton body is fairly strong, Bug Bite's wings are very fragile. Water is especially a problem for Bug Bite, as it can render him incapable of flight if too much gets on his wings. Furthermore, he is unable to swim due to the small surface area of his limbs.

A more minor inconvenience is Bug Bite's odor, so hiding from anything or anyone that can smell can be a problem.

Bug Bite's goo can be neutralized by Buglizard's fog.



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Bug Bite's name actually comes from the Pokemon Move of the same name.



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