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Bucket of Fizz is the second episode of Aqua Adventures.


Fizz melts and Ripper and Dolly try to solidfy him.


We see the outside of Fizz and Dolly's house.

Dolly is playing with some goldfish while Fizz is examining a shell.

We see the beach above.

A person in a lab coat is on a boat with a huge laser.

(Person) I hope I'm not too late for the Scientist Seminar.

Suddenly, the boat shudders and the laser fires a blast underwater.

The person does not notice.

Meanwhile, Dolly is trying to get Fizz's leg out of an empty wheeled trashcan.

The laser mentioned earlier hits Fizz.

(Fizz) What the?

Fizz groans.

(Fizz) I don't feel so good...

Dolly suddenly gasps.

(Fizz, offscreen) What?

We see the trashcan, but Fizz is not there.

Dolly looks into the trashcan.

(Dolly) ...what the?

We see Fizz as yellow and blue water with eyes.

Fizz's eyes start to roll around and he manages to look at himself.


Ripper suddenly appears out of nowhere.

(Ripper) SUP- hey, where's Fizz?

Dolly points at the trashcan.

Ripper looks inside and gasps.

(Ripper) Whoa! What happened?

(Dolly) A laser just shot from the surface and hit Fizz!

(Ripper) I think I know who did this...

Burner's phone rings and he picks it up.

(Burner) Hello?


(Burner) I didn't do anything today.

(Ripper) ...oh.

Ripper hangs up.

(Ripper) Well... I better get my sceptre.

A fire minion is seen floating away with it.

(Ripper) DANGIT!

Suddenly, Tangle jumps out of Dolly's pocket and buzzes.

(Dolly) No Tangle, you can't zap Fizz back to normal!

Tangle floats away and brings a picture of Splash.

(Dolly) Oh, let's call Splash! He can freeze stuff, right?

(Fizz) Yes.

Splash follows Tangle back to the house.

(Splash) Hmm...

Splash freezes Fizz, and although he is a human again, he is stuck in a bucket shape.

(Fizz) ... OW

Splash grabs Fizz's body and bends it back to normal.

(Fizz) That's better-

Suddenly, the fire minion starts zapping everything with Ripper's sceptre and burns of some of Fizz's hair.

(Fizz) ...

Fizz flies through the water, grabs the sceptre and destroys the fire minion's suit with a zap.

The fire minion extinguishes and sinks.

(Fizz) Don't mess with the hair.