Bubblebath is a new alien in Ben 10: Guardian Aliens. He is the second alien unlocked in the series and is Ben's least favorite one. He is a Hydrovorian from the planet Hydrova.


Bubblebath is a small humanoid alien. He has dark blue skin with a lighter area near the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He has a small bubble-like appendage on his head. His most interesting attribute is his personal bubble of water that surrounds him completely.

Powers and Weaknesses

Bubblebath has complete control over water, specifically his bubble shield. He can shoot bubbles at rapid speed, evaporate the bubble to fly, and absorb water to enlarge it. However, Ben rarely uses Bubblebath's flying ability, as he needs to get angry enough to boil and evaporate the water.

Bubblebath's effectiveness increases tenfold when actually submerged in water. He retains his control over water, but it now spreads to the water around him, and he can manipulate currents and whirlpools.

Bubblebath is completely immune to fire, but he is very weak against ice and poisonous gasses. He is also hated by Ben for his lack of physical strengh.

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