Episode 1: Midnight Prowl

Bryce is faced by the Yenaldooshi

Episode 2: Depression

Bryce has a problem with the watch

Episode 3: Framed

Someone is trying to ruin Bryce's heroic reputation.

Episode 4: Where the Magic Happens

A magician attacks Bryce.

Episode 5: Under Wraps

Bryce is attacked by an alien Mummy.

Episode 6: Nemesis Attacks

Nemevoc returns with a new weapon.

Episode 7: Time Trouble

Charlotte is attacked by a Time Monster.

Episode 8: Price of Fame

Bryce deals with the downside of being famous.

Episode 9: Prisoners for Fun

Bryce and Kevin are sucked into an alien arena.

Episode 10: Last Laugh

Bryce takes down Vilgax's final minion.

Episode 11: Agent's Assistants (Episode)

Bryce and Gwen meet two unusual aliens...

Episode 12: Frankenstein's Experiment

Bryce must fight a mad scientist.

Episode 13: A Day Just for You

Bryce tries to show Marissa that what he does is important.

Episode 14: Monster of the Earth

Nemevoc uses an alien power source for the Negafinity. Crossover: JSXS

Episode 15: Friend of My Enemy

An alien tries to take the Infinity from Bryce.

Episode 16: Protoform

An alien crashlands on Earth and attacks Charlotte

Episode 17: Ghostfreaked Out

Ghostfreak escapes from the Infinity

Episode 18: Darkness in the Air

Bryce must try to escape from Zs'Skayr and his minions.

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