Bruno X

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Bruno Ximenes, nicknamed Bruno X, is an Omnitrix wielder and Nemetrix user from another timeline.


Bruno X sports a short hair and a beard, has tanned skin, wears a black short sleeved shirt, green cargo pants and black and silver boots. He also has a belt full of pockets and wears the Omnitrix on his right arm and the Nemetrix on his left.



Bruno is one of the few global survivors from a massive alien invasion on Earth commanded by the dictator Ben Tennyson. After the attack, the planet's survivors sheltered themselves inside of a tadenite dome on the former city of Bellwood, which no alien can enter. 100 years after the invasion, Ben Tennyson, with his last strengths, destroyed a part of the dome and invaded it,although a defense force, called the Protective Foundation managed to detain the invaders. With a suicidal act, one of the agents, Bruno, stole a weapon never used before to use against Tennyson, sacrificing his own sanity for a moment while using the Nemetrix predators to kill him. After that, he took the Omnitrix from the corpse, and transformed into Alien X, using his power to transform the universe, making the world non-chaotic after the invasion, and no one but him remembers the apocalypse. Currently, Bruno X acts as Ben 10,000 did, by patrolling the planet and living happily with his friends and family.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his devices, Bruno X can turn into the Omnitrix's aliens, Nemetrix's predators or even fuse the DNA of transformations from both, while not losing his sanity if transformed into a predator or a part-predator.


Bruno X wears an Omnitrix on his right arm and the Nemetrix on his left. He can transform into the Omnitrix or the Nemetrix's playlists, or fuse them together, thanks to his Biomnitrix-like technology.

Accessible Playlist


  1. Heatblast
  2. Wildmutt
  3. Diamondhead
  4. XLR8
  5. Cannonbolt
  6. Four Arms
  7. Upchuck
  8. Arctiguana
  9. Eye Guy
  10. Feedback
  11. Gravattack
  12. Crashopper
  13. Shocksquatch
  14. Rath
  15. Eatle
  16. Bullfrag
  17. Big Chill
  18. Wildvine
  19. Grey Matter
  20. Way Big
  21. Upgrade
  22. Ghostfreak
  23. Blitzwolfer
  24. Snare-Oh
  25. Frankenstrike
  26. Ripjaws
  27. Stinkfly
  28. Ditto
  29. Spitter
  30. Buzzshock
  31. Swampfire
  32. Echo Echo
  33. Brainstorm
  34. Chromastone
  35. Humungousaur
  36. Goop
  37. Spidermonkey
  38. Jetray
  39. Lodestar
  40. Alien X
  41. Water Hazard
  42. Armodrillo
  43. NRG
  44. Terraspin
  45. Ampfibian
  46. Clockwork
  47. Bloxx
  48. Ball Weevil
  49. Astrodactyl
  50. Atomix
  51. Kickin Hawk
  52. Juryrigg
  53. Whampire
  54. Gutrot
  55. Walkatrout
  56. Molestache
  57. The Worst
  58. Pesky Dust
  59. Nanomech
  60. Toepick
  61. Chamalien
  62. Fasttrack
  63. Antigravitesla
  64. Portaler
  65. Elements
  66. Batbolt
  67. SnowBeast
  68. Big Nose
  69. Mage
  70. XYZ
  71. Power-Up
  72. Chimera
  73. Sandbox
  74. Blasturtle



  • Bruno X was created by his namesake, and his nickname "X" is similar to Benjamin Tennyson's "Ten", as it comes from his last name but it is also the roman numeral for the number 10.
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