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Brundlefoot is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a member of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Brundlefoot has an insectoid appearance. He has a green upper body with two arms and a brown lower body with four legs. He has an elongated head with spikes on the top and bottom of it, two green eyes on the sides of his head, and a mandible that covers his upper mouth. He has a yellow sack under his chin and dark green 3D spots on his arms, two on each. His legs are permanently bent. He also has a black and green suit on his lower body, where the Omnitrix symbol is located.

Powers and Abilities

Brundlefoot has enhanced wall-climbing abilities thanks to millions of microscopic filaments and hairs on his feet.

Thanks to his compound eyes, Brundlefoot are able to see in a 270 degree vision, making it near impossible for foes to sneak up on him.

Brundlefoot can vomit out blasts of high corrosive digestive juices that can easily eat away through the toughest of armors and shields.


Sticky adhesives, such as glue, spider webs, and fly paper, work against Brundlefoot's feet, thus temporarily incapacitating him.

Brundlefoot is not a fast runner, and despite his appearance, his is not very durable or strong.




  • Brundlefoot was created as a joke alien by Derrick J. Wyatt.
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