Bruce Spidermonklee
General Information
Species Arachnilee
Home World Awesolia III
Body Monkey + Spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spinning webs, climbing walls, being awesome
First Appearance Way of the Monkey

Bruce Spidermonklee is a Arachnilee from the planet Awesolia III that only appears in a few Upchuck Norris: Legends of Awsomeness episodes.


Bruce Spidermonklee has blue fur, four eyes, and basically looks like a normal Arachnichimp except he wears a yellow suit with a black stripe on it, he is usually seen with some nunchucks.


Bruce Spidermonklee has tremendous agility and almost has super strength, he can shoot webs from his tail too. He is also great with the nunchucks and always uses them.


Bruce Spidermonklee's weaknesses:

  • Bug Spray
  • Monkey Traps
  • Upchuck Norris


To be written after the blackout

Upchuck Norris: Legends of Awsomeness

  • Way of the Monkey
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