Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date July 20, 2014
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"Brothers" is the third episode of Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution.


Plumber Academy
Training Arena
June 2003 N/A

(Two teenage Revonnahgander boys (Rook's species) are going against each other in a combat test. Max, in a Plumber suit and slightly darker hair, is watching them on the sidelines next to several other high-ranking Plumbers.)

(Since Rook's animation doesn't look that nonsensical compared to AF/UA, the characters look mostly similar to him, except with Plumber suits and different facial patterns. And yes, Rook exists in this universe.)

(One of them is slightly taller than the other.)

(The slightly taller one kicks at his opponent, who leans back to dodge it, before grabbing the tall one's leg and shoving it upwards, turning him over. The tall one lands on his fingertips, before pushing them up and kicking his opponent in the resulting cartwheel. His opponent dodges the kick again by leaning to the left. Both upright, they face each other.)

(They both continue to jump up and down quickly - the shorter one jabs just as the taller one dodges to the right - the tall one then proceeds to do a side-kick at his opponent, who jumps up while pushing off the kicker's ankle and flipping in the air while kicking the taller one.)

(The taller one leans back to dodge his opponent's kicks, grabbing his foot on one and thrusting his arms up, sending his opponent rotating the other way - the tall one advances just as his opponent lands and kicks him in the stomach at the split second he lands - the shorter one lands on his back.)

(The tall one comes in for a finishing move, but his opponent rolls to the side and grabs his arm - he kicks the tall one in the abdomen while the tall one is leaning down, knocking him off-balance. The short one does an axe-kick to the tall one's lower back, sending him on the ground. The short one rests his foot on the tall one's back and poses in a combat-ready stance.)

[Referee]: 1! 2! 3! And Wyatt wins!

(The audience claps. That was the final round of one-on-one combat.)

[Max]: Krill! Wyatt! Come on over here!

(The two teens walk over to Max.)

[Krill (the taller one)]: Yes, Magister Tennyson? I apologize for my lackluster performance.

(Wyatt finishes shaking the referee's hand before running over and joining his opponent.)

[Max]: No, don't you ever apologize to me. Both of you are absolutely excellent cadets and you are this close to reaching official rankings. If I need to admit anything, it's that I think you should all be elites by now, and the only reason you are still at cadet level is because ranking rules require it. Your progress has been stunning.

[Wyatt]: But wasn't that the last round for one-on-one combat? If I recall correctly, Magister, both of us have exactly the same number of wins.

[Max]: See, it's not a coincidence that two brothers are pitted against each other for a whole tournament. I... I thought you might know my intentions by now.

[Krill]: Sorry, Magister, but at least I don't yet.

[Wyatt]: That makes two of us, then.

[Max]: I'm surprised. See, it may seem obvious after I tell you, but as soon as you're official Plumbers, I want to make you two partners and send you on missions.

[Krill]: With all due respect, Magister, isn't that a tad bit early?

[Max]: Not for top-level performers like you. Now, those by-the-book buzz-kills will probably call this favoritism, but I think the rest of the Academy will agree with me that you two deserve to be elites by now.

[Wyatt]: Man... quite an honor getting that kind of compliment from someone like you.

[Max]: Oh, flattery is never...

[Wyatt]: Ah- I wasn't done. Oh, with all due respect of course. And also with due respect, flattery is your strong suite, not mine, I get it. And, with respect due beyond all levels, Magister, if you think the Academy will agree to make us elites, why not do it now?

[Max]: See that personality? I love it so much that I can't make you exercise more because of disrespect.

[Wyatt]: All due apologies as well, sir-

[Max]: Ah- I wasn't done either. Your incentive to get things accomplished rather than "done" is what makes you two special. And the best part - in all honesty, I consider this quite rare - is that you follow through on it. Promotions may still mean things to you two, but you got through cadet level in a week! Most cadets get through it in two or more.

[Krill]: We're fine being partners. Rivalry won't bring us down, we'll want to race to things in regards to both time and quality. Missions will be a breeze.

[Max]: But that can happen any day, can't it?

[Wyatt]: I'm... not sure I get what you mean.

[Max]: Partnerships are meaningless until you bring missions into the picture.

[Krill]: Top-level stuff? Judging by what you've been saying, I guess challenges are like soul-mates to us.

[Max]: You're gonna be going on top-level missions eventually, hell, I could pair you up with elites if I wanted to. What I'm going to do is inspect the curriculum for the intermediate levels of this academy. If your skills match what they teach you, if not bypass them, then I'm bumping you up to the last intermediate rank just to get you guys checked off on that stuff before going straight into advanced.

[Wyatt]: You're serious?

[Max]: (Smiles) Why would I not be?

(Both brothers smile excitedly, laugh, and then high-five each other.)

[Max]: Alright, get into your barracks fast before anyone gets suspicious.

[Wyatt]: And if anyone does?

[Max]: Shut off the lights and pretend to sleep.

(The two brothers smile mischievously at each other while running down the halls into their bunkers.)

Bellwood Outskirts
June 23, 2014, 9:37 PM ET

(Krill and Wyatt, now dressed in black body armor and masks, sneak behind fences in a generally abandoned industrial area.)

(The camera pans and zooms out to reveal that they are on a rooftop. They run over to a corner and look over the edge. In an alleyway inside a narrow gap between two buildings, a car pulls up.)

[Krill]: Now's our cue. Jump!


(A man in a suit steps out of the car. He walks over to the wall.)


(Wyatt lands on the man's head and jumps off. A few seconds afterwards, Krill joins him, having grappled down with a special device.)

(The man groans weakly. Wyatt pulls out his silencer-equipped pistol and shoots the man in the head.)

(Krill crouches down and searches the man's pockets, finding a phone in his shirt pocket. He pulls out the SIM card before stomping the phone to pieces.)

[Wyatt]: You go remodel the car, I'll deal with this guy.

(Krill runs over to the man's car. He pulls out a small baton that extends into a metal staff upon the push of a button on the grip. He smashes the windshield entirely and part of the side windows. He jams the end into the back windshield to crack it.)

(Wyatt strips the man of his upper clothes and drags the corpse to the top of the car.)

(Krill, meanwhile, pulls out a triangular object that looks like the end of a shovel. He attaches it to the staff and starts scraping off the paint on the sides of the car.)

[Wyatt]: I'll get him ready.

(Wyatt climbs on the hood of the car and drags the corpse up. He places the man, on his stomach, on top of the car.)

(Krill finishes scraping off a large quantity of paint to make the car appear rusted. He jams the other end of his staff into the car's sides to give it dents, also using the tool to flatten the tires.)

[Krill]: Ready?

[Wyatt]: Before you were.

(Krill pulls out a can of what appears to be spray-paint and tosses it to Wyatt, who is crouching down on top of the car.)

(Wyatt places the can next to him, and then takes out a lighter. He ignites the corpse and slides down to the hood. He grabs the nearby can, and places it on its side. He takes out a knife and cuts the can in half, before standing back from the car.)

[Wyatt]: We're done here. Let's go!

(Krill shrinks his staff and puts it back in his belt. He runs over to the alley wall and he and his brother grapple up to a window. They break through into an unlit, abandoned room.)

(Meanwhile, the top of the car has burned away - the contents of the can were a corrosive chemical liquid whose effects are heavily enhanced upon contact with fire. The body and the top half of the car dissolve, leaving it looking like an abandoned and scrapped vehicle.)

(Wyatt and Krill enter the room. Krill pulls out his phone while Wyatt looks around the room with his gun aimed.)

[Wyatt]: Room's clear.

(Krill gives him a thumbs-up while holding the phone to his ear. After a moment, he hangs up.)

[Krill]: He didn't pick up.

(A second later, his phone rings. He answers the call.)

[Krill]: Hello?

[Deep, Modified, Distorted Voice]: Sorry, new burner phone.

(This is the same voice that Vulkanus spoke to at the end of Pilot - Part 2).

[Krill]: Tenth call on the last one?

[Voice]: Yes. Anything to report?

[Krill]: Job's done.

[Voice]: Excellent. Lucky for you two I already have another job prepared. No contract required, it's rather self-explanatory.

[Krill]: What, is it suicide?

[Voice]: Haha, not at all. It's just... high-profile.

[Krill]: Like always. Wouldn't that need a contract?

[Voice]: No... ever heard of Ben Tennyson?

[Krill]: Are you serious?

[Voice]: As your former mentor once said... why would I not be?


Mr. Smoothy's
June 24, 2014, 4:46 PM ET

(Gwen is sitting alone at a table, sipping a Smoothy.)


(Something flies by, making her hair fly. She stands up.)


(Two cars are seen in the distance. Ben's comes speeding around the corner and enters the parking lot. Kevin's follows closely.)

(Ben gets out of the car, panting.)

[Ben]: None. I win. Again.

[Kevin]: We need to do official racing sometime.

[Ben]: What, you mean NASCAR?

[Kevin]: No, I mean non-test drives.

[Ben]: You know, I'm surprised your car didn't shoot mine down with those guns you install.

[Kevin]: I just got you a replacement! Sorry, BUILT you a replacement! You think I'd blow holes in it so fast?

[Ben]: Have you ever pulled Mario-Kart tricks when racing with street punks?

[Kevin]: *(sigh)* The only time I use guns on my car is for alien invasions and that sort of crap.

[Ben]: Yeah, good luck telling that to the cop over there.

(Kevin's eyes widen and he turns around.)

[Kevin]: Where?

(Ben has already sat at Gwen's table with his Smoothy.)

[Ben]: I would say your Smoothy's getting cold, but these already are cold. Am I right?

(Kevin angrily comes back to the table.)

[Kevin]: Get out of my seat.

[Ben]: It's me who's the regular around here. You don't own this place.

[Kevin]: Neither do you!

[Ben]: You know what? Go get that trash can way back there, and pull it over here. You'll look taller when you sit down.

[Kevin]: Or I could just-

[Ben]: Absorb it and beat me out of your seat? Well then I'll have every right to call you trash for the rest of the day.

(Gwen gets up.)

[Gwen]: I'm going home.

[Kevin]: Aw, come on! Come back here! See what you did now, Tennyson?

[Ben]: Fine, take your seat. Also because it's my fault that you challenged me to a test race.

[Kevin]: Which you accepted!

[Ben]: Well, obviously I wanted to make sure this thing was well-built and works!

[Kevin]: What, so Humungousaur would have a challenge during bench-press rounds?

[Ben]: Gwen's getting into your car. She has a license now, you know?

(Kevin turns around and runs to his car.)

[Kevin]: Gwen! Come back! I'll take you somewhere, I promise. Wherever you want to go.

[Gwen]: Home.

[Kevin]: You sure?

[Gwen]: I'm sure.

[Kevin]: Yeah, you need rest. You'll be fine, I promise.

(Ben watches Kevin get in and the car drives off.)

(After a moment, he pulls out his phone and dials a number.)

[Boy on the other end]: Hello?

[Ben]: Hey, is this Ryan?

[Ryan]: Yeah, it's me. Hey, Ben.

[Ben]: Wanna bring a few guys for soccer?

[Ryan]: Where?

[Ben]: School field works.

[Ryan]: I don't wanna see the sight of that place for some time.

[Ben]: That's fine. One game. I won't use aliens, I promise.

[Ryan]: I doubt it, but okay. Most of the guys are just sleeping in anyway.

Gwen's House
June 24, 2014, 4:58 PM ET

[Kevin]: Do you need anything?

[Gwen]: I'm feeling tired.

[Kevin]': Told you that you need rest. I can come in, right?

[Frank Tennyson]: Oh, hey, Kevin!

[Kevin]: Evening, Mr. Tennyson. I just brought Gwen back from Smoothies.

[Frank]: That's nice of you. Gwen, you look tired.

[Gwen]: I am.

[Frank]: Come on in. Oh, and if you need tea, sorry. Your mom's the expert and she's out shopping right now. She should be back in around an hour and a half.

[Gwen]: That's dinnertime.

[Frank]: You better like Lasagna then.

[Kevin]: Bye, Mr. Tennyson.

[Frank]: See ya. Need anything?

[Kevin]: I'm good.

(Kevin leaves)

(His phone begins to ring - the caller ID is blocked.)

(Kevin answers the call.)

[Kevin]: Hello?

[Krill]: Is your name Kevin?

[Kevin]: Correct. And you are?

[Krill]: Interested.

[Kevin]: In what?

[Krill]: Your friends.

[Kevin]: Excuse me?

[Krill]: You do associate with Ben Tennyson, don't you?

[Kevin]: *(sigh)* You touch him and you're dead.

[Krill]: Not if my rifle can see you right now.

(Kevin's eyes widen. He looks around.)

[Krill]: Always the gullible one, weren't you?

[Kevin]: You were at Mr. Smoothy's?

[Krill]: I am right now. Next to the dead head of security. These cameras always capture the amusing conversations.

[Kevin]: What do you want with Ben?

[Krill]: His location.

[Kevin]: I'm warning you, I'll call him. He's not someone you want to mess with.

[Krill]: In that case he's not in any form of danger. I'm not out to kill him, I need to ask him a few questions.

[Kevin]: Go to hell.

[Krill]: You first. That's if you can't throw far.

(The phone hangs up. Kevin appears confused.)

[Kevin]: If I can't throw far...

(His phone suddenly starts counting down from 20.)

[Kevin]: OH, CRAP.

(He runs as fast as he can out of the neighborhood and yanks a sewer cap open. He tosses the phone down into the water and runs away.)

(Behind him, a small splash of water sprays out of the sewer and a muffled boom is heard.)

(Kevin runs over to his car and turns the keys. He speeds off.)

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 5:08 PM ET

(Ben's mom is washing the dishes while his dad sits reading newspapers. Suddenly, the little flap at the bottom of the front door shakes a bit.)

[Carl]: What was that?

[Sandra]: The little flap on the door. Probably some kids or something.

[Carl]: And we still don't have a dog...

[Sandra]: It's for mail, honey.

(This time, an envelope flies through the flap and lands on the floor.)

[Sandra]: Oh, we do have mail.

[Carl]: We also have a mailbox.

[Sandra]: Then why is... (she bends down and picks up the envelope)

(She opens it up. There's an index card inside.)


[Sandra]: AAAHHH!!!!

(Carl gets up.)

[Carl]: What is it?

(She shows the message)

[Carl]: Oh my good lord.

(He runs to the kitchen.)

[Carl]: Mmph! Mmph!

(Sandra runs over to see what's going on.)

[Sandra]: Carl? Carl, are you okay?

(She walks into the kitchen.)

[Sandra]: AAH!!!!! (She looks for her phone)

(A man dressed in full black, including a mask, standing with Carl at gunpoint. A second man, dressed the same, joins him.)

[Krill]: Looking for this, Mrs. Tennyson? (Holds up her phone)

[Sandra]: You give that back right now!

[Krill]: Sure. (Tosses it to her)

[Krill]: Now you're gonna make a call.

[Sandra]: Yeah! To the police!

[Krill]: Divorce in place, then?

[Sandra]: What?

[Krill]: It seems that you care little for Carl over here. You call the police and I shoot your husband.

(Sandra stops dialing)

[Krill]: Now listen carefully. You're gonna call your son and tell him these words exactly: "We love you."

[Sandra]: What the hell is this?

[Krill]: Do you love your son, Mrs. Tennyson?

[Sandra]: Yes, of course I do! And if you harm him...

[Krill]: If you love him then you're gonna call him and tell him you do. Or else, I shoot your husband. Simple and clear, you get the theme.

(Sandra appears hesitant.)

(Wyatt pulls out a small device.)

[Krill]: On you go, come on. I bet Carl here loves his life.

(Carl is sobbing.)

[Carl]: Please... p-please don't do this!

[Krill]: If those are your last words, let them be to your wife. If she doesn't do as I ask, this carpet will be colored red. Mrs. Tennyson, you have ten seconds before your husband dies.

(Sandra shakily begins dialing Ben's number.)

[Krill]: Oh, and if you tell him anything about us, Carl here goes bye-bye.

(Wyatt waits with his device out. Sandra holds the phone to her ear.)

Bellwood High School Field
June 24, 2014, 5:13 PM ET

(Ben's friend Ryan kicks. Ben blocks it.)

[Ben]: Ooh, blocked again!

[Ryan]: I still have time.

(They hear a slight hum.)

[Ryan]: You hear that?

[Ben]: It's my phone. It's coming from my coat.

[Ryan]: I'm kicking a goal now.

[Ben]: Yeah, you should get some practice.

(Ben runs over to his coat and picks up his ringing iPhone. The caller ID reads "Mom".)

(He answers.)

[Ben]: Hi Mom. I'm just playing soccer at the school.

[Sandra]: Yeah. Ben? I... need to say something.

[Ben]: Yes?

[Sandra]: I... (gulps) I... l-love you.

[Ben]: I love you too, Mom! You sound nervous, what's wrong?

(The phone hangs up. Ben appears confused.)

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 5:14 PM ET

(Sandra puts the phone down.)

(Wyatt presses a button on his device.)

[Krill]: Very good.

[Sandra]: Okay, I did what you asked. Can you let us go now?

[Wyatt]: Not until we've triangulated that call. It shouldn't take too long.

(He pulls out his phone, and opens up an application.)

[Krill]: See, Ben Tennyson is a very hard person to find.

[Sandra]: No he isn't! And also, get you gun off my husband now!

[Krill]: Wait...

[Wyatt]: Got him! He's at Bellwood High School, one mile from here.

[Krill]: Okay, Mrs. Tennyson, you said you love your husband?

[Sandra]: Yes! Let him go!

[Krill]: If you love him, you can join him.

[Sandra]: What?

[Krill]: No one gets to us or our superior. We were forced to use you as a lead, but all evidence must be eliminated.

[Sandra]: You can't do this!

[Krill]: Like you're ever gonna stop us. Carl, my friend, your wife loves you, I thought you should know that before you die. If you love her, you'd be willing to take her where you go.

[Carl]: Please... please, I'm begging you. What did we ever do to you?

[Krill]: You raised a child named Benjamin Tennyson.

[Sandra]: Don't hurt him.

[Krill]: Yeah, "don't hurt him, kill us instead!" Your wish is granted.

(He aims his gun at Carl while Wyatt pulls his gun on Sandra)


(A knife comes flying from the side and gets its blade stuck in the wall.)

[Sandra]: AAH!!!

(A plate comes flying from the same spot and hits Krill in the face.)

(Kevin comes rushing in and slams Krill in the head, knocking him into Wyatt.)

[Kevin]: Run, both of you! Go!

(Carl and Sandra run upstairs.)

(Kevin pulls the knife out of the wall and holds it by the blade. He becomes metal and his hands become razor-sharp.)

(Krill gets back up and tackles Kevin. Kevin slams his blade-like fist down next to Krill, who rolls to the right to dodge it. Krill punches Kevin in the face.)

(Kevin kicks Krill in the stomach to get him off. Wyatt runs for his gun but Kevin takes a photo from the wall and throws it at him.)

(Krill comes in for a right-handed swing, but Kevin holds his arm and jabs him in the abdomen. He uses his left hand to grab Krill's head and shove it into a table. Krill rolls over, grabbing a lamp with him, and slams the lamp on the ground, starting a fire.)

(Kevin places his hand in the fire, strengthening the metal, and uppercuts Krill. Wyatt runs at him, but Kevin does an axe-kick, knocking Wyatt into the fire. Kevin runs over to the couch and grabs Sandra's phone.)

(He dials Ben's number and holds the phone to his ear. Wyatt stumbles and slowly gets up, but Kevin grabs a metal spatula from the sink nearby and backhands Wyatt across the face.)

[Ben]: Hello?

[Kevin]: Come over to your house RIGHT NOW, Tennyson! Urgent!

[Ben]: It sounded urgent, my mom just called.

[Kevin]: I can't explain right now! Just get over here!

Bellwood High School Field
June 24, 2014, 5:21 PM ET

[Ben]: Sorry, guys, gotta go. It's urgent.

[Ryan]: One more game?

[Ben]: I said it was urgent.

(He runs off)

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 5:25 PM ET

(Kevin tackles Krill through the kitchen door, breaking it. He punches Krill twice in the face - the third time, Wyatt shoots Kevin in the back.)

[Wyatt]: Screw this! We have to go to Tennyson's location!

[Krill]: He's on his way here!

(Kevin swings at Krill's knees and knocks him off-balance.)

[Kevin]: No one's going anywhere!

[Krill]: Except your grave!

(Krill does a back-flip and kicks Kevin five times in the face in midair. Wyatt comes over and stomps Kevin's face - Kevin grabs Wyatt's foot and shoves it forward - Wyatt lands on his hands and pushes off to turn and land upright. As Kevin gets up, he is kicked in the jaw by Krill.)

(Kevin rolls around, gets up and grabs Krill, swinging him and throwing him through the garden fence. He rushes at him and kicks his abdomen.)

(Wyatt comes from behind and grabs Kevin by the neck, yanking and pulling him to the side. Krill kicks Kevin's left leg, then does a roundhouse kick to his face. Wyatt jumps, flips in the air, and lands on Kevin's back. He grabs him by the head and starts slamming it into the ground.)

(Krill stomps on Kevin's right calf - Wyatt pulls out his gun and aims it at Kevin's head.)

[Wyatt]: AAH!!!

(Something sharp pierces his back. He pulls it out - it's a crystal.)

[Wyatt]: What the hell?


(Krill is knocked to ground by Diamondhead, who then stomps his head.)

(Wyatt pulls out a grappling device and grabs Diamondhead's arm - Diamondhead yanks it back, pulling Wyatt with him. He then backhands Wyatt, who comes flying towards him, and then punches him with his right fist.)

(Krill jumps at him from behind, but Diamondhead grabs him and hurls him over his head, sending him flying towards the sidewalk.)

(Wyatt runs over to his speeder bike, which is parked nearby. He turns it around and rides it into Diamondhead, who staggers back. Diamondhead blasts shards into the bike, but because it's a speeder, there are no wheels to shoot at.)

[Diamondhead]: Dammit!

(Krill pulls out a glowing garrote wire and grabs Diamondhead by the neck, pulling him to the ground. Kevin lunges at Krill, but Wyatt pulls out a grenade.)

(Diamondhead is getting up. Wyatt tosses the grenade, hitting both Kevin and Diamondhead. Kevin is knocked to the ground and his metal goes away.)

(Krill walks to Kevin with his pistol, but Diamondhead blasts shards that penetrate it and break it in half.)

[Diamondhead]: Kevin! Run!

(Kevin runs around to the front of the house.)

(Diamondhead backhands Krill - Wyatt pulls out a can of the corrosive chemical. He uses a knife to stab it and then hurls it at Diamondhead.)

(Diamondhead comes in for another punch at Krill, but the can hits him in the face - his vision goes hazy as the chemical very slowly chips away parts of his crystalline neck and temples.)

[Diamondhead]: AAH! What the hell is this stuff?

(Krill roundhouse-kicks Diamondhead in the face, knocking him over. He pulls out his baton and hits Diamondhead three times across the face. Diamondhead confusedly grabs the baton and breaks it in two - he is stomped by Wyatt.)

(Kevin, meanwhile, runs to his car and opens it up - inside a compartment is his Plumber badge. He presses it multiple times, and it glows.)

Plumber Earth Headquarters
June 24, 2014, 5:38 PM ET

(BOOP! BOOP! A massive office walled by TV screens gets a "Plumber In Distress" message. The screens light up green and one of the operators hits a button.)

[Tech]: Magister! We need you! This is an emergency!

(A door opens. Max walks in.)

[Max]: What is it?

[Tech]: Plumber In Distress message. Sender is Kevin Levin.

[Max]: What's his location?

[Tech]: Here, sir. (Displays a spot on a large 3D map) This is the residence of Ben Tennyson.

[Max]: I'll be damned. Get all the cameras on there!

(A bunch of high-tech camera screens show up.)

(Thomas, the technician from the Pilot, has been transferred to this base. He moves the cameras a little to focus on the other side of the house.)

[Thomas]: There's a struggle. Right there. Ben Tennyson is among it.

[Max]: What the hell is going on here? Get me scans on the perpetrators!

(They focus on the heads of Wyatt and Krill, but the identification scans show up with nothing.)

[Max]: They've made themselves untraceable.

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 5:43 PM ET

(Diamondhead is close to collapsing.)

(Wyatt pulls out a special device and begins scanning Diamondhead.)

(The only thing that shows up is his species)

[Wyatt]: Why am I not getting anything?

[Krill]: These are samples, not pure forms. They have no origin.

(Wyatt's phone begins to slightly static)

[Wyatt]: We're getting hacked!

[Krill]: How?

[Wyatt]: I don't know! We have to stop it! We've got burners.

(Wyatt smashes his phone on the ground and Krill snaps his in half)

Plumber Earth Headquarters
June 24, 2014, 5:45 PM ET

[Thomas]: We've lost their trace, sir. Their phones were broken.

[Max]: They must have untraceable burners. Compile all the footage we have of these guys.

[Thomas]: Sure, did you find something?

[Max]: I may have, I'm not sure.

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 5:47 PM ET

[Wyatt]: Do we kill him?

(Wyatt is suddenly smashed in the face.)

(Kevin uppercuts his abdomen, and does a flying kick to Krill.)

[Kevin]: Ben! Ben, can you hear me?

[Diamondhead]: Completely. Seeing you is the problem.

[Kevin]: What the hell? Your face is burning off!

(Diamondhead randomly touches his chest while clutching his eyes with his left hand. He manages to touch the Ultimatrix symbol.)

(His crystalline structure begins to vanish and the corrosive liquid slightly dissolves off, gradually disappearing as Ben's physical features begin to change.)

(Kevin, meanwhile, swings at Wyatt and jabs him twice in the stomach. Krill uses his grappling device to pull Kevin away. He grabs him by the throat and attempts to choke him.)

(Wyatt approaches with a taser, but his hand gets shocked and he drops it. His gloves are wet.)

[Water Hazard]: Get away from him! Aren't you here for me?

[Krill]: Good point. (He rushes at Water Hazard)

(Krill backhands Water Hazard, but his wrist is grabbed. Water Hazard does a sideways arm-circle and swings Krill to the ground. Krill quickly gets back up but is kicked to the side by Water Hazard.)

[Kevin]: We need to take this somewhere else!

[Wyatt]: You attempt to escape, and Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson die.

(Water Hazard sprays him to the side.)

(Wyatt takes out a gun.)

[Water Hazard]: Come on, you actually think you can hurt me with that?

[Wyatt]: Do your parents have armor, Tennyson?

[Water Hazard]: NO!

(Wyatt opens fire at Ben's house, making several holes in the wall. He fires at Water Hazard's hand before he can spray him and continues making holes in the house.)

(His gun suddenly falls out of his hand. A pink blast hits his face.)

(Gwen comes running in from the distance.)

[Gwen]: Your house is empty, Ben! I moved your parents to my house!

[Water Hazard]: Thank you so much!

[Gwen]: I'm your cousin, it's the least I can do!

(Krill gets back up.)

[Water Hazard]: I'll get this guy, you get the short one.

[Kevin]: What do I do?

[Water Hazard]: You get to be the distraction. We still have to get them out of this neighborhood.

(Water Hazard sprays Krill while Gwen runs at Wyatt. Kevin begins running down the street leading towards the city.)

(Krill takes out an arm brace and puts it on his wrist - he presses a button and it opens up a green laser shield.)

[Krill]: I knew we shouldn't have gone easy on you!

(Water Hazard sprays again, but Krill blocks it.)

(Gwen, meanwhile, does a 540 degree hook-kick to Wyatt's face as he gets up, followed by a backhand chop to his stomach and a blast of energy at his chest, sending him flying back.)

[Gwen]: Keep them pushed back!

(Kevin runs at Krill, grabs him by the shoulders and yanks him back, moving him further down the road. Krill grabs Kevin's arms, throws him over his head, and jumps up to stomp him.)

(Krill does multiple flips in the air, blocking Water Hazard's blasts with his shield. Kevin tries to roll to the side, but is too slow.)


(Krill is thrown to the side. Gwen paused to briefly fire at Krill before resuming with Wyatt.)

(Water Hazard jabs Krill's stomach and swings at his face - he then kicks him backwards. He picks up Krill and hurls him even further.)

(Gwen sends a supercharged blast of energy at Wyatt, sending him crashing into a fence at a park they've reached. Water Hazard blasts Wyatt to briefly pin him against the fence before Kevin comes in for a punch.)

[Gwen]: We're headed towards a bridge!

[Water Hazard]: That's actually good. (Punches Krill again) We can withstand more environments.

(Krill does a roundhouse to Water Hazard, who grabs his foot and shoves it back. Krill loses balance but does a cartwheel to bring him to his feet, before rapidly lunging and grabbing Water Hazard by the head.)

(Kevin pushes Wyatt down the street. They make it past a larger park and towards the woods, which have a road going in between them and clearing out into a small commercial area.)

[Water Hazard]: Almost there! Come on!

(Water Hazard uppercuts at Krill, who blocks it and holds his arm. They continue pushing at each other until Water Hazard left-swings at Krill's face and yanks his right arm back, twisting Krill's. He holds Krill's wrist and slams it repeatedly, breaking the shield brace. Krill flips over and kicks Water Hazard in the face. He does another cartwheel and stands up.)

(Kevin, meanwhile, rushes Wyatt and flips in the air, landing his kick down on Wyatt's shoulders. Gwen runs at him and does a brief handstand off his shoulders, before landing behind him and pulling him down to the ground. Kevin comes in for a takedown, but Wyatt does a backflip and kicks Kevin's chest, knocking him into Gwen.)

(They have reached the small commercial district and near the bridge.)

(Water Hazard shoves Krill into the street - Krill runs and jumps on top of a car, which swerves left and right. Water Hazard blasts him off, but he goes flying into another car.)

Plumber Earth Headquarters
June 24, 2014, 5:58 PM ET

(Thomas has compiled the footage gathered of Krill and Wyatt and plays it. Max watches.)

(Max is seen mouthing something.)

[Thomas]: Magister, what is it?

[Max]: Oh, nothing. Just... just their moves.

[Thomas]: Their moves, sir?

(The video cuts off)

[Max]: Play it again.

[Thomas]: What are you looking for?

[Max]: Hold on. (He pulls a chair over and sits down, observing intently.)

Commercial region near bridge to central Bellwood
June 24, 2014, 6:02 PM ET

(Kevin right-jabs Wyatt's face - he comes in for a left but Wyatt blocks it, kicks Kevin's stomach and does a flip in the air - in midair he grapples Gwen's wrist, making her misfire energy into Kevin. He lands next to Gwen and backhands, but Gwen blocks it with her right hand, jabs Wyatt's abdomen with her left, and rotates while kicking to knock down Wyatt while twisting his arm. Wyatt does a backflip to get up, but clutches his hand in pain.)

(Krill front-flips over several cars' hoods and grapples a lamppost - Water Hazard boosts himself in the air with water jets and grabs the bent pole, swinging on it and landing on top. He jumps in the air and it bends downward, crushing Krill.)

(Wyatt takes out an arm brace for his wrist - he activates a turret on it. He opens fire, but Gwen blocks it with a shield and approaches him. She gets extremely close, and right as her shield shatters, she grabs Wyatt's wrist and hits him in the face with it. She restrains him with her mana and hurls him down the sidewalk.)

(He staggers over to Water Hazard, who is still hanging by the pole. Water Hazard grabs Wyatt with his feet and swings upward, throwing Wyatt further down the road.)

(Krill uses his free arm to pull out a sword - he cuts the pole in half and faces Water Hazard.)

(A metal Kevin rushes at Krill from behind, but Krill slashes his torso open, making the metal shell fall off, though his actual body is unharmed. Water Hazard slams his arms down on Krill, but his blade blocks it. Water Hazard sprays Krill's chest and punches his face with his right hand - Krill swings his sword and Water Hazard blocks it with his left - his armor is quite strong and resistible to cuts.)

[Gwen]: Are we taking them to the bridge?

[Water Hazard]: It's the safest place! (He tackles Krill to the ground)

(Krill kicks Water Hazard's crotch and then pushes him off with another kick. He brings his sword on him, but Water Hazard briefly keeps it in the air with an immense jet of water. He rolls to the left and grabs the blade, pulling Krill with him. He kicks Krill, who flips in the air - Water Hazard is still holding the sword, and instead of Krill's arm twisting during the flip, the sword breaks.)

(Water Hazard drops the piece he has in his hand. Krill rushes him, but Water Hazard jabs him hard in the abdomen and throws him behind him. He turns and kicks Krill three times in the chest, making him stagger back. He shoots a water jet at the back of a car heading in Krill's direction, pushing the car forward and sending Krill flying back. Water Hazard vaults over the car, and lands a punch down on Krill as he lands. He picks him up and throws him over to the edge of the road perpendicular to the bridge.)

(Water Hazard runs after Krill and comes for another punch - Krill grabs Water Hazard's arm and flips him over the edge instead. Water Hazard's strength pulls Krill down with him, and they land on a small beach near the bridge's underside.)

(Wyatt runs for the bridge, but Gwen blasts his right leg, making him lose balance. Kevin, now made of concrete, tries to slam down on him twice, but Wyatt rolls and dodges both slams, using his grapple to attach to a pillar at the bridge entrance.)

(Down below, Water Hazard sprays Krill with a powerful jet of water. He sees Wyatt swinging by a grapple up ahead, but the wire is cut by a pink blast and Wyatt falls into the water. Gwen and Kevin land on the beach from the edge of the road.)

(Wyatt wades back over to the beach, but Water Hazard knocks him down with another jet of water. Gwen and Kevin rush for both of them, but are knocked down by backhands to the leg.)

(Wyatt and Krill stand up, drenched, but Ben is nowhere to be found.)

(Gwen and Kevin get up.)

[Kevin]: Ben?

(Krill punches his face, knocking him down again. He slides towards the crashing waves, but crawls back - Krill stomps his back to get him down.)

(Krill and Wyatt pull out their guns and begin to search.)

[Krill]: Hello?

[Wyatt]: Come on out! We were having fun, don't run now!

(They rotate their view around.)

[Wyatt]: Man, my feet are soaked!

[Krill]: I don't believe it. Coward after all that? And do you really think you can run from us? Us?

(Something pops up behind them.)

[Big Chill]: You should run from me. (He freezes their wet clothes and they become immobilized)

[Krill]: AAH!!!

(Their faces are not frozen.)

(Big Chill becomes tangible and his wings fold back into a cloak.)

[Big Chill]: The birds flew right into their cage.

[Wyatt]: Ha, that was supposed to be the other way around.

[Big Chill]: Quite the sore losers, aren't you?

[Krill]: Yeah. It's why we're not telling you jack.

[Big Chill]: We'll see about that. You guys can fight damn well, though. Great show you put up.

[Wyatt]: Touche.

Plumber Earth Headquarters
June 24, 2014, 6:08 PM ET

(This is the fifth time Thomas has replayed the recording. Max has notes nearby for the moves that Krill and Wyatt use.)

[Max]: Let's see... kick, flip, backhand, arm-twist, cartwheel...

(Max sees one of the men jump off Diamondhead's arm and kick him.)

[Max]: Oh my god.

[Thomas]: What?

[Max]: Oh my good lord. That absolutely cannot be. Replay those last five seconds.

(Thomas rewinds the video and Max watches the same move.)

[Max]: Pushing off a limb in a middle of a block... Jesus Christ, how is this possible?

[Thomas]: How is what possible, Magister? You're confusing me!

(Max takes out his Plumber badge and tracks Kevin's. He initiates communication.)

Beach under Stevenson Bridge
June 24, 2014, 6:09 PM ET


[Gwen]: What is that?

[Kevin]: Plumber badge. Where the hell... oh wait, it's mine!

(He sees a faint glow in his pocket - he takes out the badge and answers the call.)

[Kevin]: Hello?

[Max (over call)]: Kevin, is this you?

[Kevin]: Max?

[Gwen]: Grandpa?

[Max]: Ben must be there.

[Big Chill]: Hello, grandpa. Sorry if I'm not human, it's just that these two make me paranoid.

[Max]: Those two... are they dressed in black?

[Big Chill]: And they have masks, and one hell of a weapons arsenal. I have them in custody and if you want them I'll bring them to you.

[Max]: I'm coming there to pick them up. It'll take another 20 minutes even by ship, but it's important. I just found out something terrible.

[Big Chill]: What was it?

[Max]: It's...

[Gwen]: Grandpa, we're questioning them. If they won't cooperate, then we need anything you know about them.

(Krill and Wyatt take a deep breath.)

[Big Chill]: They look nervous. Either I scared them, or you did.

[Max]: (Deep breath) Krill and Wyatt Herman are former students of mine, reported missing and likely dead about a year ago.

[Big Chill]: (Glares at his prisoners) WHAT?

[Max]: I can explain everything, just...

[Big Chill]: They are the ones who have some explaining to do.

[Max]: Wait, Ben-

(Big Chill shuts off the badge and tosses it to Kevin. He then charges Krill and Wyatt into the wall behind them and uses ice to pin them to it. He unmasks them.)

[Big Chill]: You're not human?

[Krill]: Nope.

[Big Chill]: Fine, Krill and Wyatt. Who's who?

[Krill]: I'm Krill, he's Wyatt.

[Big Chill]: Tall one, short one. Gotcha. TALK.

[Wyatt]: Krill, should we?

(Ben turns human)

[Ben]: Max Tennyson trained you. Max Tennyson is also my grandfather.

[Krill]: We were his best students. We were like family to him.

[Ben]: Well, I am family to him.

[Wyatt]: He had a lot of appreciation for us, made us elites right before he retired from his service. I didn't know he came back.

[Ben]: He didn't, but his association with the Plumbers is pretty much the same. He drops by every now and then. But what I want to know is how you went missing.

[Krill]: We can't tell you that.

[Ben]: You're Plumbers, dammit! And so's my grandpa! There's nothing "confidential" to slip.

[Wyatt]: We're not Plumbers anymore.

[Ben]: Yeah, I figured.

[Gwen]: What changed?

[Krill]: Hm?

[Gwen]: Who hired you to kill Ben?

[Wyatt]: We don't know.

[Kevin]: Bullcrap.

[Krill]: It's true, he recruited us anonymously.

[Ben]: You know he's a man. That's a good start, don't you think?

[Krill]: I'm still unsure of that. His voice is just male-sounding, but it's obviously modified. Look, kid, if I tell you anything else, he'll kill us.

[Ben]: What, with snipers? If he's after me he might as well get that job done too. And you know me! I can defend everyone here!

[Kevin]: ...And he's bragging again.

[Ben]: Come on, admit it! Even you can!

[Gwen]: Thanks, for once.

[Ben]: Look, did Max know you left the Plumbers?

[Wyatt]: We were Plumbers went we went "missing".

[Ben]: Were you kidnapped?

[Wyatt]: It was a mission. We never wanted to do stuff like this, still never do. I was a goddamn fan before I was forced out.

[Ben]: But you wanted to see my skills, so you fought anyway. Well, here you have it! The great Ben 10 is not a lie!

[Krill]: It was worse than that. A lot worse.

[Gwen]: What, like blackmail?

[Krill]: At it's freaking finest.

May 2012 Timezone

[Krill]: (Still narrating) We were elites, we were sent on a high-profile rescue mission. Hostage situation, family of one of our Magisters was apparently being held in a building up north. This very city.

(Krill, Wyatt, and two other Plumber elites are shown sneaking through a catwalk outside a large factory-like building.)

[Elite 1]: Entrance located. It appears unguarded.

[Wyatt]: I thought this was high-profile.

[Krill]: It's got to be a trap, Wyatt. No guards outside, but a gun waiting for us behind the door.

[Elite 2]: Armor check, gentlemen!

[Wyatt]: Vests nice and tight. Let's go!

[Elite 1]: Alright, who's doing the honors?

[Wyatt]: I'll go.

[Krill]: In 3! 2! 1! Go!

(Wyatt charges and kicks the door down and ducks down on the ground. He's just on an empty staircase.)

[Wyatt]: No one's here!

[Krill]: Or so it seems. Get moving, people!

(The four Plumbers aim their guns around, then run down the stairs into an open hangar-like room in the factory. The wall has been sealed off.)

(Wyatt looks to the right and sees what appears to be a conveyor belt.)

(He walks over to it and instead sees a door.)

[Wyatt]: Hey, guys! There seems to be a path behind this machinery back here!

[Krill]: Go!

(He and the other elites join Wyatt.)

(The door is unlocked - Wyatt opens it and there is a long hall.)

[Elite 1]: You think it's safe?

[Krill]: Like hell, this is a hostage mission!

[Wyatt]: But we're still going, right?

[Elite 2]: What do you think? Come on!

(With Wyatt in front, the four elites walk down the hallway.)

[Wyatt]: AAH!

(Two guards flank the doorway and grab Wyatt's arms.)

(Wyatt flips over backwards, pulling the guards into the wall - he uses their arms as a slingshot to go flying forward and pull them on the ground.)

(Wyatt walks further into the room and sees a man and a woman, sitting restrained and terrified in the center.)

[Wyatt]: Oh, damn. I found them!

(Krill comes rushing over. The two other elites look around with their guns before joining them.)

[Wyatt]: Are you guys okay? Are you in shock?

[Man]: If we spoke, they'd k-kill us, that's all.

[Krill]: Well no one's gonna hurt you now. We're getting you out of here.

[Elite 2]: Hey, don't make promises you can't keep! Incoming! (A door has burst open and six guards pour out.)


(Krill fires at them with his machine gun, briefly making them stagger back.)

(Wyatt rushes one and kicks him in the chest, and pushes off his chest with his feet, flipping over and landing on another man's shoulders. He pulls out his shotgun and blasts two more people down, before knocking down the fifth guard with the butt of his pistol. The last man comes behind him, but he backhands his face, turns, and shoots him dead.)

(The hostages are cringing and screaming.)

[Wyatt]: Ssh, it's okay. We're not here to hurt you.

(He takes off his helmet)

[Wyatt]: We're Plumbers, see? (Krill and the others take their helmets off)

[Krill]: Here, come on. These two will make sure no one's following us and we'll get you out of here.

[Woman]: *(sob)* Thank you.

(Wyatt picks up the woman while the man rests his arm on Krill's shoulders.)

[Krill]: Were you hurt?

[Man]: We were-


[Wyatt]: What the hell?

(A few turrets extend out of the wall.)


(Krill and Wyatt get off the floor. They are unharmed, but they look everywhere else.)

(The hostages and the two other elites are dead.)

(Wyatt and Krill just stare open-mouthed, staying on their knees.)


(Krill's phone gives him a text alert.)

(Krill takes a deep breath, and continues to stare for a few more seconds before he takes out his phone.)

[???]: [ Shocked yet? ] ([]'s are texts)

[Krill]: (Texts back) [ You did this? ]

[???]: [ I was always good with tricks. Did you find out my latest one? ]

(Wyatt is leaning over and watching angrily. The brothers turn around and see a pressure pad underneath where the hostages were sitting.)

[Krill]: [ That's beginner-level. ]

[???]: [ Yet you fail your mission. Time for your next one, now! ]

[Krill]: [ I assume you're not letting us leave that easily? ]

[???]: [ I'm not letting you leave period. Not until your mission is complete. ]

[Krill]: [ Our mission failed. ]

[???]: [ Did it? ]

[???]: [ You were thinly informed of your situation. ]

[???]: [ You didn't know what you were getting into. ]

[Krill]: [ Is that where you come in? ]

[???]: [ I came in quite some time ago. ]

[Krill]: [ You set up events for this to happen, didn't you? ]

[???]: [ I bet you want answers. ]

[???]: [ Follow where I tell you to go. ]

[???]: [ And if you think it's a trap, how come I let you live? ]

[Krill]: (To Wyatt) He has a point.

[Krill]: (Texts) [ Which way? ]

[???]: [ Door from which the guards came from. ]

(Krill and Wyatt get up and enter the doorway.)

[???]: [ Follow the stairs to the intersection. ]

(They do so and reach a T-intersection.)

[???]: [ Ah, this game. Either one works, of course. ]

(Krill takes the right-hand one while Wyatt takes the left - both stairwells meet, but a gap separates them from touching.)

(After a few seconds, and elevator comes up. Both of them enter. It automatically goes up.)

[Krill]: [ Are you controlling it? ]

[???]: [ It goes automatically. ]

[???]: [ Any unfortunate soul who doesn't make it, doesn't make it. Easy as that. ]

[???]: [ Everyone is all too disposable to me. ]

[Krill]: [ Except for us? ]

[???]: [ That depends on your cooperation. ]

[Krill]: [ Good luck with that. ]

[???]: [ Thank you. Do I get a charm as well? ]

(The elevator reaches a platform. They get off and a door is visible.)

(After a few seconds, they nod at each other and open it. Inside is an empty room with a TV screen on the right-side wall.)

(The screen is blank, but suddenly, gray static appears, and slowly a faint silhouette of a head appears. The silhouette sharpens to a skull overlapping the static.)

(A scrambled, deep and static-filled voice begins to speak.)

[Voice]: Welcome to my humble abode.

[Krill]: Too scared to use your real voice?

[Voice]: Too... cautious.

[Wyatt]: Downstairs was quite a close call.

[Voice]: Stroke of genius, I should say. Those things were anyways locked on to anyone besides you two.

[Wyatt]: Because we're "special" to you? The only time I believe that is from Magister Tennyson.

[Voice]: Ah, old Max. Just call him that, you know he's just loafing around in that ridiculous vehicle.

[Krill]: What's the last part of our mission? What do you want us for?

[Voice]: Why, more missions of course!

(Wyatt grins at Krill and looks back at the screen.)

[Wyatt]: You actually think that's possible?

[Voice]: I know, that it's certain.

[Krill]: How certain?

[Voice]: (Pauses) Angela Herman.

[Krill]: Excuse me?

[Voice]: Your human mother, married to Tundra Herman, the male from your nice little planet out there.

[Voice]: Dual households - 3830 Wisconsin Avenue, Rapid City, South Dakota for mother, just less than half an hour from the four faces; Tenth house up the hill on Mylar Mountain on the planet of Revonnah for father, who happened to be a former Plumber himself... right before

(Krill takes a deep breath, Wyatt stares angrily)

[Krill]: Who the hell are you?

[Voice]: Interested third party.

[Wyatt]: What do those names mean to you?

[Voice]: Nothing at all personal, just two heads on spikes, brought to me by a few bounty hunters, public news coverage of space espionage in damn South Dakota, and a few piles of cash sitting on my desk.

(Krill and Wyatt inhale and exhale several times.)

[Voice]: See, I'm not one of the people who flinches before sending out info like this to the public. My little network, the black market, they'll be interested in the cash because cash is what motivates them. You, on the other hand, you're more passionate. Interested in the job.

[Krill]: Not criminal work!

[Voice]: These aren't murders, these are assassinations. Of genuinely bad people. People who don't deserve a place on this Earth or anywhere else.

[Wyatt]: The only one I can think of right now is you.

[Voice]: Then be prepared to expand your list. Or else mommy and daddy will marvel at the ingenious system I made downstairs. They'll die as you're reminded of your failure.

[Krill]: If you do that-

[Voice]: Then what will you do to me? No one gets to me! I'm a ghost! See, this was all your failure. I was only the perpetrator - agents walk into traps all the time! You just failed to see it and thus failed your whole damn mission. Of course, that's regarding the toilet-cleaners.

[Voice]: With me - I see all the potential to make you even better than elites. Ghosts in the shadows, urban legends, best of your kind to those who know you... mom and dad would be proud, wouldn't they?

[Krill]: Aren't you making us disappear?

[Voice]: Killed in action. Mom and Dad will have a grand funeral, but their last memory of you will be-

[Wyatt]: Honorable soldiers. Right. I think they'd prefer the live kind.

[Voice]: You only get respect once you're dead, buddy. You can witness what people call a "legacy".

[Krill]: That's like a father seeing his son and never being able to go to him again.

[Voice]: Just like the movies, but with the roles swapped. We all love a bit of drama in our lives, don't we?

[Krill]: Look, you're not a good salesman at all.

[Voice]: But an excellent blackmailer. Decide now. Two innocents dear to you or hundreds of monsters that you'd love to see die? That can happen. At your own hands. It may even have to happen.

[Wyatt]: It will have to.


[Voice]: Wonderful statement of acceptance. Welcome to the team.

[Krill]: Will you get rid of that info?

[Voice]: Cooperation never lasts forever.

(They get a text on their phone. It's a picture of a Tetramand (Four Arms' species).)

[Krill]: That's...

[Wyatt]: Kors Rhoom. You're asking us to kill a freaking warlord?

[Voice]: Don't you despise what he's done? You're good at breaking into places, his so-called palace shouldn't be a problem at all.

[Wyatt]: Just one question: how much of this work do we need to do?

[Voice]: Till I get bored. Your contract, as you very well know, is not based on sums of money.


[Voice]: You have until two days from now. I'll stay in touch.

(The TV screen goes blank)

Beach under Stevenson Bridge
June 24, 2014, 6:17 PM ET

[Krill]: And that's how it all began. Rhoom was hiding out on Morotesi, we blew up a whole mine just to take him down. Looked like a drill accident.

[Ben]: And is your employer bored yet?

[Wyatt]: How are we supposed to know?


(Kevin breaks a bit of the ice near Krill's pocket and grabs his phone. He gives it to Ben.)

[???]: [ You haven't reported or responded in the last three hours. That means you're either captured or dead. ]

[Ben]: (Begins typing)

[Krill]: NO!

[Ben]: What

[Wyatt]: What did it say?

(Ben holds the phone in front of them.)

[Krill]: Oh, dear god.

[???]: [ Anyone care for a status update? ]

(Ben begins typing)

[Wyatt]: (Deep breath) Please, kid, don't do this!

[Ben]: Why are you so nervous? You're already caught!

[Krill]: It's... it's something else.

[Ben]: It's always something else.

[Ben]: (Texts) [ This is Ben Tennyson and I have your two assassins. Give up your game. ]


(Ben shows the text to the brothers)

[Ben]: Too late.

[Krill]: You're right. Wait for him to respond now.

(They wait a few seconds)

(Ben is sent a picture of the brothers' parents held hostage.)

(Ben clasps a hand over his mouth)

[Ben]: Good lord, I am so sorry.

[Krill]: Yeah, sure you are!

(Ben holds the phone to Krill and Wyatt. Their faces turn to mortal fear.)

[???]: [ I keep my promises every time. ]

[???]: [ It's your game that's up. ]

[Ben]: [ Please don't kill them. ]

[???]: [ I'm still considering it. ]

[Ben]: You're still considering it?

[Krill]: (Gulps) I know what that means.

[Ben]: [ Krill says he knows what that means. ]

[???]: [ Of course he does. ]

(Krill's free left hand reaches for his last can of corrosive spray. Ben doesn't notice.)

[???]: [ A choice. ]

(Krill sprays the chemical, melting the ice and freeing his and his brother's left and right arms, respectively.)

(They both pull out small containers.)

[???]: [ Mommy and Daddy Herman, or Tall and Short Herman. ]

[Ben]: [ None of the above. ]

[???]: [ Not an option. Innocent and Innocent Herman, or Murderer and Murderer Herman. ]

(Krill and Wyatt open the canisters. There are pills inside.)

[Gwen]: Hey! What are you doing?

[Kevin]: Don't accept!

[Krill]: Too bad. My family's not gonna accept death.

[Ben]: You think they'd accept yours?

[Krill]: Tell him my brother and I loved our parents.

[Ben]: Don't do this.

(Krill grabs the phone and quickly texts. Ben takes it back and looks at it.)

[ This is Krill. We loved our parents. Thanks for the cyanide, goodbye. ]

[Ben]: No, no! What the hell have you done?

[Krill]: Ask yourself that. (He eats the pill. Wyatt follows.)

[Ben, Gwen and Kevin]: NO!!!

(Krill and Wyatt appear to choke as froth bubbles pile up in their mouth. Their eyes roll back behind their heads and they collapse through the loose ice.)

(Ben and the others stare in shock.)

[???]: [ Done? ]

[Ben]: [ Done. I will find you. ]

[???]: [ Have fun, buddy. ]


(Ben looks at the phone. It's a countdown from 5.)

[Ben]: Holy crap. Get back!

[Gwen]: YOU get back!

(She makes a mana bubble around the phone and tosses it into the ocean.)


(The mana bubble shatters and a bit of water splashes.)

(Ben gets out his phone and dials a number. He holds the phone to his ear.)

[Ben]: Hello, grandpa?

[Max]: Ben, I'm literally at the bridge. I'm gonna meet you in about 30 seconds.

(He hangs up.)


(A Plumber ship hovers next to the bridge and then lands outside the road perpendicular to it.)

(Ben and the others look up.)

(Max appears over the fence, carrying a Plumber badge. He and two other Plumbers run down a nearby stairwell and greet Ben.)

[Max]: Ben! Where are Krill and Wyatt?

[Ben]: *(Sigh)* Right here.

(Max's eyes widen and he drops his Plumber badge.)

(The two other Plumbers roll the bodies over and inspect them.)

[Plumber 1]: The death appears to be by cyanide, sir.

[Max]: They committed suicide.

[Gwen]: Unwillingly.

[Max]: What?

[Kevin]: They got texts telling them to.

[Max]: And they did?

[Ben]: Blackmail.

[Gwen]: It was anonymous, but they knew it was a male.

[Max]: Did they tell you what happened to them?

[Ben]: This guy got to them in a hostage mission.

[Gwen]: He threatened to publicize their parents' personal info to a bunch of killers.

[Max]: Unless?

[Kevin]: They became his puppy dog assassins.

[Ben]: The same guy texted us. He actually has their parents hostage.

[Max]: Where?

[Ben]: I don't know, I doubt we can find them. He set off a bomb on the phone.

[Max]: My god. Are you guys okay?

[Gwen]: Totally. I saved them.

[Ben]: Taking credit now, are we?

[Gwen]: Get serious!

[Max]: We have to take them back to base for questioning.

[Ben]: I doubt I can come.

[Max]: Either way, it'll be restricted.

[Ben]: Just one question, grandpa: how did you know who they were? They broke their phones!

[Max]: I trained them, you know?

[Kevin]: Wait a minute...

[Gwen]: You recognized them by their fighting?

[Max]: They still used it against you.

[Ben]: That must make you seriously disappointed in them.

[Max]: They were forced to. The man I'm looking for now is our mystery psychopath.

[Ben]: You don't sound all that mad.

(MUSIC: Massive Attack - Live With Me)

[Max]: Oh, I'm mad. I'm just a bit confused - we don't have enough to really know what's going on.

[Gwen]: Will the big picture set you off?

(Max and the other men make their way to their ship.)

(Max turns his head.)

[Max]: I'm counting on it. (He walks up the ramp. The two other men take the bodies with them.)

(Max looks at Ben and his friends as he shuts the ship door. The ship flies off.)

(Ben looks back down and sees the outlines of the bodies in the sand. Kevin sees him looking as well.)

(Kevin absorbs the stone wall nearby and pulls out a chunk of stone. He places it next to the bodies.)

Mr. Smoothy's
June 24, 2014, 6:35 PM ET

(As the music continues to play, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are seen enjoying Smoothies. Ben and Kevin continue to race their cars around the track, and Gwen even joins in, driving Ben's car for a few.)

Ben's House
June 24, 2014, 6:36 PM ET

(The music continues to play. Sandra places a new family picture printout and places it on a new frame. She hangs it up on the wall.)

(She turns around and sees Carl doing the dishes for once. She smiles.)

Outer Space
June 24, 2014, 6:55 PM Earth Time

(A small gray ship is seen flying over to the Plumber Space Base.)

(The music stops and changes to something normal, but dark and ambient.)

Plumber Space HQ - Lab
June 24, 2014, 7:02 PM Earth Time

(Max and a few doctors begin their examination of Krill and Wyatt's bodies.)

(Max has a whiteboard with all of Ben's evidence written down. The autopsy report is registered into a computer, listed as "cyanide consumption".)


[Doctor]: That came from the hangar.

[Max]: I'll go see what's needed.

(The lab door suddenly opens. A Plumber comes in.)

[Plumber]: Magister Tennyson, there's an unidentified ship requesting entrance. We did a scan, totally unarmed.

[Max]: Let it in.

(Max follows the Plumber down the halls into the hangar. The Plumber goes over to the intercom.)

[Plumber]: Access granted. (He presses a few buttons. A nearby hangar door slides open. The ship lands.)

(The door opens.)

(No one steps out.)

[Max]: What is this, a cargo delivery?

(He walks in. Two terrified people are crouched inside.)

[Max]: Oh my god. Guys, come in! There are people down here!

(It's a man and a woman in dirtied clothes. The woman shakily and slowly hands Max a slip of paper.)

[Max]: Is this for me?

(The woman looks at him, crying. She nods.)

[Max]: Wait - Angela? Angela! Tundra! It's me! Max!

(Tundra slowly gets up. Max helps him up.)

[Angela]: I-I... I c-can walk.

[Max]: You sound traumatized.

[Angela]: H-he. He wanted you to r-read it.

[Max]: Yeah. Did... did you hear of...

[Angela]: I want to see my sons.

[Max]: They're in the lab right now, and you two are in shock. This may upset you...

(Tundra speaks, startling Max.)

[Tundra]: They're our children, Max!

[Max]: (Deep breath) Fine, sure. Here, this way.

(A Plumber escorts them down the hall. Max continues walking and then stops to read the paper.)

  "I do indeed keep my promises. The loss of two murderers should not devastate you.
   It makes you weak. You'll have to be strong to face me.
   Things get interesting from here, Max. I'll see you very soon.
                                                                  - ???"

(Max gives it a death stare before tearing it to shreds and throwing it in the trash.)

(He walks away.)


Credits Music: Muse - Undisclosed Desires





  • Thomas Bridges (2nd appearance)
  • Angela Herman
  • Tundra Herman
  • Kidnapped Man (2012) (death)
  • Kidnapped Woman (2012) (death)

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