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Brooke Amber Tennyson is the twin sister of Ben Tennyson and is also a current member of the Plumbers. She had a part-time job at Mr. Smoothy as a waitress, but due to her coming to the main timeline, has obviously ended.


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She, unlike her brother, Ben, had been sent to a private school, to avoid the possibility of her being bullied. She continued studying there until the summer after she had finished 5th grade. Her grandfather, cousin, and brother went on their "summer road trip". She didn't pay much attention to it, until a day after the trio had left, her mother had gotten a call from Gwen, saying that her grandfather had been killed by a robot drone, and that they were surrounded by a raging wildfire.

When Ben returned, Brooke had noticed that his personality had become darker, angrier, and he avoided talking to her. This went on for 5 years, until Ben had started stealing and committing various crimes across Bellwood. When Ben accidentally revealed to her the existence of the Plumbers, and of the Omnitrix's creator, she went to Azmuth and requested help in stopping Ben. The Galvan refused at first, but, after an attack by Ben, agreed to help, and gave Brooke an Omnitrix of her own to aid her in stopping her brother's devious acts.

Powers and Abilities

Brooke is very acrobatic. Like Gwen, she had practiced Taekwondo, and is therefore quite skilled at hand-to-hand combat. However, she has not revealed her current rank. As stated above, Brooke has her own Omnitrix for her to use to stop Ben's various evil deeds. Though, this Omnitrix has limited alien transformations, similar to most Omnitrix models and their time limiters. Another downside of her Omnitrix is that her transformations are slightly weaker than they are when used by anyone else.


Ben 10: Negative Rising

Season One


  • Secretly, in her spare time, Brooke watches Planets at War, a Sci-Fi thriller.
  • Brooke does not have a counterpart in other dimensions, like Ben does in Dimension 23. This is because Dimension 666 is the only dimension in BTNR continuity where Ben has a sister. Although there are dimensions where Ben doesn't exist, or he has a brother, etc. There's a possibility that a character/characters from these dimensions will be seen at some point, though.
  • Brooke has arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders.
    • Although this is true, she tries to cover it up.
  • At one point, Azmuth had given her Mechamorph armor. The current whereabouts of this armor, however, are currently unknown.
  • Brooke's catchphrase is "Start a revolution".

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